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GOP Presidential Candidate and Contrarian Commentary columnist Andy Martin explains why Donald Trump’s attacker in Ohio should be federally prosecuted

GOP presidential candidate and “Contrarian Commentary” columnist Andy Martin says that federal prosecutors should exercise exclusive jurisdiction over prosecuting attacks on presidential candidates.

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(Palm Beach, FL) (March 14, 2016)  GOP presidential candidate and “Contrarian Commentary” columnist Andy Martin has asked federal prosecutors to federally prosecute a man who attacked the Secret Service and Donald Trump in Vandalia, Ohio.

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Andy’s letter to federal prosecutors follows; (the address “header” has been removed from the letter):

March 14, 2015

Hon. Carter M. Stewart
United States Attorney
303 Marconi Blvd.
Columbus, OH 43215

with copy to:

Hon. Loretta Lynch
Attorney General
Department of Justice
Washington, DC 20530

Request for the Department of Justice to prosecute Vandalia, Ohio demonstrator Tommy DiMassimo

Dear Attorney Stewart and
General Lynch:

I am writing you to respectfully request that you impanel a grand jury to seek the indictment of so-called Vandalia, Ohio anti-Trump “disrupter” Tommy DiMassimo. If you fail to take action in the DiMassimo case you will only foment greater violence in Cleveland next summer, as well as creating additional potential threats to Secret Service agents and candidates.

1. My own role in the presidential campaign

I am a bona fide but “boutique” candidate for president in the Republican Party. I do not expect to receive the nomination but I campaign actively and am using my campaign as a public policy platform to influence Republican Party doctrine. Later this week I hope to unveil a major new campaign issue for the presidential campaign.

I was on the New Hampshire ballot and I am seeking ballot access in other states.

I first went to Capitol Hill in the 89th Congress and I have a long career as a corruption fighter, political reformer and activist, see I am campaigning with the previously-announced promise to support the Republican Party’s nominee.

Nevertheless, my own activity and this letter are totally independent of any other campaign. As a candidate myself I have a right to seek action by your agency which protects all federal candidates.

2. The media failure regarding the incident in Chicago March 11th

     A. What took place in Chicago admits that it, local agitators and at least one congressman acted, combined and conspired to stage a takeover of a Donald Trump event to prevent Trump from speaking. That conspiracy constituted a federal criminal offense, which I will detail in a letter similar to this one to the U. S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois.

The Chicago riot was not an innocent and spontaneous “demonstration” or “protest.” It was an organized and orchestrated effort to silence the speech of a presidential candidate, in a forum which his campaign had lawfully rented for the purpose of speaking. The conspiracy to deny speech constituted a crime under longstanding federal civil rights statutes.

The following day, March 12th a madman attacked Trump and the Secret service in the Southern District of Ohio.

     B. How the media failed the American people

          I was stunned to hear, among many other media personalities, Greta VanSusteren say on Fox News that the disrupters in Chicago had a “right to protest.” The disrupters did not assemble in Chicago to protest lawfully. By their own admission they assembled to prevent political speech. In fact, President Obama’s old neighbor, Bill Ayers, bragged that he had helped “shut down” the event, see generally,

The media persists in reporting that a “right to protest” implies a right to enter and disrupt a political meeting. That is simply not true. People have a right to protest outside an event, in carefully delineated spaces if necessary to maintain public safety. No one has a right to enter a political event with the intent to prevent speech from taking place. But that is what Bill Ayers and his cohort admittedly intended to do in Chicago.

The failure of the media to properly report constitutional law sends a very bad message to other disrupters, namely that they have a “right to disrupt,” when in fact citizens only have a right to protest in a lawful manner. The concept that a mob may enter a political event and storm the speaker or platform is alien to either American law or our political history.

I wish the DOJ would also take action concerning the riot in Chicago (in the ND Ill.) but I am skeptical you will do so. However, I am absolutely certain that if you do nothing, you are inviting anarchy and chaos in Cleveland next summer beyond any protests we have ever seen before. I returned to Chicago from Viet-Nam in 1968 on the first day of the Democratic National Convention. 2016 could end up making 1968 look like a picnic if you do nothing to stop the anarchic internet “organizing” of Mr. Ayers, and their co-conspirators and they are not dissuaded from continuing their criminal activity.

3. Tommy DiMassimo’s actions in Vandalia

A person identified as Tommy DiMassimo was interviewed by CNN and essentially confessed to the commission of federal criminal acts against federal officers and a federal candidate, Donald Trump.

According to his CNN confession, DiMassimo planned his attack for months, was aware of a large Secret Service presence on March 12th, arrived early to obtain a strategic position, and attacked when he saw an opening to do so. Planning to assault, and assaulting a federal law enforcement officer is a serious federal offense. The fact that DiMassimo claims he was only trying to “seize the microphone” is not exculpatory.

4. The impact of the DiMassimo’s CNN “confession”

Mr. DiMassimo’s “confession” also reflected an irrational ideation. For example, he claimed to have been exercising his “heckler’s veto,” when in fact the meaning of the term “heckler’s veto” is the exact opposite of what DiMassimo believes. The law is clearly established that there is no “heckler’s veto.” On the contrary, DiMassimo confessed on TV to a planned, carefully orchestrated scheme to storm a candidate’s platform and to cause a situation that could have ended in tragedy. The fact that he was unsuccessful is no basis not to prosecute him.

Failure to prosecute him will only embolden copycats and imitators and other barely rational individuals. You can’t afford to take a chance that prosecutorial “inaction” will be sufficient in the face of contrary evidence.

5. The urgent need to take federal action

Mr. DiMassimo claims he did not want to injure Secret Service agents or Mr. Trump. But in any violent confrontation, participants lose control, and spectators are also endangered.

According to news reports local prosecutors have charged DiMassimo with two misdemeanors. That is a totally inadequate law enforcement response.

DiMassimo confessed on CNN that he planned his crime for months, carefully orchestrated his strategic presence on March 12th near the speaking platform and knowingly lunged at a platform protected by the Secret Service. He admittedly knew Secret Service agents were present and he intentionally and knowingly charged a position they were defending. That is the essence of a federal criminal act.

Protection of federal candidates for office is primarily a federal responsibility under the U. S. Code. Storming Secret Service agents, which DiMassimo admits he knew were present, is a very serious federal offense. You cannot allow the inadequate response of local prosecutors to be the last word on this matter.

If the Department of Justice does not take this matter seriously, as well as taking seriously the episode in Chicago seriously, you can expect that madmen and political extremists will stage many more similar events, constantly endangering agents as well as the protectee. The DiMassimo crime is truly a case where prosecutorial action will “nip in the bud” any copycat attacks. Failure by federal prosecutors to treat DiMassimo’s criminal conduct seriously and immediately endangers everyone, the candidate, Secret Service agents and the public (please see links below).

6. Conclusion

You may be assured of my complete cooperation, if needed. I am prepared to testify both as a candidate and based on my legal education and experience as an expert witness.

Respectfully submitted,

Andy Martin



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