Monday, April 11, 2016

GOP Presidential Candidate and Contrarian Commentary columnist Andy Martin demands that New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan step down and withdraw as a senate candidate

GOP presidential candidate and corruption fighter Andy Martin says that New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan and her husband Tom Hassan are guilty of criminal violations of New Hampshire child abuse statutes even if they escape prosecution due to a statute of limitations defense. “The Hassans covered up sexual abuse of students at the Phillips Exeter Academy by a staff member, Rick Schubart. We can’t jail a teenager for sexual abuses (Owen Labrie) and then let adults escape responsibility for the same behavior. The Hassans have breached the public trust and should be barred from ever again holding a public office in New Hampshire” Andy says. “I am reviewing both my political options and my legal options to see that justice is done to the victims of abuse at Phillips Exeter Academy where, incidentally, I wanted to enroll as a high school student myself.”

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Attention New Hampshire, Political and daybook/assignment editors

Announcement of telephone news conference Monday, April 11

GOP presidential candidate and New Hampshire corruption fighter Andy Martin will hold a news conference Monday, April 11 to demand that Governor Maggie Hassan step down as governor and also step down as a U. S. Senate candidate

Andy says the evidence is overwhelming that the Hassan and her husband concealed evidence of child abuse from law enforcement authorities in violation of their duties as “mandatory reporters” under state law

Andy says that New Hampshire voters cannot send the spouse of a criminal child abuser to the U. S. Senate without disgracing the entire state

Andy says that when the Hassans acted, combined and conspired to cover up the molestation of students by Rick Schubart they became accessories to the crimes and morally just as guilty as the abuser himself

Andy invites victims of child abuse at Phillips Exeter Academy to contact his offices

School Year Abroad organization could face lawsuit unless Tom Hassan is fired

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(Manchester, NH) (April 11, 2016)  GOP presidential candidate and New Hampshire corruption fighter Andy Martin will hold a telephone news conference today, Monday, April 11 to demand that New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan step down as governor and withdraw as a U. S. Senate candidate, and that the organization School Year Abroad terminate the upcoming employment of her husband Thomas Hassan.

“Both Governor Hassan and her husband are guilty of covering up felony child abuse,” Andy says. “They may never be prosecuted due to legal technicalities but they are guilty nonetheless. Because they schemed to cover up child abuse they are morally just as culpable as the perpetrator. The fact that you escape prosecution does not make you innocent. The Hassans are guilty because they covered up the crimes committed by Phillips Exeter Academy (PEA) staff member Rick Schubart.

“While the Hassans’ complicity may never be subject to prosecution, they can never again be allowed to hold a position of public trust in the State of New Hampshire, and certainly not be promoted to the office of U. S. Senator. The Hassans may have escaped the prosecutors, but they will not escape the wrath and scorn of every Granite Stater. (Please see link [1] below for a history of the scandal.)

“Owen Labrie was convicted and is currently jailed for teenage sex, because his behavior violated the law. The criminality of Maggie and Thomas Hassan is much, much more serious. They were/are sophisticated adults who schemed to cover up abuse in order to protect their political and educational careers. Their behavior is sickening.

“Do we in New Hampshire jail young people on the one hand, and on the other hand protect politicians and their families for covering up the same behavior? The Hassan case is a stain on the good name of the State of New Hampshire.

“Hassan wants a promotion to the U. S. Senate despite her involvement in the child molestation cover-up scheme. On the contrary, today I call on Hassan to step down both as governor and as a senate candidate.

“As usual, Republican Party leaders are muted and timid in their criticism. But can you imagine what Ray Buckley and the Democrats would say if a Republican governor and his or her spouse had conspired to cover up knowledge of child molestation?

“Hassan, moreover, was not some unsophisticated homebody. She was an experienced legislator at the time of the cover-up and familiar with child abuse reporting requirements. Under New Hampshire law both Maggie and Thomas Hassan were ‘mandatory reporters,’ people mandated under state law to report information concerning child abuse. See RSA § 169-C:29. New Hampshire law provides that ‘Any …school official…or any other person having reason to believe…shall report the same in accordance with this chapter.’ Instead, the Hassans covered up child abuse to protect her political career and his career as a school official.

“They are just as guilty as the Republican pervert Dennis Hastert in Illinois.

“My efforts to seek justice on behalf of the PEA victims and on behalf of the People of New Hampshire are just beginning. In short order I will be petitioning the Superior Court to supersede the Attorney General’s office and appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the PEA scandal. The fact that the school has now hired an ‘outside law firm’ to ‘investigate’ is circumstantial evidence that there is more muck in the PEA stables and the school is trying to conceal that muck with an ‘investigation.’ School officials have kept the name of the law firm secret; PEA’s secrecy and cover-up are still continuing.

“As New Hampshire’s leading public corruption fighter I am appalled at the silence coming from the legal and political establishment in this state. We are conveniently prepared to see a teenager such as Labrie jailed for exercising abysmal judgment, but when a prominent politician and her husband conceal child abuse from law enforcement authorities and allow the predator criminal to escape justice, suddenly the establishment is silent. I will not be silent,” Andy says.

“I will also be taking action to see that Tom Hassan never again works in any organization that has anything remotely to do with children. I call on the School Year Abroad (please see link [2] below) entity to terminate Tom Hassan’s contract. If they fail to do so, legal action will be forthcoming against School Year Abroad.

“I invite every victim of child abuse at Phillips Exeter Academy to contact my office. We will do what we can to seek justice on behalf of every victim even if the formal statute of limitations has expired.”

April 11, 2016 [TELEPHONE] News Conference Details:

Republican presidential candidate Andy Martin

Andy Martin calls on Maggie Hassan to step down as governor and senate candidate


Telephone news conference:

Dial-in Number: 1-800-466-8543

Conference Code: 510518


Monday, April 11 – 4:00 P. M.


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