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Republican Presidential candidate Andy Martin ignites a “Birther” firestorm

Listen to Andy Martin on the Birther-friendly Peter Boyles Show, KHOW-AM Denver Friday morning, December 31st ( Listen live. Martin is using his Birther-friendly colleagues in talk radio to spread his presidential campaign across the United States and to start a political wildfire that is going to topple the Emperor Obama. In today’s column Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin provides insight into the “Birther” issue, the liberal media frenzy with the Birther issue, and Andy’s prognostications for how the 2012 presidential campaign will unfold in 2011. Martin announced his presidential candidacy in Concord, New Hampshire on December 29th.

Internet powerhouse Andy Martin ignites a talk radio firestorm designed to topple President Barack Obama in 2012

Martin can be heard on Denver talk radio Friday morning

Martin provides some insight and feedback from his blockbuster campaign announcement in New Hampshire

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Andy Martin charged into the 2012 presidential race with a blockbuster announcement in Concord, New Hampshire that sent shivers through the Obama political apparatus

Quite by accident, Martin’s presidential announcement coincided with major “Obama birth certificate” speculation in national media and by Hawai’i Governor Neal Abercrombie

You can listen to Andy’s New Hampshire interview on the web (

Friday morning the Andy Martin campaign moves to talk radio in Denver—listen in and see for yourself why Andy is the most dynamic presidential candidate in the Republican Party

Martin predicts that his campaign is the first step in a movement to topple Barack Obama in 2012

Andy says the drama “All About Obama” is coming to your computer screen

(NEW YORK, NH)(December 30, 2010) My colleagues in talk radio already had doubts about President Barack Obama. In announcing yesterday that I would be a presidential candidate I didn’t have to do much of a selling job to explain to them why I am running to energize the Republican Party’s presidential campaign and, ultimately, to topple President Barack Obama in 2012. Listen to me on the Peter Boyles Show in Denver, Friday morning. You can listen live at

If you want to hear the “first interview” of my presidential campaign that national media tongues wagging go to (the interview is in two parts and is the top story on his web page today)

Mainstream liberal media are somewhat perplexed at how I plan to run a national campaign challenging the Republican Party’s establishment presidential candidates. Well, talk radio is the answer. I don’t have cash on hand; I have the American people, at least 100 million of them. On my side.

The early Republican primary states (New Hampshire, South Carolina, Iowa) are all strong “Birther” states. We are going to be rolling out our national campaign, staring with Iowa and South Carolina, in January. We are currently scheduling TV production and hoping to raise money to run ads.

With these prefatory comments, I’d like to give you some of the insight that I derived from my announcement in New Hampshire, and a phone conversation with someone at a national TV network this morning. Context is important to me, and it should be important to you in evaluating my qualifications as a candidate. If you look at me or my campaign in isolation, you miss the big picture.

When you don’t have a campaign airplane you are driven a lot. That’s me. We drove to New Hampshire and drove back. Sitting in the car, I had plenty of time to think, to analyze and to organize my thoughts about the 2011 presidential playing field.

First, why do I have any chance at all as a candidate? Can I be a serious contender? There is a simple answer. No Republican presidential candidate has captured the imagination of the “base,” and no one has become a presumptive nominee. The “polls” you read about are just name-recognition surveys. People are looking for answers. I have them.

Second, I have a record of independence within the Republican Party and a strong corruption-fighting record in Illinois. You can go back over forty years and trace my evolution as a public figure. I did not just jump off a boat from Kenya.

Third, I have the unusual credential of having been the person who first exposed Barack Obama the candidate as a fraud. (No one was listening then.)

Fourth, going back a little further, I spent much of 2003 in Baghdad criticizing, correctly as it turned out, our efforts there. I was the first person in Baghdad to expose Paul Bremer as an incompetent loser (remember him?). I have more foreign policy experience—overseas--than any other Republican candidate.

Fifth, on domestic policy I will not be afraid to attack the “Gnomes of Goldman Sachs” that have looted our economy and destroyed our national future. Goldman Sachs is the Wall Street investment bank that is exposed as a den of thieves in the recent movie “Inside Job.”

So I am not a “one issue candidate” or a Johnny One-Note.

Finally, as someone who has spent a lifetime in radio and TV, been a talk show host and a field producer, and knows media in and out, I do not have the same learning curve that the blow-dried candidates have.

I will be a serious candidate in the Republican Party’s presidential primaries even if I am not a frontrunner or favorite. The reason: voters want what I am selling, the truth about Obama and the truth about our national economic disaster.

So what’s the bottom line for New Year’s Eve and January, 1, 2011?

First the so-called “birth certificate” issue is really a stand-in, or if you prefer a more literary word, a “metaphor” for public doubts about Obama on both the left and the right. The right, of course, has led the way with attacks on Obama. But Democrats saw a week-kneed Obama during the last campaign, an Obama who led from the rear and had no campaign leadership skills. Democrats saw a proverbial “emperor without clothes” as their leader.

A perfect political storm develops when “right” and “left” converge on the same concept. Obama faces a perfect storm. The birth certificate issue embodies public concerns about his lack of leadership, and his misdirected leadership. Both Republicans and Democrats now share the same concerns, albeit for different reasons.

