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GOP Presidential Candidate Andy Martin is asking U. S. Senator Ted Cruz to provide documents for an upcoming “Birther Summit” in Washington, DC

GOP presidential candidate Andy Martin held a news conference Sunday and released a letter he is sending to U. S. Senator Ted Cruz. The letter is self-explanatory. Contact information can be found on the letterhead.

ANDY MARTIN /2016        
Republican candidate for
President of the United States       

“Make America Great Again”
National headquarters:
P.  O. Box 1851
New York, NY 10150-1851
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P.O. Box 742
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January 12, 2016

Senator Ted Cruz
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510
Certified Mail - Return Receipt Requested

Re: Presidential eligibility

Dear Ted:

1. My background investigating Barack Hussein Obama

A couple of months ago someone emailed me and asked me to lead the charge to challenge your eligibility to be a presidential candidate. I declined the invitation. But in light of recent events I have reviewed the matter and have decided to convene a “Ted Cruz Birther Summit” in Washington, DC on January 29-31. I am writing to ask your cooperation.

Ten (10) years ago I started investigating Barack Hussein Obama and led an international team of researchers. Unlike most candidates, who are managed by handlers and advisers, I actually do my own investigative work. My original research eventually became the basis for the so-called “Birther” movement.

In October, 2008 I filed the first lawsuit to open Obama’s Hawai’i birth certificate to public inspection. Later, others used my research to make claims that were not supportable based on the available evidence. I have never seen any credible or admissible evidence to contradict my conclusion that Obama was born in Hawai’i, although I have propounded a theory (and not a “fact”) that Obama’s parentage may not be that which he claims.

One of the reasons Obama and his posse relentlessly attacked me in 2008 was because I had and continue to have a single-minded focus on searching for the truth and trying to find the facts.

In looking into and researching your constitutional eligibility I will adhere to the same rigorous evidentiary standard, trying to find the facts and searching for the truth. I ask your cooperation and assistance in doing so, in order that the Birther Summit may provide a forum for resolving doubts as to your eligibility.

2. Our shared backgrounds as constitutional litigators

I have been litigating constitutional matters for forty-eight years. My litigation experience is considerably broader than yours, however, because I have been involved in both state-related and ordinary civil litigation. Very often my disclosures have embarrassed and irritated public officials. And sometimes I have created new vistas in the law. For example, when I first contacted state attorneys general two decades ago, many said they had no idea about Microsoft’s state-related antitrust liability. Over time I encouraged AG’s to activate anti-Microsoft units.

I have been attacked by Bill Gates, U. S. Senators and federal judges, among others. I am proud of the enemies I have made over the decades.

I am known for extensive due diligence research before filing a claim.

3. The Ted Cruz Birther Summit and my prior experience

I first met Donald Trump in 1978 or 1979. We were neighbors at Olympic Tower, New York where I approved his residency application to become a tenant. Later I met with the architects who were designing Trump Tower and furnished informal advice; until recently I had a set of the original blueprints for the Tower. I have followed Donald’s colorful career over the decades and occasionally we have intersected. But I always operate independently of anyone and am doing so in this instance.

Nevertheless, I would be less than candid if I did not admit to becoming more interested in the question of your eligibility as Trump laid out a potential litigation scenario for Democratic activists if you were to obtain the presidential nomination.

Litigants do not need to ultimately win a lawsuit to win the point they advocate in court. How’s this for a potential scenario?

You win the nomination. A Democratic Party activist looks for a judicial district where a liberal Democratic judge is likely to hear their case. They file a lawsuit and a judge issues a TRO or OSC directing you to appear in September or October to respond. Such an order could cause chaos for the Republican Party even if the order was ultimately vacated. Although you have litigated “high end” cases I am not aware that you have any ordinary or “street smart” litigation experience. I do, and could create a lawsuit along the lines both I and Trump have sketched out.

In fact, I created such a lawsuit in 2008 and cost Obama millions of votes that he would have otherwise received. Without my Hawai’i litigation and overall “Birther” activity Obama would have swept to an even greater electoral victory. After John McCain’s campaign imploded I became the target of Obama’s attacks on national TV and in the New York Times; his people and Democratic Party leaders recognized I was costing Obama votes. So my speculation on your current situation is neither unreasonable nor irrational. In 2008 I created exactly such a lawsuit along the lines of Trump’s hypothesis.

Sam Stein of Huffington Post once called me a “noted conservative dirty trickster.” I plead guilty to being a “noted conservative” but I have never engaged in dirty tricks in my life. Rather, I adhere to the Sergeant Joe Friday approach: “Just the facts, ma’am.” Actually, when Democrats get confronted with the facts and the truth, they think that is a “dirty trick.”

4. What do I need from you?

Because I am proceeding with an organized and coherent approach I have created a check list to guide my activity. Here is what I would like from you:

A. I believe your dad needs to sit for a deposition (under oath) as to his knowledge about your birth status. Please let me know if he is willing to do so.

B. I need for you to provide a general FOIA waiver for every agency of the federal government. We need to determine how you entered the U. S. in 1974 as I propose to ask for release of your 1974 records.

C. We need any evidence that confirms your birth was reported to U. S. consular officials in 1970.

D. Although I do not believe it is relevant, since no one disputes where your mother was born, I would appreciate a clear copy of your mom’s birth certificate. (Internet copies are blurry.)

E. We need another copy of your own Canadian birth registration. When you were born the birth was registered by Canadian officials. Although you produced a copy of the Edmonton record in 2013 I think we should dig deeper because the Edmonton certificate was based on original information reported from Calgary, presumably a hospital or local agency.

F. We need any and all voting information you or anyone else working with you has as to any voter registration by both of your parents.

G. We need a list of all residence addresses for your family while you lived in Canada.

H. We need a document waiving any privacy rights under Canadian law so we may also directly order a copy of your birth registration document and related material from both Edmonton and Calgary, including hospital records. I assume we need your permission to obtain such documentation, and I am asking for written permission to directly contact Canadian officials and hospital administrators for their cooperation and records.

The foregoing is only a preliminary listing of requests and as we generate leads and information we may ask for more information and documentation.

Obviously, Canadian records in Calgary and U. S. consular records are the best evidence of what was reported to Edmonton at the time of your birth; your willingness to re-release that information and to authorize independent access to Canadian files could expedite a resolution of any questions about your status. Correspondingly, a refusal to do so could very well trigger an adverse inference in the minds of the voting public.

5. Conclusion

I do not support or oppose your candidacy. Although I am not in the “Top Six” presidential candidates, as other candidates drop out I may move into the “Top Ten.” I will keep on campaigning for a Republican Party committed to public integrity until the National Convention. Although I have pledged to support the party’s nominee (including you) I am only actively working to defeat Jeb Bush because I think he is a blight on the political process.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this letter.

The sooner we receive the requested information, documents and access authorization the sooner we can resolve any doubts as to your constitutional eligibility for the office of president.

Sincerely yours,



© Copyright by Andy Martin 2016 – All Rights Reserved

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