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Taking a shower with Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum

No, Independent Republican Presidential Candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin is not gay. He is not planning to “shower with Santorum.” But lately every time Andy hears or sees Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum on TV Andy feels like taking a shower. Santorum’s vile campaign makes Andy feel dirty. Since Andy has spent almost fifty years fighting corrupt Chicago politicians, Andy knows “dirty.” Santorum is dirty and getting dirtier. For shame.



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Andy Martin says he has started to feel like he needs to shower every time he hears or sees Rick Santorum on TV

Andy says Santorum is a religious tyrant who is seeking to exploit political bigotry for his own personal advantage

Andy reminds that he’s the only presidential candidate who actually shops at Wal-Mart (no Cadillacs, no multi-millionaire friends)

(NEW YORK) (March 1, 2012) When Rick Santorum was down in the polls, in the early debates, I liked his manufacturing policy. I think we need to do more than just level the playing field, tax-wise, for manufacturing. We need to create real incentives to bring manufacturing back to the United States. Whether he glommed on to a good issue, or really believes what he says about manufacturing, I don’t know. But “way back then” I liked and agreed with Santorum.

I also agreed with every Republican (including me) when we pushed back against Barack Obama’s attempt to use Obamacare to dictate medical insurance policy to religious institutions. No one had to “take one for the team” as Santorum says he did in the Senate, because the team was united against Obamacare and Obama’s religious diktats.

But I think I now know why the people of Pennsylvania rejected Rick Santorum for reelection in 2006. Santorum is a flake and a religious extremist.

I know Mitt Romney sometimes says stupid things, but Romney is basically a competent and sincere man who babbles on about his “Cadillacs” and “NASCAR owners.” Sometimes Romney reminds me of those goofy dads in 1950’s sitcoms (Life of Riley, Ozzie and Harriet?) Fundamentally, Romney is a conscientious conservative.

Santorum, on the other hand, wants to establish a Roman Catholic dictatorship in the White House. No birth control, no premarital sex, no abortions and (keep ‘em ignorant) no higher education (except for the Santorum family). Let the priests handle everything. The way it was back in the Middle Ages.

Why doesn't Santorum ask his wife about premarital sex? She lived for years with an abortion doctor. Santorum still married her despite her “past.”

I’m a conservative and I’m a Republican. I happen to think that then-Senator Jack Kennedy’s speech on religious freedom brought all religions into the mainstream, by separating religious doctrine from political policy. Kennedy broke down the barriers of bigotry against Roman Catholics. Santorum wants to rebuild them.

Frankly, I wanted to throw up when I heard Santorum say he wanted to throw up when he heard Kennedy’s 1960 speech.

Santorum (who is now trying to walk back his despicable comments, see link below) totally distorted what Kennedy said. But then Santorum distorts what everyone says. That’s because Santorum is basically a religious tyrant, as narrow-minded and dictatorial in his own way as the ayatollahs he obsesses over in Islam.

Kennedy never sought to block Roman Catholics “from the public square” as Santorum falsely accuses him. Kennedy stated Catholics could be welcome in government because Catholics were just as committed to safeguarding the public square as any other believers.

Today, in 2012, it is hard to remember how blindly some Roman Catholics followed priestly directions back in the 1960’s. One of my dearest girl friends used to start some discussions with “The church doesn’t…” Santorum still believes in that kind of priestly obeisance.

There are some states which conduct “open” primaries, where Democrats and independents can vote. Until Santorum made robo-calls to Democrats, asking them to vote against Romney in Michigan, I am not aware of other Republicans who have deliberately and intentionally and openly asked Democrats to interfere in a Republican primary. (Santorum says Romney solicited Democrats in New Hampshire, but I was there in New Hampshire and I do not remember any blatant invitations to Democrats to vote in January’s Republican primary).

I was Barack Obama’s first opponent, in 2004, when I began writing about him and exposing the truth about the “Mysterious Mr. Obama.” I desperately want to see Obama removed from the White House. Rick Santorum is not the man to do the job. Santorum is doing irreparable harm to the “Republican brand” by trying to gin up religious extremism as a “litmus test” for the ultimate Republican opponent who will face Obama.

Santorum was wrong for Pennsylvania in 2006; he is wrong for America in 2012.

Now let me shower. After writing about Santorum, let alone watching him on TV, I feel unclean. He has morphed from being a good guy into being the dirty of the dirtiest.

P.S. If you don’t like Romney, vote for me. I’m still working to be on the ballot in late primary states. I don’t have any Cadillacs and I don’t know any multi-millionaire auto racing owners. I’m the only presidential candidate who actually shops at Wal-Mart.


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