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Republican presidential candidate, conservative blogger Andy Martin says President Obama mishandled Secret Service incident and should reverse course, offering amnesty and reinstatement

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin is takes a “contrarian” view of President Obama’s handling of the Secret Service incident in Columbia. Andy says Obama has created a monster that could jeopardize the agency, the presidency and Obama’s own candidacy. Andy says Obama should offer all agents and military personnel amnesty, offer them reinstatement, and limit punishment to non-dismissal sanctions. Andy says Obama does not understand the “warrior culture.” Andy will hold a Florida news conference today, April 23rd, to discuss the Secret Service imbroglio.

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Republican Presidential candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin says President Barack Obama should provide amnesty for all secret service agents who have been dismissed and quiet down the furor he created over the Cartagena incident

Andy says Obama has no conception of “the warrior culture”

Andy says Obama may find himself on the receiving end of retaliation from Secret Service agents he abuses

(PALM BEACH) (April 23, 2012) Republican Presidential candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin will hold a Palm Beach, Florida news conference Monday, April 23rd to provide some “free advice” for President Obama: Andy says Obama should grant an amnesty to Secret Service agents who have been fired, invite them back on the payroll and impose administrative punishments short of dismissals on any Secret Service or military personnel who were caught up in the Cartagena chaos. Andy says Obama has allowed the Secret service controversy to become a circus that has spiraled out of control and risks damaging the agency and the presidency. Andy is faxing the president a “bipartisan letter” of advice.

Andy’s letter to the president follows:

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April 23, 2012

President Barack Obama
The White House
Washington, DC 20500
via fax (202) 456-2461

Re: Secret Service scandal

Dear President Obama:

I am writing you to ask you to reconsider how you have handled the so-called “Secret Service” scandal. I believe you should offer an amnesty/no retaliation pledge to all employees, offer to reemploy anyone who has been dismissed, and impose administrative punishment short of dismissal on anyone who acted poorly.

I start with one of the great quotes of the late Speaker Sam Rayburn, who famously stated he wished someone on the White House staff “had run for sheriff.” Rayburn’s meaning was that abstract intellectuals and professional “staff” people often lacked the streetwise attitude of people who had lived and worked in the real—and very imperfect—world.

1. How can I give advice to a political opponent?

You might ask: how or why would I give advice to a political opponent? You have known of me for eight years, and there is no doubt in your mind where I stand on the political and public policy issues which divide us. I am a conservative Republican.

On the other hand, I am concerned that the Secret Service scandal you have created may damage the agency, may endanger the White House and could jeopardize your presidency. Where issues involving the presidency are concerned we should be able to work together.

2. The “warrior culture”

Most of the people on your staff, and you personally, lack any familiarity with the military culture or what I call the “warrior culture.” The Secret Service is a paramilitary agency with a warrior culture. They are not paid to be strategists (except when they are planning presidential security). They are people—whether in the uniformed service or the presidential detail—who must unquestioningly “take a bullet” for the president without regard to their own lives. That’s a pretty tough assignment. That’s an exemplar of the warrior culture.

3. The original mess

I have never patronized a prostitute and find the concept repellent. Had I been in charge, I would have cautioned the men (and any women on the detail) to be cautious and avoid anything risky while “in country.” That’s a standard briefing.

But I have also lived in the warrior culture and understand how people who risk their lives for a living think. They don’t think like lawyers sitting in their offices. They are prone to rambunctious behavior. Did anyone say “wheels up, rings off?”

4. Why you mishandled the incident

We need warriors in our society. We need them in our military and intelligence establishments. We can never repay them for risking their lives and losing their lives, which is why we honor them publicly with medals and uniforms and ribbons, and also offer generous benefits. But supervising warriors, whether in the field or in the home office, is never and should never be an easy or rote task. Warriors are trained to be aggressive.

If people are placid in the office they will not take risks in the field. The kind of person who is prepared to risk his or her life is by definition and nature a little edgy and rambunctious.

If you had simply used the “No Drama Obama” approach for which you were once noted, and stated, “Some people got out of hand. I wish that hadn’t happened. We will deal with any problems quietly and internally,” the matter would be long gone. “Spankings maybe administered but no heads will roll” should have been the punitive promise.

If you had handled the issue coolly no one would now remember the Secret Service embarrassment last week. Your statement of potential “anger” created a firestorm, and that firestorm is endangering the agency, risking White House Security and undermining your own role. The issue would have simply dissolved; instead it has become a corrosive media circus.

Politically, I suspect we will see books and exposés that may present your tenure in an unflattering light. The potential personal and political damage could be substantial, all for what should have been treated as a “spanking” incident and not a “heads will role” crisis. Your instincts failed you and no one on your staff gave you the cool advice you needed to deal with a few missteps by your warriors.

5. What you should do now

A confession of error is the best approach. I would urge you to consider quietly reinstating the men that have been dismissed, with an admonishment or some other administrative warning in their file but no dismissal or retaliation; I would extend an amnesty to anyone who was involved, either Secret Service or military; I would tell the media you may have inadvertently overreacted and that the Secret Service brouhaha is over; I would ask congressional committees to either close their inquiries or conduct them under national security standards. I would suggest to the Director that perhaps the manual of standards should be amended to include recommendations on what to do when you are not on the clock but on assignment in the field.

There was undoubtedly a management and supervision failure, and I would encourage conversation and openness, instead of a reign of terror in which careers are destroyed and families are endangered. But as the matter stands today your failure compounded what was an initially limited incident.

And, finally, I would hire someone for your staff who has run for sheriff.

Respectfully submitted,






Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says Obama has bungled the Secret Service incident, should offer amnesty to dismissed agents


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Monday, April 23rd, 2012,


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