Thursday, January 5, 2012

Concord, New Hampshire: Andy Martin says GOP hate speech growing threat to presidential campaign

(CONCORD, NH)(January 6, 2012) Independent Republican Presidential candidate Andy Martin says his opponents’ hate speech is a growing threat to the Republican Party’s presidential prospects in 2012. In a new flyer Andy says his campaign is fighting against the “purveyors of political hate” in the presidential primaries.

Andy is campaigning for the January 10th New Hampshire primary from his headquarters in Concord, the state capital. Friday he will be in Manchester for Radio Row and other functions. Stay Tuned.


NEWS FROM: ANDY MARTIN, Independent Republican Candidate for President

New Hampshire's Favorite Son

"Andy will do more for New Hampshire; More for America"

A Presidential Campaign

That is fighting the spread of hate in America

Ron Paul accepts campaign support from White Supremacists, Ku Klux Klan leaders, anti-Semites and neo-Nazis

Rick Santorum will bomb Iran and start a new war with the Muslim world

Newton Gingrich is a Washington lobbyist and influence peddler who made millions off government-sponsored enterprises, and then told unemployed young people to “take a bath”

Only Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin is standing up to the political hate merchants.

Watch Andy’s inspirational 30-minute “Andy Martin Story” on WMUR-TV. Also on the Andy Martin for President 2012 YouTube channel

Will you join Andy Martin in standing up for America’s future and facing down the purveyors of political hate?

Join the Andy Martin Team –

VOTE ANDY MARTIN in the New Hampshire Primary



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