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SOLYNDRA NEWS CONFERENCE: Independent Republican Presidential candidate Andy Martin seeks special prosecutor to investigate Solyndra scandal

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will hold a Palm Beach news conference today, Thursday, September 15th to release his letter to U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder asking appointment of a special prosecutor/independent counsel to investigate the Obama’s administration’s “Solyndra” scandal. Martin says the half billion dollar loss should not be investigated by prosecutors who are political appointees subject to the Obama administration’s control

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin asks “Is President Obama a ‘crony capitalist’ or a ‘criminal’ capitalist?”

Martin charges that “Chicago-style ‘capitalism’” has come to Washington, DC

Martin says the Solyndra scan mandates appointment of a special prosecutor/independent counsel because of Solyndra’s close ties to the White House



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Maverick Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says President Barack Obama is looting the Treasury to pay back his campaign contributors

Martin asks the Attorney General to appoint a special prosecutor in the Solyndragate scandal “immediately”

Andy Martin suggests the “appearance of impropriety” and political corruption in Solyndragate is “overwhelming”

This is a “Classic Chicago-style corruption scandal,” Martin charges

(PALM BEACH, FL) (September 15, 2011) Corruption-fighting Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will hold a Florida news conference today, Thursday, September 15th to release his letter to U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder seeking a special prosecutor in the Solyndragate scandal.

“Visits to the White House, rushed decisions, hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money wasted, special interest paybacks of $75 million to Obama campaign contributors. The Solyndragate scandal is a ‘cornucopia’ of corruption and could bring down the Obama Administration,” Martin charges.

“Solyndragate is a classic political scandal in the tradition of Watergate, Iran-Contra and the Valerie Plame debacle,” Martin says. “Obama’s campaign contributors went to the White House and collected more than a half-billion dollars for a half-baked scheme to generate energy. The scam collapsed and Obama allowed his campaign contributors to walk away with their $75 million before taxpayers get a dime. The federal government was looted; the White House became a campaign cash machine for Chicago-style political corruption.

“The US, through both Democratic and Republican administrations has provided ‘seed’ capital for new technology. President George W. Bush managed the program responsibly. In the case of Solyndra, Obama did not gamble the seeds; he handed the whole farm to a bunch of political hucksters who purchased political access by ‘bundling’ campaign contributions for his election.

“If there is sufficient evidence or probable cause for FBI agents to be seizing Solyndra records, there is enough evidence to request appointment of an independent counsel/special prosecutor. There is no way U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder can ‘investigate’ President Obama. Holder is not impartial where Obama is concerned. Indeed, Solyndragate has aspects of Holder’s own payoff to Marc Rich in 2001 during the final hours of the Clinton Administration.

“Unless Holder promptly appoints an independent counsel he is going to start a wildfire that could set the Obama Administration ablaze. If this were a small mistake, it would call for a small response. But more than half a billion dollars of taxpayer money was squandered, and Obama’s ‘insiders’ managed to get priority and take out their $75 million before Uncle Sam collects a penny.

“This is not just ‘crony capitalism.’ This is criminal capitalism in the Obama White House. Obama has soiled his legacy. Ironically, Obama’s greed and corruption put every Democrat at risk in 2012. I am glad to see that Democrats with whom I often disagree are as concerned by the appearance of corruption in Solyndragate as I am. Obama is taking hard-earned money from ‘little’ taxpayers and small businesses and handing the cash out to his political cronies. ‘Chicago, Chicago, that criminal town…’

“For almost fifty years I have been exposing and fighting and prosecuting political corruption scandals in Illinois as a ‘private attorney general.’ This is a classic Chicago-style scam. Obama paid off his contributors twice, first by allowing them to launch the massive Solyndra scam, and then by amending the paperwork so they could rescue their investment and abandon the taxpayers. Rahm Emanuel’s fingerprints are also on Solyndragate. No surprise there.”



Independent Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says Attorney General Eric Holder must appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Solyndra scandal


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Thursday, September 15th, 5:00 P.M.


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