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Honolulu News conference today: “2015 Birther Bible” is offered by GOP presidential candidate Andy Martin

Republican Party presidential candidate and Obama author/expert Andy Martin will hold a Honolulu news conference today, Thursday, September 24th, to discuss his updated “2015 “Birther Bible.” Andy, whose original international research in 2005 gave rise to the so-called “Birther” movement, is in Honolulu to study Hawaii’s deficient homeland security preparation given the fact the state is now in range of North Korean missiles. “But the ‘Birther’ controversy follows me wherever I go; what better place to discuss ‘Birtherism’ than the state where Obama began? Hawai’i?” Andy asks. “Once again I will separate myth from reality concerning Obama. Although I am a political opponent of President Obama, I am not opponent of the truth about him and in no way do I endorse apparently ‘false’ claims about his origins and religion. My own scholarly research is continuing and, while my current trip was generated by a tip from homeland security officials, my ongoing findings about Obama remain of significant interest to many Americans.”

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Announcement of Honolulu conference Thursday September 24

In the sixth of his “Letters From the 2016 Presidential Campaign” Andy offers his reactions to the latest revival of the “Birther’ movement

Republican presidential candidate Andy Martin will hold a Honolulu news conference today, Thursday, September 24th to discuss his “2015 Birther Bible”

Andy issues challenge to Donald Trump: release your evidence

Andy exposed President Barack Obama’s Muslim family heritage ten (10) years ago

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(Honolulu) (September 24, 2015)  Republican presidential candidate and Obama author/expert Andy Martin will hold a Honolulu conference today, Thursday, September 24th to provide continuing analysis concerning the emergence and significance of “Birtherism” in the 2016 presidential campaign. He calls this “Letter” a “2015 Birther Bible.”

Dear American:

Greetings from Honolulu, the birthplace of President Barack Obama. Oh, I know, there are many “Birther” claims that he was born elsewhere. Because of those conflicting assertions I am today issuing this “Letter” as my “2015 Birther Bible.” You are free to disagree with my conclusions but I hope you will admit my views are based on the most extensive research by anyone, and are presented clearly and succinctly so you can know where I stand and why.

1. The 2015 revival of “Birtherism”

Earlier this month Donald Trump conducted a town hall meeting in New Hampshire and was asked about the “not American” and “Muslim” Barack Obama. The so-called Birther” movement, a term coined by the mainstream media to disguise their own lack of genuine research into Barack Obama’s origins, was suddenly revived. Recent polls show many Republicans believe Obama was not born in the United States and is a Muslim. By issuing this “2015 Birther Bible” I attempt to address as many of the issues and questions as I can in the limited format of a news column. More to come at my Honolulu news conference later today.

2. “Birtherism” defined

It is important to recognize that “Birtherism” actually has two separate and independent components: (1) a belief that President Barack Obama was not born in Hawai’i, and (2) a belief that Obama is a Muslim. It is critical to distinguish these two issues because the evidence concerning birthplace is far different than the evidence of Obama’s religion. Earlier this week I held a news conference in New York and separated the documentation concerning birthplace from the evidence concerning religion. Briefly, I documented that there was no credible evidence to challenge Obama’s birth in Hawai’i; but the evidence concerning his religion was so conflicting that reasonable people could differ on whether Obama was a Christian or a Muslim (go back to the earlier story for the details).

Again, in looking at issues involving Obama I urge any reader to look carefully at distinctions involving different aspects of his life and character. These distinctions are often glossed over by partisans but they should not be ignored by people trying to find the facts and search for the truth.

3. Ted Cruz is demonstrably wrong: Hillary Clinton did not start “Birtherism”

I am not against Tex Cruz. He is an interesting and intelligent candidate. But he is flat wrong when he claims to have seen an email linking Hillary Clinton to the origins of Birtherism. Cruz’ “email” seems to be of a kind with Carly Fiorina’s viewing of a nonexistent video of a child being butchered. If Cruz has an actual Clinton email linking to Clinton to Birtherism he should release it. Such a document is a major new development. “As far as I know,” in 2008 Clinton and her supporters may have suggested there were secrets about Obama. But she lacked the guts to take him on directly, which is why she lost. In any event, Cruz is only the latest in a long line of people who have tried to twist the truth about Obama into a partisan pretzel.

