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GOP Presidential Candidate and Contrarian Commentary columnist Andy Martin asks Donald Trump: Are you a big enough man to win the White House?

GOP presidential candidate and “Contrarian Commentary” columnist Andy Martin gives Donald Trump a dose of “tough love.”

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GOP presidential candidate and “Contrarian Commentary” columnist Andy Martin issues an open letter to Donald Trump: Is Trump a strong enough man to win the White House?

Andy says Trump faces a moment of truth: does Trump want to win, or does he want to see his “brand” destroyed?

Andy lays out a “recovery program” for Trump

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(Palm Beach, FL) (March 31, 2016) 

Dear Donald:

We were sitting a few pews apart just days ago; looking back, it seems like a lifetime ago. Earlier this week I wrote a critical review of your campaign. Almost on cue, you imploded. So what gives? Do you seriously want to win the White House? Or is your campaign destined to destroy your “brand.”

Make no mistake: your brand is now endangered. The ham-handed campaign you have been running is now coming back to haunt you. No ads, no staff, no data analytics. You have allowed time for your opposite to coalesce, organize and try to bring you down. Right now your opponents are winning. I predicted you would lose Wisconsin. My instincts were prescient. Wisconsin does not look good.

You might recover in New York, maybe. But if you lose Wisconsin your opponents will then have a template to defeat you. You are dead meat in California. The race in California is already even. That means you are losing big time. Do you really want to lose to “Canada Cruz” in California? Really? That means in two months your campaign would be at an effective end.

You claim to be someone who “hits back” or “fights back.” How much “fighting back” have you done in Wisconsin? Your opposition drenched the state with negative ads. How many positive ads did you run to hit back? Very few, if any. I criticized you for poor “advance” work by your staff; you went on the radio show of a hostile host (which is perfectly all right as a tactic) but you had no idea he was hostile. Bad. I could go on, but you get the picture.

I accused you of starving your campaign of cash, and now that starvation is coming back to haunt you. The opposition is increasingly well-organized and your campaign involves little more than flying around and holding rallies. That’s not a serious campaign for the presidency.

All of the above have to do with the “mechanics” of running a campaign. You like to quote Ronald Regan. Reagan had enough sense to hire experienced professionals to run a real campaign. Blabbing about “funding your own campaign,” when in reality the funding is totally inadequate and almost laughable, catches up with you when the opposition is serious and growing in strength.

Donald, when it comes to being a “Reagan,” right now, Donald, you’re no Reagan.

Whereas some critics have speculated you might think you can simply return to being a TV personality, in reality your brand has been seriously damaged. So, in effect you have burned your boats. There is no going back. Either you decide to fight and win, or your reputation will be devastated.

So how do you recover?

Here is an emergency management plan. You may not save Wisconsin, but you will save your campaign.

1. I will be in New York Friday morning. We need to sit down and put together a written plan of attack. Here are my suggestions.

2. Friday morning have your media buyers start calling stations in Wisconsin. You need to buy two hours (hours!) of TV time in Milwaukee for Monday night and anywhere else across the state we can network in by Monday night. Get the satellite link ready.

3. You need to go on the air with a telethon and apologize to the people of Wisconsin and the American people. You may not feel apologetic, but the only way you can win going forward is to humble yourself and apologize for your mistakes. Monday night will be a scripted program, not your usual nonsense.

4. Confession is hard wired into our souls. People who confess receive absolution. The public is forgiving. They will love a confession-and-comeback.

5. You need to hire a “boss.” No, not someone you boss. Someone who bosses you. All of your campaign b. s. has to end. You must make no appearances on TV without serious preparation. Your vivisection by Chris Matthews is a classic that will live forever in TV annals. Democrats have already created an ad out of your self-immolation on abortion. You need someone that “runs” your campaign, and orders you around. Period. Apparently, today no one can tell you “no.”

Corey is a great guy but by his own admission he has let “Trump be Trump.” No more “Trump being Trump.” You need to become a disciplined presidential candidate with the gravitas to regain the confidence of the American people. Being a jerko who never prepares and constantly creates embarrassing situations has to end. Period. Your new guy has to order you around, not vice versa.

6. You need to stop the b. s. and either pony up real cash or shut up and withdraw as a candidate now. Your current strategy of starving your campaign of cash is only going to result in humiliation. I suggest $100 million in cash on hand by mid-week. A minimum of $50 million. By the middle of next week you need to star running a real campaign, not the Potemkin side show that you have been conducting for several months. The sideshow approach worked as a door opener; but the campaign has entered a new and serious phase and your campaign and you personally have not adjusted to the change in circumstances.

You may think you can bluff your way through Wisconsin and recover in New York. You will not recover in New York if you are still running the same kind of jerko campaign you are running now. And California will be a killer.

My suggestion: either make the financial commitment to become a serious candidate, and arrange for the cash to be in the campaign account by midweek, so you can open a major data operation, start a staffing and office operation and begin a media barrage that will dazzle the American people, all coming with a generous helping of apology and confession, or else quit now. With a coherent, well-funded campaign you can recover and win. Without real cash, you are making a fool of yourself.

Your current approach to the campaign is a suicide mission. Your “brand” is being destroyed. By you.

Ultimately, my main concern is not you. You’re wealthy (maybe not as wealthy as you claim but very wealthy) and will be comfortable even if you become a historical laughingstock. But millions of Americans have placed their hopes and their hearts in your hands. Not a majority of Americans, but many millions. You can’t abandon them and embarrass them by crashing and burning. You will discredit all of the causes you have championed over the past many months. While you are obviously not a perfect messenger, you are good enough and it would be a tragedy if you flamed out and left a collapse in your wake.

I care about your supporters, their hopes and fears, and the future of this great nation. I know you care too, but the time when you could b. s. your way forward is coming to an end. I will do what I can to help, as a former neighbor; and I ask nothing in return, only that you start running a serious campaign and stop making a joke of yourself and the issues you have espoused.

A moment of truth has arrived. Are you man enough to man up, or will you enter the pages of history as someone who self-destructed and left a political mess for your supporters in your wake? The choice is up to you.

As for coffee tomorrow, Friday, morning. My office or yours?

Sincerely yours,



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