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President Barack Obama finally finds a weapons system he can endorse

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin says he is relieved to report that President Barack Obama has finally endorsed a new weapons system: the marshmallow gun. Andy says the GOP presidential campaign now has a “Michael Dukakis moment” with the pictures of Obama firing his powerful new weapon.



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Andy Martin says Americans can finally be confident our national defense is in strong hands: Obama has found a new weapon he endorses

Andy says Iran is building a nuclear bomb; Barack Obama is preparing to deploy the Marshmallow Gun

Andy says the 2012 GOP race finally has a “Michael Dukakis moment” with an image that can be used against Obama

Will the Marshmallow Gun confuse and defuse the Ayatollahs?

(NEW YORK) (February 11, 2012) With all of the hullabaloo of about birth control (“contraception” in polite media speak) you may have missed a magical moment for the nation’s defense: President Barack Obama has finally found a new weapons system he can endorse: the marshmallow gun. (See links below)

Obama wants to gut our national defense. He wants to shrink the Navy (“Water, water every where, and all the boards did shrink…” – The Rime of the Ancient Mariner). He wants to shrink the Army (“Hup two three, four; hup two three; hup two,” oh well.) He has ordered a new supply of kites for the Air Force. The Marines? They always get Navy leftovers, anyway. Space exploration? Fuggedaboutit.

But HALT. The Mighty Warrior Obama has now found a new weapons system that he can deploy to make the world safer for Islam: the marshmallow gun.

We are indebted to a high school student who brought his science fair project to the White House, where Obama was mesmerized by the new weapons system. Obama probably thought to himself, “Now here is a weapon I can deploy. It saves money, and won’t hurt anyone. It’s totally useless. What a weapon!”

On the phone Obama may have called, “Panetta, I found the answer to our downsizing problems. Get over here…”

During the 1988 campaign Democratic presidential candidate Governor Mike Dukakis was photographed in a tank (link below). The image backfired. Dukakis was already viewed as soft on defense and the tank moment became a joke.

Obama has been more careful about embarrassing images. But now Republicans have their “Dukakis in the tank” picture: Obama firing the marshmallow gun.

The marshmallow gun exemplifies everything bad about Obama’s defense policies. He is cutting national security to finance handouts to entitlement recipients. The military, already challenged by a decade of war, is being gutted and deprived of new weapons and adequate forces. (Here is where Barack Obama and Ron Paul are “two-leftists-in-a-pod;” both want to undermine our national security. Ron Paul, an Obama Republican?)

Maybe the ayatollahs will be frightened into submission now that we have the marshmallow gun. Can you imagine the gossip in Qum? (“‘Marshmallow gun,’ is that some sort of secret weapon the Americans have developed? I smell an American plot to undermine the Islamic Republic.”)

Footnote: Former president George W. Bush saw the reports of the weapon and phoned in to the White House. Bush wanted to know if Obama would report the marshmallow gun to the United Nations as a “weapon of mass destruction” because the gun’s deployment might lead to childhood obesity.

Iran is building a nuclear bomb; Barack Obama is building the marshmallow gun. Need I say more?

Campfire, anyone? Somewhere in heaven, Peter Sellers is smiling.


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