4. My 2008 Honolulu lawsuit seeking release of Obama’s birth certificate

I went to Hawai’i in October 2008 without the remotest thought of filing a lawsuit. But I was already a marked man in the eyes of Obamabots because my appearance on Sean Hannity’s America had touched off a firestorm (see link [1] below.) Ironically, Fox News stabbed me in the back and smeared me after I appeared on Hannity’s program, which shows you how two-faced that network can be when Rupert Murdoch’s attitudes diverge from reality.

In one of those quirks of creativity, while in Honolulu I was inspired to open a field office virtually overnight and to file the first lawsuit in what ultimately became the ongoing “Birther” movement. Because the Hawai’i judiciary is just as biased as that of any state on the mainland, I was unable to pry loose access to the original 1961 record of Obama’s birth.

Even today, seven years later, I am still not certain who has seen the original “vault” copy of that public record.

5. Why Barack Obama loves “Kenyan Birthers” and dislikes me

Obama is a liar. Maybe even a “congenital” liar. So he loves it when people lie about him. He uses opponents who lie about him as a foil to excite his base. There is not a shred of evidence that would be admissible in any U. S. court of law to sustain the “Kenyan birth” Birthers. But Obama loves to tweak them and agitate them, because they fulfill his own upside-down sense of reality and his contempt for the American people who voted for him not once, but twice. While Obama’s GOP opponents struggle to make sense of his nonsense, Obama himself has no difficulty whatsoever using their errant claims as a pile of political manure to fertilize his paranoid political precincts.

6. How Barack and Michelle Obama contribute to “Birtherism”

Barack Obama and Michele Obama have done a great deal to promote “Birtherism.” They always have a wink-and-a-nod available when questions of his origins arise. In his Kenyan trip earlier this year he met with “relatives,” substantially all of whom are Muslims, while simultaneously denying his own Muslim origins. While antagonism to Obama would certainly exist without any encouragement from him, he has helped his opponents along by stoking the fires concerning the controversy over his origins.

7. Donald Trump’s “investigators” have never surfaced – why?
Why not now? – Andy pulls a “Trump” on Trump

Donald Trump claimed in 2012 that he had sent “investigators” to Hawai’i and that “you would not believe what they are finding” (this is a paraphrase, not the exact language, but send me a link to the actual video if you can find one). Well, Donald, make me a believer. Release this secret evidence. If Trump found startling evidence in 2012 why isn’t that same evidence relevant in 2015? Why is Trump hiding it? In reality, Trump is a bit of a fibber and exaggerator and his looseness with language got the best of him. I seriously doubt Trump had any investigators in Hawai’i finding previously undisclosed evidence.

But because Trump likes to offer Obama incentives to produce, I will do a mini-Trump with Trump himself. If Trump has any evidence, credible evidence such as credit card records, hotel records, etc. to confirm the identity of any investigators he sent to Hawai’i, and he also has “unbelievable” evidence previously undisclosed and unknown to the American people, I will donate $1,000 (sorry, that's all I can afford) to any charity Trump designates if he produces his records and information in a form reasonably admissible in any court of law.

8. Is Frank Marshall Davis Obama’s biological father? – Is “Birtherism” obsolete?

While conducting research in Honolulu in October, 2008 I announced that Frank Marshall Davis was very probably Obama’s biological father (please see [3] below). Ironically, Obama’s adversaries were upset by my new theory. If Davis was/is the father, then Obama is indisputably “natural born” as the term has evolved into current usage. CNN (see link [4] below) went so far as to ask why I had not “apologized” to Obama for being confused by Obama’s body of lies. No apology is due, not now, not then.

My “Davis” theory was ridiculed in 2008. Today, the Davis-as-father theory has become generally accepted in conservative circles and others have followed in my footsteps with their own versions supporting my original research. But for die-hard Obama opponents, the possibility that both his father and mother could be American is a pill they are unlikely to ever swallow. Obama’s opponents are as invested in their lies about him as he is. I want to underscore, as I always do, that the Davis theory is a theory, not a documented fact. Until we have some independent evidence to corroborate the theory it remains just a theory (see Part 12 below).

9. “Knowns” and “unknowns” about Obama

I am confident of only one fact about President Obama. There are still many “unknowns” about the man. I am not going to present an exhaustive list at this time, but here are a couple of tidbits. How did Khalid Al-Mansour come to know of Obama? How was Obama, by his own admission a poor student and impecunious one, admitted to prestigious and very expensive Occidental College? Who paid for Columbia University? Admittedly, these questions go beyond what has been demanded of other presidents. But prior presidents were relatively transparent. That is not the case with the “Mysterious Mr. Obama.” There is much that is unknown and much to be discovered. Which is why I regularly return to Hawai’i to continue to independent scholarly research.

