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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin promises to end public employee union tyranny

Andy Martin begins his 2011 campaign for president in 2012 with the first of his 11 Campaign Resolutions for 2011. Martin promises an “adult conversation with the American people” instead of the usual candidate twaddle. Andy begins his eleven-part series with an analysis of the tragedy last week in New York City where public employee terrorism led to innocent deaths during the recent Christmas Blizzard. We also provide links below to web-available excerpts of Andy’s extraordinary conversation with Denver talk radio host Peter Boyles. Coming Sunday, January 2: Part 2 of 11: “Islam is the Enemy”

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Andy Martin begins his “Adult Conservation With the American People”- #1 of Andy’s 11 2011 Campaign Resolutions

Andy Martin says the New York City “Snowdown” is an example of public employee union terrorism

Andy says it’s time to end tyranny by public employee unions; he wants to “win this one for the Gipper”

(PALM BEACH, FL)(January 1, 2011) Shortly after taking office in 2009, President Barack Obama promoted a “stimulus” program. A major component of Obama’s “stimulus” was shoveling hundreds of billions of dollars into the pockets of public employee union employees that elected him. Last week, during New York City’s “Christmas Blizzard,” we saw a tragic example of public employee terrorism in action. The “Snowdown” sent a chilling message to Americans everywhere: public employee union tyranny is on the rise.

While the comments and observations that follow focus on one storm, it is clear that across America federal, state and local governments have fallen under de facto public employee union intimidation.

What has happened to America? Over the past fifty years the concept of unions—which I strongly endorse in the private sector—have taken control of local and state governments and threatened the federal government as well. President Ronald Reagan knew how to deal with union terrorism; he fired the striking air traffic controllers. As president, I would follow in Reagan’s footsteps and block the stranglehold which public employee unions have taken over American life.

In state after state, public employee unions hold strike threats over the heads of local officials. Vital public services are constantly held hostage to union threats and “slowdowns.” President Calvin Coolidge, when he was serving as Governor of Massachusetts, said it best in 1919: “There is no right to strike against the public safety by anybody, anywhere, any time.” We need to return government at every level to that time-honored principle.

In New York last week, children died because sanitation workers apparently engaged in a deliberate “snowdown” to pressure the mayor into reversing budget cuts (see links at the bottom). Sanitation workers engaged in this intentional slowdown during a blizzard; their failure to clear the streets caused a loss of life. We don’t have a final report yet, but investigations are in progress. In my opinion, the public employees whose malfeasance in office led to the death of children should be criminally prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Local and state governments in America were already horribly bloated before Obama took office. In Chicago and Illinois, Mayor Richard Daley and Governors Quinn and Blagojevich have bankrupted the city and state with lavish public employee payments. Obama’s “stimulus” stimulated and perpetuated more wasteful spending. Obama borrowed money from China to subsidize pensions and benefits for local employees. Yet anyone who looks at the facts sees that public employee compensation is far above “comparable worth” in the private sector. (“Comparable worth” is another Democratic Party bogeyman.)

We have many millions of honest, dedicated and hard-working public employees at all levels of government, and we should appreciate and fairly compensate their services. But a public paycheck should not be a ticket to a lifetime ride on a taxpayer-subsidized gravy train. In New York, public pensions have become a scandal. Firemen retire on “disability” pensions and then engage in marathon races and other athletic contests. Almost all of the top brass retire as “disabled” to obtain tax-free pensions.

Obama is now being asked to “bail out” New York, and every other state and local government. U. S. taxpayers should “just say no” to state and local handouts. The U. S. Government is itself broke and bankrupt.

We must end public employee union terrorism against the American people.

President Reagan took the right approach when he fired the striking air traffic controllers. It’s time for a new president with the same strength of character to send the same strong message in 2012. This is one battle that I’d like to “win for the Gipper.”

P. S. Ask the other potential Republican Party presidential candidates where they stand on ending public employee union tyranny. You’ll quickly see why I’m the “Right Republican” for president, and for you.

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