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Chris Matthews of MSNBC's "Hardball" feeds an Obama birth certificate frenzy

On the eve of conservative Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin's New Hampshire announcement of candidacy Wednesday, December 29th, left-wing cable TV bobblehead Chris Matthews unleashed a frenzy of speculation, attacks and demands on President Barack Obama for release of the president's original, 1961 birth certificate. Andy Martin created the "Birther" movement through his relentless research in Hawaii and his bestselling book chronicling Obama's Chicago-based odyssey to the White House.

Liberal media frenzy builds over "Obama birth certificate" as "Birther" Andy Martin arrives in New Hampshire to become the first presidential candidate of 2012 election

Martin's presidential announcement is sending shockwaves through the elitist media establishment in Washington, and the White House

Martin says the "Clinton camp" is behind the latest liberal media demands that Obama release his original birth certificate

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Andy Martin will feed the liberal media frenzy in Washington Wednesday when he launches his "Birther" bid for the Republican Party's presidential nomination in a New Hampshire news conference

Martin may be the most crafty and cunning Republican media operative on the party's dance card of presidential candidates; at least that is what George Soros and his media thugs believe

"Birther madness" builds in the media elite as Andy Martin enters the presidential race

(CONCORD, NH)(December 29, 2010) Andy Martin is running for President of the United States in the Republican Party's 2012 primaries as a candidate who is committed to confronting President Barack Obama over Obama's missing birth certificate and college records.

Martin, who is known as a hard-hitting media expert with over 40 years of radio and TV experience, is sending shockwaves through the ranks of Obama's cable TV defenders.

Martin's advertising operatives have become legendary for creating devastating radio and TV ads that target opposition weaknesses.

This week MSNBC's Chris Matthews assembled a "death panel" of Clarence Page, an African-American media stooge of Obama's in Chicago, and David Corn, a hard-left operative in Washington, to discuss the release of President Barack Obama's original 1961 birth certificate (see link below). Amazingly, both Page and Corn suggested Obama release his original, typewritten 1961 birth certificate, a demand which Matthews also endorsed.

The Associated Press, which has repeatedly declared the Birther issue dead and buried, is writing about Obama's birth certificate again (link below).

"When I started exposing Barack Obama six years ago," Martin said in an interview Tuesday night from his "fighting camp" in Concord, New Hampshire, "people laughed at me. Today the 'birth certificate' issue is exploding in a media frenzy generated by liberal commentators who are afraid Obama is hiding a smoking gun that could doom the Democrats in 2012.

"I can only suggest a biblical explanation for what is happening: 'The voice is Jacob's voice but the hands are the hands of Esau.' The voices may be those of Matthews & Co., but the hands, well those hands are Clinton hands. Hands down. In other words, behind the scenes Clinton operatives are quietly trying to undermine Obama early enough for Hillary Clinton to become the 2012 presidential candidate of the Democratic Party.

"Quite frankly, this issue is about to explode. Last week Hawaii's Governor Neal Abercrombie triggered a firestorm on the right with his flim-flam about 'trying to release Obama's original birth certificate.' All Abercrombie has to do is just release it. I can show him how if he can’t get competent legal advice in Hawai'i.

"Now the left is exploding. Obama is going to be forced to grudgingly yield his original birth certificate, Nixon-tapes-style. The momentum for release is growing relentless.

"Clintonistas know that my presidential campaign is going to create hydraulic pressure in the Republican Party for a much more vigorous and sharply focused anti-Obama presidential primary campaign. And Clinton sympathizers are clandestinely spreading the word to their media megaphones that 'there's something on the original birth certificate that Barry doesn't want us to see.'

"Obama is fulfilling the prophecy I made on my blogs in early 2009 when I said that a birth certificate frenzy would explode in the future when Obama would be most vulnerable to being undermined.

"My campaign announcement Wednesday is going to be followed by a two-pronged campaign to: (1) raise money from Republican contributors; (2) start airing tough, hard-hitting anti-Obama ads across the United States, especially in critical primary states. When I start drawing votes next year, Obama will be through; I may even be able to create enough of a 'surge' to claim the GOP nomination.

"Almost two years ago I predicted a 'Birther explosion' in the future. Now I am predicting that there is an even chance the Birther issue is going to bring down Obama's house of cards and force him to retire.

"I'll have more to say about this Wednesday in Concord," Martin promises. "In the meantime, as to Chris Matthews' Birther fixation, and Anderson Cooper's well-documented obsession with Birthers, I will make another prediction: 'You ain't seen nuttin' yet. The birth certificate volcano is heating up and it's going to blow.'

"Demands for release of Obama's hidden high school and college records from Punahou School (Honolulu), Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard Law School, anybody?

"I'm not measuring for White House drapes, but I promise to be a dynamic and disruptive force in the 2012 presidential election.

"Here's my presidential campaign pop quiz for today: how many times have the liberal media elite claimed that Birther birth certificate issues were 'dead and buried?' Done and gone with? Well, the Birthers are very much alive and now they have a Republican presidential candidate who will carry their banner in the primaries."


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