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Why Andy Martin should be the Republican Party’s presidential candidate

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin comments on the incompetence and corruption of other Republican presidential candidates (“designated losers” such as Rick Perry, Herman Cain and Ron Paul) and points out the FBI identified Andy as a conservative leader in 1968. Andy predicted the Occupy Wall Street fiasco unfolding today.


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November 15, 2011

Dear Reader (and potential

Primary voter):

I am often asked “Why are you running for president?” and “What qualifies you to be the Republican candidate vis a vis your primary opponents?” Recently both my opposing Republican primary candidates and the New York Police Department (“NYPD”) have answered your questions.

1. The Republican presidential primary circus

Over the past few days Herman Cain and Rick Perry have shown they know nothing about foreign policy and can’t even organize a short grocery list of three items. Yet the liberal media lavish coverage on these clowns? Why? Because the mainstream media are using the so-called “debates” to destroy the credibility of the Republican Party.

After watching Herman Cain fumble a very simple question on Libya, I am starting to wonder if the man can even make a decent pizza. You’ve probably seen the Cain/Libya tape. How can any rational Republican support Cain? (Cain's response? He “didn't get enough sleep the night before.")

Rick Perry has also had a series of stumbles, culminating in a moment that will forever live in debate infamy. We will have another embarrassing Perry situation to analyze and report on later today. “Competence” and Perry do not go together.

Using the “miracle of TV debates,” the liberal media have promoted this troop of designated losers to bring into your living room the manufactured evidence that Republicans are clowns and incompetents. Rick Santorum? Despite months of national publicity he is a blip. John Huntsman? Ditto. National publicity has not helped him either. Two nothingbergers.

Newton Gingrich is one of the truly audacious thieves in politics today. Newt steals small amounts of money from lots of “little people” and uses his booty to support his lavish lifestyle with “Callista.” “Caligula” is more like it. If Newton Gingrich sounds intelligent to primary voters they should be questioning themselves. Gingrich spends millions of dollars of his supporters' money on private jets, running a virtual airline for himself. And he’s going to cut spending? Gingrich can’t cut spending for himself. Tiffany & Company, anyone?

I see an America suffering at home and abroad because voters made a grave mistake in 2008. We need to correct that mistake and remove Barack Obama from the White House. But it won’t be easy. I fought Obama in 2008, and no one was by my side. Republicans (except for Sarah Palin) were afraid to tackle Obama's unfitness for office. They tap danced around the questions in Obama’s past. John McCain effectively surrendered to Obama. McCain’s “campaign strategist,” Steve Schmidt, is now an “adviser” to the liberal cable network MSNBC. Schmidt is anther cash-and-carry conservative.

Well, guess what? It’s happening again. By offering clowns as candidates, the liberal media are using the debates to reelect Obama in 2012. It's a bold and brilliant liberal strategy and Republicans are falling for it. Don’t say you were not warned.

I am probably the only candidate who actually shops at Wal-Mart. I don’t spend millions of dollars on private jets. On Libya, I actually supported the policy that saved American lives and succeeded in removing Ghadaffi. Once again, you saw my foreign policy expertise working in real time, and winning in real time.

2. The “Occupy Wall Street” circus

The latest fiasco at “Occupy Wall Street” (“OWS”) today should confirm my competence and qualifications to be your president.

OWS is one of those contentious issues where everyone has a right to an opinion, and everyone is right. You can “love ‘em” or “hate ‘em” and you’re not wrong. The OWS protesters are mostly liberal loonies, but they are exposing the fault lines in our society. They are a canary-in-the-mine-shaft that predicts there are serious troubles ahead if our economy continues to be run for the benefit of “the few” as opposed to serving the needs of “the many.”

But having an opinion on OWS is different than leading, and leading requires both enforcing the law and obeying the law.

Last month I spent a night at OWS. I saw that conditions there were vastly different than those reported by Fox News. I was there again a couple of days ago, on Sunday the 12th. No one offered me sex, and no one offered me narcotics. There was free food and in a truly bourgeois sideline there were conga lines of medical students offering free flu shots.

After “my night at OWS” I correctly analyzed the situation. Once again you can go back and read my blog posting predicting the latest fiasco:





I told the city and Brookfield Properties to go to court. I told the City “If you think you’re right, and everyone has a right to their opinion concerning OWS, go to court, get a court order and allow law enforcement to enforce a court order.” That is how civilized society must operate. Telling police to “seize them” in the middle of the night is Cecil B. DeMille Hollywood material.

So what happened. The OWS protesters went to court today and got a court order against the city! You can read the court order at:


A president will constantly be called on to deal with conflicting and complex issues. A president needs to create a clear path, and follow a clear path, but first he or she must see a clear path.

I have been in the public arena for 45 years. I have a record of independence, integrity and conservatism (www.AndyMartin.com) with just a handful of personal mistakes in almost half a century. I have exhibited sound judgment over decades, not just a few minutes in a debate. At the beginning of the Iraq War I was asked to help a U. S. Marine family. I went to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and won a landmark victory for everyone in uniform.

Worried about the “cred” of some of the other presidential candidates. Flip-floppers, maybe? Forty-three years ago an FBI agent was asked to evaluate me. The FBI agent replied that I was a “conservative leader” at the University of Illinois. (You can get the record from the FBI if you doubt me.) The FBI saw me as a conservative leader in 1968. I am still a conservative leader.

No other candidate can make that claim to such longevity.

And, unlike Ron Paul, I am a Republican, committed to the Republican Party. Paul still can’t make up his mind whether he will support the eventual winner, or whether he will, or will not, run as an independent in 2012. Paul is not a Republican; he’s a one-man “Paul Party.”

As president I would use sound judgment to follow the law and restore American greatness through competence, not clowning. I wish I could say the same for the other presidential candidates. I can’t.

That’s why I am the best, but not the best known, candidate to represent the Republican Party in 2012. Think about it. And start thinking “outside the box” before the liberal media use the “TV box” to box in the Republican Party and reelect Obama.

Andy Martin



© Copyright by Andy Martin 2011 – All Rights Reserved


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