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Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin examines how Texas Governor Rick Perry was “double-Crossed” by U. S. Senator Mark Kirk

How Mitt Romney’s homosexual hucksters outgunned Rick Perry’s Texas Cowboys

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin has forty-seven years of experience in fighting the corruption and back-stabbing of Illinois politics. In the following comments Andy analyzes how Texas Govenror Rick Perry was “gunned down” by Illinois’ two-faced, homosexually-dominated Republican Party



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Andy Martin wonders whether closeted gay U.S. Senator Mark Kirk has “sent a signal” that Mitt Romney is the Republican “gay” candidate in 2012

Andy says Kirk has “a posse” of homosexuals who control the Illinois Republican Party

Andy says senile industrialist Jack Roeser was used as a “pigeon” by Tom Cross, Dennis Hastert and Mark Kirk to embarrass Texas Governor Rick Perry

Andy says Mitt Romney’s Illinois hucksters hornswoggled Rick Perry’s Texas cowboys

(CHICAGO) (November 29, 2011) I first went to the Illinois General Assembly as a college intern in 1965. When I tell conservatives across the United States that “Illinois Republicans are different” no one can quite believe what a zoo the Republican Party has become in the Land of Lincoln. Texas Governor Rick Perry is the latest victim to learn how double-crossing Republicans have undermined the Republican brand in Illinois and have made the party a permanent minority in what was formerly a highly competitive, two-party swing state.

Take One. The Illinois Republican Party may be the only state Republican Party under the total domination and control of homosexuals. Closeted homosexual U. S. Senator Mark Kirk removed any pretense of the party’s independence when he recently moved the party’s headquarters into his own political offices. The Illinois Republican Party is Mark Kirk.

Kirk is the most prominent homosexual politician in the United States today. Kirk remains almost completely closeted, even to the point of engaging in sham marriages and, most recently, claiming that the woman who allegedly destroyed his “marriage” is now his new “wife.” Kirk’s ex-wife called Dodie McCracken (“McCrackers” in my columns”) a “Svengali.” (link below). Recently a Chicago publication referred to McCrackers as Kirk’s “wife.”

Kirk is a protégé of former U. S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert. Hastert created a gay colony in the Speaker’s office including disgraced former Rep. Mark Foley, Mark Kirk, staffer John McGovern and others. Today (2011), despite remaining closeted, Kirk is the majordomo of gay politics in America. Gay leaders allow Kirk to remain closeted as long as he carries water for the gay agenda in Washington.

Take Two: Illinois has elected more statewide homosexual officials than any other state. State Treasurer Dan Rutherford and Kirk lead the gay parade (both men are closeted). State Controller Judy Topinka might as well be gay.

Take Three: Illinois has three (3) political parties: Republicans, Democrats and the “Combine.” The Combine is an amalgam of Republicans and Democrats who share the spoils and divvy up the boodle regardless of which party is in power. Until recently, the Combine was led by someone reverentially called “The Pope.” (The Pope was recently convicted of federal crimes linked to his Combine activity.)

The “Combine” moniker has been popularized by Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass. Kass says that the Combine Party is always in power irrespective of the “D” or “R” after the name of an elected official. Mark Kirk is a combine senator who, while nominally a Republican, also represented former Chicago Mayor Ritchie Daley’s interests in Washington. The “Combine ‘Uber Alles.’”

Take Four: Dan Rutherford is Mitt Romney’s Illinois Chairman. Also supporting Romney are former Speaker Hastert and, subcutaneously, Illinois State House Leader Tom Cross; in other words the Illinois gay Mafia and its fellow travelers are backing Mitt Romney. You read it here first.

Take Five: Here is where it gets interesting. Jack Roeser is a wealthy but senile 88 year-old political wannabe who used to rail that Kirk was part of a “gay club.” Roeser’s remarks became a national scandal when I drew attention to them in 2009. After excoriating Kirk for years in 2010 Roeser switched sides, made a 180 degree change in his views and became a Kirk stalwart. Roeser now helps fund the Illinois Republican Party.

In August of this year (2011) Roeser went to Austin, Texas to recruit Governor Rick Perry to become a presidential candidate. Roeser was reportedly carrying a letter of introduction from Tom Cross. Cross, of course, is subservient to Hastert (see a series of hyperlinks below which cover all aspects this comedy). Roeser then began to style himself as “Perry’s Illinois leader;” Roeser and Cross agreed to sponsor a fundraiser for Perry at Roeser’s corporate headquarters.

Cross did appear at the fundraiser but subsequently went skidoo from the Perry campaign.

When Lynn Sweet, a Kirk bag lady, tried to find out if Cross was still supporting Perry earlier this month, a typically-Illinois comedy of errors began. Perry’s people initially said Cross was their Illinois leader. Cross had obviously fooled the Perry people into thinking he was on their side. Cross then told Sweet he did not have any link to the Perry campaign. Perry then backed off and told Sweet that Cross was not heading up the Illinois effort. Poor old Jack Roeser was left in the cold. Roeser was led to believe he was a Perry “leader” until being hung out to dry as Hastert, Cross and Kirk moved to betrayed Perry and back Romney.

Kirk travels around the state with a posse of gay men surrounding him, known locally as the “Praetorian Guard,” (except when Mc Crackers is posing as his “wife”). Kirk’s hangers-on are one-by-one “endorsing” Romney while Kirk continues to be the invisible God-king in the shadows, waiting to make his own dramatic show of support for Romney. In due course Kirk will appear and “crown” Romney’s nomination. Will Kirk’s “endorsement” be a “signal” to Republican gays?

Perry’s Illinois prospects were devastated when Dan Rutherford led a fight to prevent proportional statewide allocation of national convention delegates, thereby rendering the Illinois presidential primary hopelessly complicated and unnecessarily expensive to participate in. (Illinois requires individual delegates to file separate nominating “petitions” in each of nineteen congressional districts, essentially transforming a “statewide” primary into 19 mini-primaries and significantly increasing the expense and complexity of seeking delegates, all of whom become subject to "petition challenges" by opposing campaigns.)

With Rutherford’s and Kirk's “organizations” behind him, Romney will sweep Illinois and Perry will likely be left out in the cold.

Rick Perry may have begun his presidential race with encomiums from Jack Roeser and Tom Cross. But it is clear that in Illinois’ homosexually-manipulated Republican Party the Texas governor was “outgunned” by Kirk, Rutherford and Hastert.

Mark Kirk & Co. manipulate and control internal Illinois Republican Party proceedings to dominate and neuter more conservative Republicans across the state. The “state central committee,” for example, is a self-perpetuating Combine organization that operates with no direct voter participation and simply Kirk’s bidding).

Now you know why Illinois Republicans have become a permanent minority in Illinois. Mitt Romney’s run for the White House is being powered by this collection of Combine/Kirk-related pirates. As for Rick Perry’s Texas gunslingers? They were outgunned by Tom Cross & Co. The “double cross” is alive and well in Illinois.


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