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Republican presidential candidate, Illinois corruption-fighter and conservative blogger Andy Martin files lawsuit to invalidate fraudulent congressional election

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate, Illinois corruption-fighter and conservative blogger Andy Martin says a crooked scheme involving Illinois’ new 13th Congressional District backfired and could cost the party a seat in congress. Andy has filed a lawsuit to invalidate a fraudulent primary election on March 20th and to demand a new primary in the district. Named as defendants are three congressman, Tim Johnson, John Shimkus and Randy Hultgren. Andy is America’s premier public interest litigator. Andy will hold a Palm Beach, Florida news conference Thursday to explain his lawsuit (copy attached).

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Republican Presidential candidate, Illinois corruption-fighter and conservative blogger Andy Martin has filed a Macoupin County lawsuit to invalidate the March 20th primary results in 13th congressional district

Andy says Tim Johnson, John Shimkus and Randy Hultgren schemed to defeat Representative Adam Kinzinger and unintentionally ended the congressional career of Representative Don Manzullo

Andy says Tim Johnson conducted a sham campaign for congress and the primary election result should be set aside

Andy is seeking a new primary election for Illinois’ 13th congressional district

I shot an arrow into the air,
It fell to earth, I knew not where;

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

(CHICAGO) (April 19, 2012) Calling the three congressman “congressional cockroaches” who “shot an arrow into the air” to defeat Congressman Adam Kinzinger and ended up hitting Congressman Don Manzullo, Republican Presidential candidate, Illinois corruption-fighter and conservative blogger Andy Martin will hold a Palm Beach, Florida news conference Thursday, April 19th to announce he has filed a Macoupin County, Illinois lawsuit to invalidate the results of the March 20th primary for the 13th congressional district Republican Party nomination.

“Both parties have congressional cockroaches,” Andy says. “These are men and women who put their own selfish politics against the best interests of their party. John Shimkus is notorious as the ‘child abuser congressman’ who supervised congressional pages and allowed Mark Foley to molest them. Shimkus was one of the reasons Republicans lost congress in 2006. Shimkus is a blight on the Republican Party’s integrity and ethics.

“In the case of Illinois’ 13th congressional district the schemes and machinations of John Shimkus, Tim Johnson and Randy Hultgren have backfired. Johnson-Shimkus-Hultgren wanted to get rid of the threat posed by Representative Adam Kinzinger so they schemed to ensure Kinzinger would not run in the new 13th congressional district.

“If Johnson had announced his retirement before the primary filing period, in all probability Kinzinger would have moved into the 13th, where he previously sat on the McLean County Board, to avoid a primary with Don Manzullo. Instead, to block Kinzinger and to promote their own special candidates who were not strong enough to take on Kinzinger in a 13th district primary, Johnson acted as a ‘front’ and conducted a sham ‘reelection’ campaign to hold the seat through the primary so the nomination could be filled by Republican Party insiders after the primary.

“The behavior of Republican Party leaders is disgraceful but no surprise. Utterly corrupt State Party Chairman Pat Brady jumped into the 13th district with a ‘legal opinion’ by his stooge John Fogarty. Fogarty ‘advised’ that Brady could ignore state law and declare himself a ‘chairman’ of the replacement selection committee. Brady claims to be acting to avoid an ‘odor’ when in fact Brady’s behavior smells just as bad as that of any of the other conspirators. These people are so greedy to advance their own selfish agendas they jeopardize Republican control of the congressional seat.

“Hultgren is also compromising his public trust by offering what appears to be a partial ‘no-show’ job to Jerry Clarke, one of the ‘insider’ candidates to replace Johnson. Hultgren is apparently breaking the law and may be committing criminal acts. Hultgren has refused my offer to provide an explanation for his unusual behavior. Clarke, who claims to be Hultgren’s ‘chief of staff,’ lives 150 miles from Hultgren’s nearest office. That’s not the way congressional chiefs of staff operate.

“I have asked the circuit court to invalidate Johnson’s bogus primary and to order a new election in which all candidates can participate in an honest and open election. My ‘contribution’ to the People of Illinois: 47 years of public integrity and 47 years of fighting the endemic political corruption in this state. This latest lawsuit is just one more battle in the endless war against corruption in Illinois. We need to teach Johnson, Shimkus, Hultgren and their coat-holding toadies a lesson,” Andy says. “These cockroaches need to be driven out of public office and out of the Republican Party.”

A copy of Andy’s lawsuit is attached to emailed versions of this news release.



Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin files suit to block fraudulent Illinois congressional primary election


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Thursday, April 19, 2012,


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