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An independent investigation by New Hampshire corruption fighter Andy Martin exposes new sexual abuse by Governor Maggie Hassan and Tom Hassan involving Phillips Exeter Academy

New Hampshire corruption fighter Andy Martin says that his hard-nosed investigation into a cover-up of sexual abuses at Phillips Exeter Academy (PEA) by Tom Hassan and Governor Maggie Hassan has exposed new abuses. Andy promises New Hampshire voters he will relentlessly pursue corruption and cover-ups by powerful and prominent Democrats who have tried to protect the governor from the impact of the sexual misconduct at PEA. “Both parties have failed,” Andy says. “Sadly, too many Republicans in the legislature (General Court) have been willing to ‘cohabit’ with Governor Hassan while the abuses were going on at PEA. Earlier this week at a news conference I called the PEA situation a ‘Peyton Place’-style scandal. Today as new perpetrators are exposed my predictions and promises to take action are corroborated.”

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#1 Letter to the People of
New Hampshire concerning
the Scandal at Phillips Exeter
Academy Involving Governor
Hassan and Others

Dear Granite State Neighbor:

On Monday of this week I held a news conference to promise a vigorous independent investigation directed at exposing a cover-up of sexual abuses involving Governor Maggie Hassan and her husband Tom Hassan who was the head of Phillips Exeter Academy (“PEA”). I accused PEA of a continuing cover-up, and invited new victims to come forward. Forced by the prospect of my independent investigation to start “coming clean,” PEA has now fired another sexual predator from the faculty (please see link below). New victims are also coming forward. I renew my invitation for you to contact my local office if you have evidence about the scandals at PEA.

This is my first of what will be a continuing series of letters updating you on the Hassan/Democratic Party scandal. As long as PEA controlled a “monopoly” of the investigative efforts they could do what they want, which is why they claim to have a “secret” law firm “investigating” the Hassan scandal. Who ever heard of a “secret,” supposedly “outside” investigation? Because PEA knows I am pressuring the school, the Hassans and the Democratic Party, they know a cover-up will not succeed in the long run.

I renew my demand that the governor resign and that she step down as a senate candidate. Her behavior and the behavior of her husband disqualify them from ever holding a position of public trust in New Hampshire or elsewhere.

But this scandal is not limited only to the Democrats. During the current legislature all too many Republicans have been in bed with Democratic leaders and the Governor herself. The healthy adversariness that makes democracy function properly has been replaced by a one-party state government which is effectively under the control of Governor Hassan and Ray Buckley. The will of a majority of Granite Staters that voted in 2014 for an independent Republican legislature has been nullified.

Being a corruption fighter is not an easy task. I have been at it all of my life. Amazingly I have been involved with investigating governmental sex scandals and potential sex scandals for over fifty years. I have the experience and inner strength to persevere. And I am scrupulously nonpartisan and independent when it comes to public integrity.

You may be aware that the former Republican speaker of the U. S. House was exposed as a Hassan-style sexual predator. I have led the fight in federal court in Chicago to expose Speaker Dennis Hastert and I expect to be in court when he is sentenced later this month. But, I exposed Hastert’s sexual abuses six years ago, long before federal officials focused on him because of financial crimes last year. In other words, I was five years ahead of federal prosecutors in exposing Hastert’s unsavory practices.

When you fight corruption, however, you often don’t make friends. You usually make enemies. The “high and mighty” in our society do not like to be held to account, and they retaliate. I have been the victim of retaliation and harassment from my own New Hampshire GOP.

So I need you to be my friend, and to help and encourage me in fighting for our state and our children and our reputation. New Hampshire is an honorable place and we do not deserve the kind of abuses reflected in Governor Hassan’s conduct. She and her husband have dishonored us.

The most basic duty of any civilized society is to protect children. Governor Hassan failed in that task, which is why I have taken the extraordinary step of asking for her resignation and withdrawal as a candidate. I promise you that I will work to defeat every Democrat and every Republican that has remained silent while these abuses were continuing over the years.

When I announced and filed as a presidential candidate it was not because I expected to be nominated for president. I wanted to become part of the process to help vet other candidates and to expose candidates who were unfit or questionable and who would be parading into New Hampshire with false promises or a phony resume. That task is almost over and consequently my national campaign is in the process of winding down.

My regular readers know that I have exposed candidates and analyzed campaigns in an honest and impartial manner and continue to do so.

I am now going to concentrate and redirect my efforts at making sure we in New Hampshire have the best government possible and the best public officials to act as our public servants at the federal and state level. I hope I can count on you help and support in doing so.

There is much work for us to do to realize the full potential and future of our great state. Please join me in seeking to restore the honor and dignity of New Hampshire. No one is perfect; I am not perfect. But no adult should ever tolerate abuse of children. That is a step too far in any civilized society. Tolerating the abuses which the Hassans did was not a “mistake” or a simple error in judgment; we are all capable of those. What the Hassans did exposed their fundamental character flaws. I hope you agree.




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