10. Why I walked away from the movement I inadvertently created – Birtherism

Clearly my work and my writing created the Birther movement. From the earliest days, I was the mother lode for Obama doubters, see the 2005 link [5] below. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump may have cut-and-pasted my research, but they did nothing to create that body of evidence.

Unfortunately, over time hucksters began to take my research and distort the results. The “Kenyan birth” claim became fertile fund raising ground for all sorts of operators. My own documentation and scholarly work was unavoidably linked to that of the hucksters, since they drew on my legitimacy as a touchstone for their own layers of exaggeration and misrepresentation. Ultimately, I had to walk away from the Birther movement that I am credited with founding, because I could not be associated with people who were willing to lie about Obama.

I am a political opponent of Obama. But I have no intention or desire to lie about the facts of his origins or life. And, a decade after I first stated writing about Obama, all of my factual assertions have been proven correct, and even my theories have received growing acceptance for their potential veracity. The same cannot be said for those who followed in my footsteps. I have maintained a strict and successful “Chinese Wall” (can we still say that?) between scholarly research and political advocacy. Others have not.

10. My 2009 Honolulu movie on Obama’s origins has proven remarkably accurate as well

In 2009 I produced a film in Honolulu based on what I knew then about Obama. See link [6] below. You must realize that when I began investigating Obama in 2005, virtually nothing was known about him except his own fantasies. Piercing together the facts was a long-term detective operation. I am convinced we are not finished. But my 2009 film on Obama (please see [6] below) presented a fairly accurate interpretation of what was known then; my claims have stood the test of time relatively well.

12. My predictions for the future, after Obama leaves the White House

Unlike some other people who challenge Obama’s origins, I do not have any hesitation separating fact from fiction. And based on what I know about Obama, here is what I predict will happen after Obama leaves the White House.

Obama obviously knows the truth, whether Frank Marshall Davis is or is not his biological father. If Davis is not his biological father, nothing will happen.

If, however, Obama’s biological father really is Frank Marshall Davis, Obama will make that “discovery” after he leaves the White House. Barack Obama-the-Kenyan-father is not an attractive parent. He apparently was a wife beater, he was most likely a bigamist if Obama is actually his son, and he was a drunk who died in an accident caused by a stupor. Who really wants to claim this guy as your father?

Davis, on the other hand, was a colorful and intellectual leftist-communist. Davis also had dark areas to his life, particularly given his apparent sexual proclivities in Hawai’i. But Davis was an artist, and Obama’s professed artistic leanings parallel Davis.’ If Davis is really Obama’s father, the “former” president will find a way to make that known after leaving the White House and when that reality can no longer expose him to political risk. We humans find it difficult to live a lie, and the internal urge to confess is a part of our DNA. I can’t prove Davis is the father, but I have a visceral belief in my theory that he is. Time will tell whether I was right about Obama, once again.

13. Why I am a presidential candidate and what I hope to accomplish as a candidate

Unlike close-to-a-dozen GOP “presidential” candidates who go around telling us what they will do “when they are president,” I do not expect to win the nomination. It would be nice, but the likelihood is about 1 in 10 million. So why am I running?

I first went to Washington fifty years ago to do research for a paper on esoteric U. S. Senate rules. I went back the following year as a political operative. In a public career spanning a half century, I have never been found to have lied or distorted the truth. On the contrary, I have often exposed liars in politics, government and business. As I like to say with a sense of humor, I am the “only living American who has been on three presidential enemies’ lists, Nixon’s, George W. Bush’s and Obama’s.” I must be doing something right.

And so, perhaps I can make a small contribution as a truth-teller and honest man in the maelstrom of 2016 presidential politics. We can debate that fact.


Copies of Andy’s original 2008 book on Obama are available from the publisher (see below).

September 24 Honolulu news conference details:


Presidential candidate and Obama author/expert Andy Martin


Andy Martin presents a “2015 Birther Bible” and discusses the ongoing and seemingly endless controversy about President Obama’s origins and religion


Honolulu, Hawai’i; corner of Ala Moana Drive and Atkisson


Thursday, September 24, 2015; 4:00 P.M.

Honolulu contact:

Andy cell phone (917) 664-9329

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