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JOHN SHIMKUS SLIME: Conservative blogger Andy Martin says the Illinois 13th congressional race reeks of fraud and corruption

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin says a meeting of Illinois Republican Chairman Saturday May 19th in Springfield, Illinois reeks of criminality and Illinois political corruption. Andy points out that Rodney Davis, a “money launderer,” is a prime candidate to be given a congressional nomination. Andy Martin says Southern Illinois’ “toxic congressman” John Shimkus is trying to strong-arm a nomination for his corrupt and probably criminal aide Davis. Wall Street executives Ken Griffin of Citadel LLC and Ann Griffin are also participants in the criminal conspiracy to launder campaign cash intended for the Illinois Republican Party.

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Republican Presidential candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin says Congressman John Shimkus is a “toxic congressman” who is trying to steal a congressional nomination for his sleazy staff member Rodney Davis

Andy says Rodney Davis, along with State Republican Chairman Pat Brady, was involved in a sophisticated criminal scheme to launder money for the Republican Party.

The Shimkus-Davis-Brady scheme also involves Wall Street executives Ken and Anne Griffin

Andy is fighting to give 13th congressional district Republican Party voters a chance to choose their congressional candidate; he is working to block county chairman from participating in a corrupt scheme with Congressman Tim Johnson to avoid a primary election for selecting the party’s nominee for congress

(CHICAGO) (May 19, 2012) Independent Republican Presidential candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin says John Shimkus is a “toxic congressman” for Illinois Republicans and for the Southern Illinois district where Shimkus serves.

Shimkus is now trying to strong-arm a congressional nomination for his slimy assistant, Rodney Davis. Andy says that Rodney Davis is more likely to end up in the federal pen in Wisconsin (where Illinois pols are sent) than he is to end up in Congress. Here are Andy’s views:

Rodney Davis’s handiwork, which Davis brags about in his campaign appearances, involves a sophisticated money laundering and mail fraud scheme to evade Illinois’ new campaign contribution laws. Davis admits he organized and orchestrated the money laundering operation, so prosecutors will have an easy time sending him to jail.

The money laundering scandal, as reported by Doug Ibendahl of Republican News Watch, and Bernie Schoenburg of the State-Journal Register, involves Ken Griffin, founder and CEO of  Citadel LLC, an investment firm. Griffin’s wife, Anne Dias Griffin, founded and runs Aragon Global Management. (I have not done any original investigation on this criminal conspiracy, yet; I am relying on Schoenburg and Ibendahl as sources. But, as always, I will be doing the original legal work and preparing the approach to federal and state prosecutors.)

Prosecutors will find this case more "sexy" because of the presence of the Griffins than because of the liability of Rodney Davis who concocted the scheme with State Republican Chairman Pat Brady. Here’s how the criminal conspiracy and mail fraud scheme operated (see the two links below for a detailed explanation): the Griffins donated to a number of fringe Republican Party political committees. Giving money is not illegal even though the Griffins' choice of committees was very suspicious. What comes next is the nexus of a federal criminal case.

The Griffins combined to donate more than $200,000 to more than 10 Illinois GOP organizations, including GOP committees in Logan, Douglas, Fayette, Madison and Richland counties. Those “committees” then steered more than $120,000 of the Griffins’ cash to the Illinois Republican Party in the first three months of this year. Toadies of County Chairman’s Association “Chairman” Randy Pollard were invited into the money laundering scheme and are also at risk.

Under Illinois law, campaign contributions may not be made anonymously or in the name of another person or through a conduit such as the county chairmen.

Here’s the sad part: a group of sleazy and corrupt Republican Party chairmen placed Rodney Davis’ name on a list of “finalists” for a congressional nomination which is tainted by the bogus resignation of incumbent Tim Johnson. I have a pending lawsuit in Macoupin County seeking to block Johnson's scheme. My lawsuit has already had the salutary impact of forcing Pat Brady to step down as “chairman” of the corrupt county chairmen’s "selection committee." We won the first round.

How can someone such as Davis, who is involved in an open-and-shut case of money laundering and obvious federal and state criminal activity, be a prime candidate for congress? Only in Illinois. One of the county chairmen “voters,” County Chairman Deb Detmers, received immunity for her role in the criminal schemes of Shimkus and imprisoned Governor George Ryan. Only in Illinois can someone who was granted immunity from criminal prosecution then be a party leader (see story link below).

The county chairmen are led by another Illinois political thief and crook, Randy Pollard, who was a prison guard before closeted gay Senator Mark Kirk appointed Pollard to be his “office manger.” (The Pollard-Kirk connection is another federal criminal case in the making.) Kirk likes to pretend he is “above the fraud” but, notwithstanding his recent stroke, Kirk is involved in Illinois corruption with Pollard, Shimkus, Davis and the rest up to Kirk's eyeballs. Kirk is a sleazy little critter though he tries to pretend otherwise in Washington and Tel Aviv.

Shimkus is one of the most corrupt congressmen in Washington. He and Kirk were part of the cover-up of Congressman Mark Foley’s sexual harassment scandal involving Foley’s importunation of teenage congressional pages. Shimkus’ job was to protect the children in his employ; instead Shimkus allowed the Republican Party's gay mafia in the House of representatives to molest the children and to disgrace the House.

The sliminess of Shimkus, Kirk, former House Speaker Dennis Hastert and their coat-holders cost the Republican Party control of Congress in 2006. But Shimkus and his degenerate associates are still in business, this time trying to scam a congressional nomination for Davis, another leading member of Shimkus’ criminal crew.

Is it any wonder the State of Illinois has become a laughingstock, that the state is hundreds of billions of dollars in debt after being plundered by both Republicans and Democrats, and that Illinois continues to lead the nation in political corruption and criminality? For an absolutely fascinating look at how Illinois crooks are endlessly tied together, read the link below at “philosopher forum.” You see how Deb Detmers, a “voter” today, is linked to Shimkus, imprisoned Governor George Ryan and the rest. They are all part and parcel of the same wolf pack.

Monday I will be asking a judge to block the latest perverted acts of Randy Pollard and his country chairman. Their “nomination” is fatally tainted and legally void. I want Republican Party voters to have a voice and a real vote. My lawsuit seeks to undo the sleazy “retirement” of Representative Tim Johnson. Johnson has his own creepy hound, Jerry Clarke, in the dishonest “campaign” to anoint a congressional nomination in violation of the U. S. Constitution and Illinois primary election laws.

Stay tuned. I may not announce my request on Monday, but I will be asking federal and state prosecutors to consider criminal prosecution. I am working on the criminal case as well as my own civil lawsuit to mandate a primary election for the congressional replacement. Neither Clarke nor Davis will make it to the House if I have anything to say about it.

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