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NEW YORK NEWS CONFERENCE: Obama expert Andy Martin on the media frenzy over Donald Trump’s Muslim issues

Republican Party presidential candidate and Obama author/expert Andy Martin will hold a New York City news conference today, Tuesday, September 22nd, to discuss the media reaction to the New Hampshire town hall meeting where Donald Trump was confronted by a man claiming “Obama-is-a-Muslim.” Andy is the man whose original research in 2005 created the anti-Obama “birther” movement (see note [1] below). Andy leaves for Hawai’i on Wednesday (23rd) to research the North Korean missile risk to the Aloha State and also to continue his scholarly research into President Barack Obama’s origins. “I have taken a new look at the ‘Obama is a Muslim’ question,” Andy says, “and Tuesday I will offer some surprising conclusions. I have also been surprised by some of the media reaction to the Muslim controversy. I am also planning a follow-up to Ben Carson’s remarks and the reaction to his arguments against an Islamic president (that will be in the form of a campaign letter, not a news conference).”
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Announcement of New York news conference Tuesday September 22

Republican presidential candidate Andy Martin will hold a New York news conference today, Tuesday, September 22nd to provide further insight into the “Obama-is-a-Muslim” incident at a Donald Trump Town hall meeting in New Hampshire last Thursday evening

Andy exposed President Barack Obama’s Muslim family heritage ten (10) years ago

In a surprising new conclusion, Andy says Americans should be free to reject the media’s demand that Americans accept that President Barack Obama is a Christian

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(New York) (September 22, 2015)  Republican presidential candidate and Obama author/expert Andy Martin will hold a New York news conference today, Tuesday, September 22nd to provide continuing analysis and surprising new conclusions as Andy continues to study President Barack Obama and the 2016 presidential campaign.

Andy will be in Honolulu Wednesday September 23rd to research the North Korean missile threat to the Aloha State and also to continue his research into the personal history, religion and life of President Obama. Andy first wrote about Obama’s Muslim origins ten years ago in 2005, and inadvertently created the “birther movement,” which he subsequently abandoned when attacks on Obama ceased to be fact-based and failed to meet my standards for scholarly accuracy.

“I don’t mind being critical of Obama,” Andy says. “But my independent scholarly research is as free of political content as I can keep it; I try to find the facts and search for the truth about Obama. Over the past decade it has been a fascinating experience. Separately, I also write political criticism and analysis and that is opinion-based in nature.

“After my extensive analysis of the Trump/Muslim/New Hampshire incident I was planning to do a brief wrap-up. But as the story developed, and has continued to develop, I reexamined my own views and came to the conclusion a more extensive follow-up was necessary. I was also surprised by some of the media’s reaction. And so I have four areas of discussion to present on Tuesday.

“First, there is some of the surprising media’s response to the Obama/Trump/Muslim matter. Initially, I was surprised by the unusually balanced analysis review by my old antagonist David Weigel [see [2] below). Years ago Weigel tried to pump up his own credentials by falsely attacking me and trying to link my research on Obama with decades-old litigation having absolutely no relevance in the present. But there was Weigel saying Donald Trump may not have handled the New Hampshire inquisitor that badly after all. I was further surprised when my old colleague from the Daily Illini, Roger Simon, came up with a negative view of Obama’s religiosity (see [2] below).

“Monday night I was monitoring MSNBC when John MacArthur (note [3]) essentially called Obama a fake Christian, providing some insight into how some ordinary citizens have soured on Obama’s ultimately vacuous claims of religiosity.

“Here is the surprising aspect of the Muslim question: Obama is not on the ballot in 2016. So why are people still questioning his religion? Why are media reporting these questions? This makes no sense. What gives? In my opinion, particularly in 2008 and then again in 2012, voters were deprived by Republican presidential candidates of any meaningful inquiry into Obama-the-man. John McCain and Mitt Romney are both reviled today for running flaccid campaigns against Obama. The default by Republican campaigners to challenge Obama in 2008 and 2012 has left a pent-up frustration in much of the electorate, particularly among Republicans and conservatives. So although Obama is not going to be on the ballot, people still want to ‘vent’ about the way his specious religious claims have affected his governance.