Liberals are enraged, and frightened. But they don't want to attack Obama openly. “Politicians” and party activists don’t work that way. They are gravitating to the birth certificate issue as their stand-in for generalized unease.

The birth-certificate thus “stands-in” for national concern about Obama’s character and leadership. We don’t know what’s on that hidden piece of paper in Honolulu that he refuses to release, but instinctively we do not trust a person who will not trust us with the truth about himself. It’s just human nature. When Obama had Bush as his de facto adversary, and a crotchety old man as his opponent, he looked fresh and new by comparison. He doesn’t look so fresh and new any more.

The “Birth Certificate issue” is a proxy for public concerns about Obama. That’s why the Birther issue refuses to die. That’s why the birth certificate questions will not die. That’s why despite repeated efforts, the liberal media elite can’t kill the public unrest or put public concerns to rest. Doubts about Obama are growing, not receding.

Second, unlike any other mainstream media organization, my team knows Obama. We know Hawai'i. We did a week-long conference on Obama in Honolulu in November (2010). We were first to land in Hawai’i in 2008. We were first with the birth certificate and Muslim stories (more on the “religion issue” in the coming days) and we have been first with analysis of Obama’s weak character (look at Chapter One of my book, link below). We know Obama almost as well as he knows himself, maybe better.

And while I may have given life to the Birther movement I have not hesitated to criticize Birther bunkum and corruption, such as the person who was profiteering from bogus litigation or the Cracker Jack box lawyer with an endless inventory of conspiracy theories. I have tried to find the facts, and stuck to the truth. I am a credible Obama critic because I have a credible track record searching for the facts about Obama.

Yes, I do have opinions about what’s on the secret birth certificate (the “long-form”) but I label them as opinions, not facts. I do not believe everyone in the U. S. government is in a conspiracy with Obama to conceal his origins. I worked on Capitol Hill. I know the system. In 2008-2009 politicians were afraid to confront Obama. Now, slowly, they are coming out of their foxholes.

In 2008 I predicted that all of the anti-Obama lawsuits would fail, and they did.

Now I am predicting something that is going to startle ordinary citizens as well as the Washington media elite: the campaign to defeat Obama politically in 2012 will succeed.

Obama's supporters are aware of the threat I pose. That’s why they have harassed me since 2007 and continue to harass me. They were at it yesterday. But, while I may be leading the parade, I am not the parade. The “parade” is tens of millions of Americans who were fooled once, and won’t be fooled a second time. Obama can’t kill the parade. It is much, much bigger than a single candidate.

Third, in New Hampshire we were tipped off to the “Clinton factor.” The “Birther issue” did not just blow in out of nowhere in the past two weeks. Pro-Clinton operatives are fanning the birth certificate issue to undermine Obama’s reelectability and to create a basis for Hillary Clinton to emerge as the savior of the Democratic Party.

Fourth, the media’s attempts in December to resurrect Obama as a “comeback kid” will be the topic of my remarks in Florida this weekend; suffice it to say I don’t think Obama has made any comeback at all. It is all classic Obama smoke-and-mirrors.

Finally, during 2007-2008, Obama’s opponents both within the Democratic Party, and later the hapless Senator John McCain, tried to attack Obama for “lack of experience.” They said he had not been “vetted” properly. Indeed.

So what is the 2012 election going to be? The 2012 campaign will be the election that did not take place in 2008 because Republicans defaulted and refused to challenge or confront Obama. The American people are going to conduct a do-over or make-up (do golfers call it a mulligan?) and essentially rerun the 2008 election in 2012. They will force Obama to tell the truth and defend himself on the issues where he got a pass in 2008.

2012 is going to be the 2008 election that we never had.

This time there will be no George Bush to insulate Obama from accountability or responsibility. The fawning media will still fawn, but the media are also aware, painfully so, that they lost the confidence of the American people over the media coup d’etat that imposed Obama in the White House without proper vetting. In 2012, the media are going to do the job on Obama that they failed to do in 2008.

In the classic movie “All About Eve” someone says “fasten your seat belts." Well, in 2011, fasten your seat belts. The movie “All About Obama” is coming to your neighborhood and your TV screen and your computer. (In the meantime, you can watch my Hawai’i movie on Obama; it’s on our web sites, “Obama: The Hawai’i Years.” Been there, done that. Enjoy.)

On January 1, 2011 I will be at work searching for the truth, and fighting for the facts about the mysterious Mr. Obama. As of now I obviously can’t predict I am going to win the Republican nomination. But I can safely predict that I will have a lot to say about who becomes the Republican candidate for president, and who becomes the next president.

Sign up for “Martin’s Marines” and join the battle to Take Back America from Barack Obama and Goldman Sachs. Who knows? We might even win. Hey, Obama did it. Who would you rather have in the White House? Me? Or B. H. Obama (D-Kenya [maybe]).

Happy New Year. God Bless the America that we knew and loved, the America that we want back again. The America that has been a land of opportunity for ordinary citizens and working families.

I’m willing to fight to get back our America. Are you?


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