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PALM BEACH NEWS CONFERENCE THURSDAY: Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin explains why Herman Cain must withdraw as presidential candidate

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will hold a Palm Beach news conference Thursday, November 3rd to explain why Herman Cain must withdraw as a presidential candidate. Martin’s campaign team, “Chicago Tough,” has conducted a clinical examination of Cain’s conduct and believes Cain suffers from “chemo brain.” In addition, the incident involving Iowa’s Steve Deace will eventually doom Cain’s campaign.



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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says his campaign team has analyzed Herman Cain’s behavior and believes Cain suffers from “chemo brain”

Andy says that the results of cancer treatment have impaired Cain's ability to reason and respond under pressure

Andy says Cain is misleading Republican primary voters: Andy notes that although Cain is running for president as a “business executive,” Cain hasn’t actually been an executive since his cancer treatment in the past several years, or worked in a “business” for the past twelve years

Andy says Cain’s incident with Iowa radio host Steve Deace dooms Cain’s campaign

Andy is a former adjunct professor of law and has extensive experience with medical law

Andy says he is the “genuine” “un-Romney” candidate

(PALM BEACH, FL) (November 3, 2011) Corruption-fighting Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will hold a Palm Beach news conference Thursday, November 3rd to explain why Herman Cain must withdraw as a presidential candidate. Andy will essentially deliver the coup de grace to Cain’s presidential prospects.

Andy bases his request for Cain to step down on [1] the fact that Cain appears to be suffering from the aftereffects of cancer treatment, commonly called “chemo brain,” (see links below) and [2] because of the incident involving Iowa talk show host Steve Deace (see links below).

“Let me begin by saying I love Herman Cain,” Andy will state at his news conference. “I bear the man no ill will. On the contrary, Herman is a great American with a great success story. If I could hug Herman, I would. As someone who has been active in civil rights since I was a student at the University of Illinois, Herman Cain represents all of our dreams realized. Thus it is with a somewhat heavy heart that I must issue a request for Mr. Cain to step down.

“There are three reasons why Mr. Cain must step down. I will detail each in turn.

“First I have watched the fiasco of Mr. Cain’s response to the Politico story. Although Cain had approximately ten (10) days to formulate a response, he did nothing. On the contrary, his ‘memory’ did not return until he was constantly being caught with inconsistencies. One obvious explanation would be that Mr. Cain is stupid. But Mr. Cain has a distinguished business career. I don’t think stupidity is his problem. We began to search for a better explanation and we came up with ‘chemo brain’ as the reason why Mr. Cain has been fumbling around.

“Cancer survivors, especially someone who by his own admission had ‘Stage Four’ cancer, suffer the aftereffects of chemotherapy long after the treatment has ended and the patient has recovered. I direct readers to the links (below) in this release for detailed discussion of chemo brain. Cain is manifesting the classic symptoms of chemo brain. There is no way he could discharge the duties of president, the most stressful job in the world.

“Second, the full significance of the ‘Steve Deace incident’ has temporarily been overshadowed by the Cain’s media circus in Washington. The Deace incident is much more damaging to Cain because the incident with Deace took place recently. Cain can say the ‘sexual harassment’ claims against him were filed over a decade ago. His inappropriate behavior in Iowa took place weeks ago.

“Whatever misbehavior prompted three women to feel mistreated in the 1990’s, Cain's misbehavior is still continuing into the present. Cain’s misbehavior at Deace’s radio program is not ‘history.’ It is current conduct. As Republicans work through the primary process, the Deace incident will become ‘dispositive.’ Cain can try to explain away events in the 1990’s; he can’t laugh off events that took place in 2011. Once again, judgment and ability to perceive are the problems for Mr. cain. Why would you go to a conservative Christian radio program and act inappropriately? Cain manifests a lack of mental self-control. His inappropriate behavior around women is clearly a continuing problem, continuing right into the present in Iowa.

“Third and finally, Mr. Cain is misleading Republican voters and misleading himself when he claims to be running as a ‘business executive’ and ‘problem solver.’ Most of Mr. Cain’s management experience took place a decade before he was treated for cancer. Cain has not been an ‘executive’ since he left the National Restaurant Association in 1999. In an earlier story (see blogs) I commented on how the liberal media are misleading TV debate audiences by using the technically accurate but totally misleading job description of ‘Former Chairman of Godfather’s Pizza’ to describe Mr. Cain. He left that job in 1996.

“While Cain has been a successful motivational speaker and talk show host since 1999, there is no evidence he has been called on to perform ‘under pressure’ since he left the restaurant group. It is simply misleading for media to describe Cain as a ‘business executive,’ when he has not held that status at least since 1999 and arguably since 1996 when he left Godfather’s Pizza.

“It is utterly delusional for Mr. Cain to pretend that his pre-cancer business career allows him to manage the United States Government and to serve in what is the most stressful occupation in the world, when he could not deal with a simple media crisis despite having ten (10) days to prepare a response. Cain doesn’t want to ‘admit’ he’s not the man he was before cancer treatment, but no one who has been through cancer treatment can rely on their past performance to extrapolate their future ability to perform in stressful situations. That’s the medical ‘chart’ of Herman Cain. It’s time to face the medical realities of cancer.

“When you combine the fact that Steve Deace has confirmed sexually inappropriate behavior in 2011, not 1999, and when you ask any clinician whether pre-cancer employment can be an indication of post-cancer ability to handle stressful situations, the outcome is unavoidable. Mr. Cain should step down as a presidential candidate. To continue his campaign makes a mockery of the office of president and the most stressful working environment in the world. Sadly, Mr. Cain is simply not up to that level of performance in 2012.

“I hate to be the one to deliver the bad news to Mr. Cain but he can’t be allowed to continue to deceive Republican voters.

“I believe that in the end I will be the ‘real’ or ‘genuine’ un-Romney presidential candidate. I’m already known in New Hampshire for being ‘Chicago Tough.’ Thus it falls to me to tell Mr. Cain it is time for him to go, and to go gracefully,” Andy says. “Mr. Cain may have a long and productive life ahead of him; only God knows. But any cancer doctor will confirm my diagnosis that Mr. Cain has no future in the Oval Office.”



Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says Herman Cain must step down as a presidential candidate due to “chemo brain” and current, not past, misbehavior


Sidewalk in front of 95 N. County Road, Palm Beach (former U. S. Post Office)


Wednesday, November 3rd, 2011, 3:00 P.M.


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