“Bottom line: Obama may not be a candidate in 2016, but ‘Obama’ is very much going to be an issue in 2016, even as to the manner in which the media covered-up and suppressed any inquiry into Obama’s questionable religious claims. Just read Roger Simon [2]  and you will understand what I mean. So, far from dying out, the issue of Obama’s religion is going to continue to be an active subterranean issue in the 2016 campaign. Occasionally it may burst into public view, as it did at the Trump event.

“Second I separated out the issues raised in New Hampshire into (1) ‘birth’ and (2) ‘religion.’ (see Part Three below). As to Obama’s birth, I have researched that matter for ten years, and will be back in Hawai’i on Wednesday checking and rechecking my research. I will also be looking for the heirs of Frank Marshall Davis to expand on my theory (not fact) that Davis may have been Obama’s biological parent. But whether you believe in the Obama or Davis theory of parentage for the president, I have never seen any evidence to question the place of Obama’s birth, which I firmly believe is Hawai’i.

“You can’t force people to accept the Hawaiian birth, but there is simply no evidence that would be admissible in a court of law to support any alternative theory. I have never wavered in my belief that Obama was born in Hawai’i (which is why Obama’s posse particularly despises me; Obama’s supporters love Kenyan ‘birthers’). My belief in the Hawaiian birth is why I abandoned the ‘birther’ movement which I engendered, when agitators sought to promote the Kenyan birth theory without any genuine evidence to support that claim.

“Third, I was somewhat surprised when I found myself having second thoughts about whether it is ‘wrong’ for American citizens to reject the media’s claims that Obama is a Christian  and to believe instead that Obama is a Muslim. The place of birth in my opinion is a solid fact. It is difficult to have a conflicting view based on the evidence.

“But the question of religion, as I took a fresh look at the issue this week, is entirely different question. While I think there is no evidence to contradict the Hawaiian birth, there is abundant and conflicting evidence to support a belief that Obama is in reality a Muslim despite his professions to the contrary.

“There is no conflicting ‘evidence’ to weigh on the place of birth. Hawai’i is ‘it.’ But on the question of Obama’s religion, there is a mass of conflicting evidence. So, despite the media’s efforts to ridicule and demean the roughly 50% of Americans and Republicans or ‘whomevers’ believe that Obama is a Muslim, I have come to the new and somewhat surprising conclusion that based on the large body of conflicting evidence, people do have a basis to express differing opinions on Obama’s religion.

“You or I or Joe Six-pack can review Obama’s ‘Cairo speech,’ the Muslim apology tour, the kissing of the hand of the Saudi king, the refusal to use the term ‘radical Islam’ and the mountain of conflicting claims about Obama’s religious sympathies, and reach differing conclusions as to his religious beliefs.

“I have previously stated that under my view of Christianity, anyone who calls themselves a Christian can be considered a Christian. On that basis I accept Obama’s claim he is a ‘Christian.’ But like John MacArthur on MSNBC Monday night ([3] below) it is not unreasonable to view Obama’s claims of Christianity as ‘fake’ or contrived. Roger Simon ([2] below) came to approximately the same conclusion.

“And so today I propound a new paradigm for the media: there is simply no basis to argue about where Obama was born. But based on the huge quantity of conflicting evidence about Obama’s religious beliefs, reasonable people can weigh the evidence and individually come to differing or conflicting conclusions that Obama is either a Christian or a Muslim. I am a little surprised to be reaching this conclusion in 2015, but I now view the question of Obama’s religion as an ‘opinion’ issue as opposed to the question of Obama’s place of birth which I continue to believe it a matter of ‘fact.’

“Therefore, I believe the media are wrong to ridicule the (and I am not trying to be numerically exact) the roughly half of the Republican population that has doubts about Obama’s religious beliefs and affiliation. There is abundant evidence in conflict from which people can reach contrary and differing opinions.

“Fourth and finally, I examined the ‘media conspiracy theory’ and then Trump’s reaction. It is nearly a week since the Trump event. Rochester is a small town in New Hampshire. How is it possible that with all of the media present no one has identified the questioner who asked Trump the ‘Muslim’ question? I am suspicious that media are not looking for the questioner because his anonymity feeds the media’s anti-Trump agenda. How is it possible that grainy convenience store surveillance tapes are routinely used to find neighborhood burglars and the clear pictures of the man in Rochester have not led to identification and an interview?

“As for Trump, the Obama-is-a-Muslim question has been pure ‘profit.’ There is no evidence that Trump is linked to the man. The questioner has awakened anti-Obama activists (see [4] below). The media have relentlessly reminded Republicans and conservatives of Trump’s own ‘birther’ history. And as manifested by the questioner and the reaction, Birtherism remains a potent force in national politics. Anger at Obama and the Republicans’ ‘betrayals’ of the ‘base’ are increasing, not subsiding.

“For Trump, the controversy has been pure political profit. Right now, Trump is trying to win a party nomination, not a partisan election. The renewed birther controversy reminds voters that whatever the merits of Trump’s arguments, his insistence that Obama release his birth certificate led Obama to do just that. Once again, Trump got results where others had not.

“Wednesday I will be in Hawai’i continuing my scholarly research on Obama. Calling all Frank Marshall Davis heirs! What was originally planned as a trip primarily focused on the North Korean missile threat to Hawai’i has morphed into more of an Obama inquiry due to an anonymous man in Rochester, New Hampshire,” Andy will state Tuesday.

NEXT: Dr. Carson and a Muslim president.

Copies of Andy’s book on Obama are available from the publisher (see below).

September 22 New York news conference details:


Presidential candidate and Obama author/expert Andy Martin


Andy Martin discusses Obama’s religion and media response to the trump incident


909 Third Avenue, public sidewalk in front of FDR Station post office entrance, New York (under the “909” canopy in case of rain)


Tuesday, September 22, 2015; 2:00 P.M.

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[2] http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2015/09/18/why-nobody-can-agree-on-what-donald-trump-said-about-muslims/


[3] http://billmoyers.com/guest/john-r-rick-macarthur/



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One author has called Andy Martin the “big kahuna” of the anti-[Barack] Obama movement. Another said “Andy Martin is revolutionizing journalism… [Andy] brings to online journalism what Rush Limbaugh [brings] to radio or Michael Moore to film: sleek little stories that fit into larger political narratives…” Another says, “The only American journalists that are ‘standing UP’ [to Obama] are, Andy Martin…”


Andy Martin is a legendary New Hampshire, New York and Chicago-based muckraker, author, Internet columnist, talk television pioneer, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. With forty-seven years of background in radio and television and with five decades of investigative and analytical experience in Washington, the USA and around the world, Andy provides insight on politics, foreign policy, intelligence and military matters. For a full bio, go to: www.AndyMartin.com; also see www.BoycottABC.com/executive_director.htm

Andy has also been a leading corruption fighter in American politics and courts for over forty-five years and is executive director of the National Anti-Corruption Policy Institute. See also www.FirstRespondersOnline.us; www.AmericaisReadyforReform.com.

He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law and is a former adjunct professor of law at the City University of New York (LaGuardia CC, Bronx CC).

He is the author of “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask” [www.OrangeStatePress.com] and produced the Internet film “Obama: The Hawaii’ Years” [www.BoycottHawaii.com]. Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of the “Internet Powerhouse,” blogging at www.contrariancommentary.wordpress.com and www.ContrarianCommentary.com.

Andy’s family immigrated to Manchester, New Hampshire 100 years ago; today his home overlooks the Merrimack River and he lives around the corner from where he played as a small boy. He is New Hampshire’s leading corruption fighter and Republican Party reformer.



Andy’s columns are also posted at ContrarianCommentary.blogspot.com ContrarianCommentary.wordpress.com

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