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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin tangles with Jennifer Horn Wednesday at Concord student convention

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says he cannot understand why Governor Mitt Romney is allowing Jennifer Horn to hold herself out as a representative of Romney’s campaign. Andy says Horn has domestic alcohol and drug problems and needs to attend to those. Andy and Jennifer first tangled when Horn gratuitously attacked Andy on a Concord radio station. Horn claimed to be attacking Andy as a Representative of defrocked state chairman Jack Kimball.



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Andy Martin opens “fighting camp” in Concord, vows to expose presidential candidate hypocrisy in closing days of New Hampshire primary

Andy says he cannot understand why Mitt Romney allows “Druggie/alkie Mom” Jennifer Horn to hold herself out as a representative of the Romney campaign

Andy and Jennifer Horn may tangle Wednesday evening at College Convention 2012

(CONCORD, NH) (January 4, 2012) Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin and discredited New Hampshire dingbat Jennifer Horn may tangle at College Convention 2012 in Concord Wednesday evening.

“I do not understand why Mitt Romney allows Horn to hold herself out as a representative of the Romney campaign,” Andy says. “Students may get a chance Wednesday night to see what a political convention really looks like. Horn has a family history of drug and alcohol abuse. That’s hardly the image Mitt Romney wants to convey to primary voters. Horn and Ron Paul are the ones who are really ‘perfect together.’ Ron favors legalizing drugs and alcohol.”

Horn gratuitously attacked Andy on a Concord radio station in February, claiming she was acting as the representative of discredited former Republican State Chairman Jack Kimball. Kimball was removed in August. Since then Andy has responded to Horn's attack by asking a New Hampshire court to convict Horn’s son of vehicular drug and alcohol abuse. Horn’s son copped a plea.

“Mrs. Horn represents the unfortunate hypocrisy of some conservatives. They rail against drug and alcohol abuse in public, while abusing drugs and alcohol in private. Horn Family values? Hrrrfrmph. Bartender, make it a ‘Mother/Son’ cocktail.

“I am attending College Convention 2012 as a presidential candidate and Mrs. Horn has been identified and billed as a representative of Mitt Romney. It looks like Romney’s ‘vetters’ slipped up on Horn.

“Horn’s topic is ‘What’s At Stake?’” Andy notes. “What’s at stake is Mitt Romney’s judgment in allowing Jennifer Horn to present herself as a Romney campaign leader. Maybe Romney should learn how to use Google. Mrs. Horn needs to be home helping her son detox and stay off the highways.

“I have great respect for Governor Romney but his choice of Jennifer Horn as representative is unfortunate,” Andy says.

Andy’s “fighting camp” is now established in Concord. Andy will be ramping up his campaign in the closing days of the primary race. Andy’s 30-minute TV program is being shown all week on WMUR-TV and will also run again at 1:00 P.M. on Sunday January 8th.

Andy is expected to unleash a series of actions this week concerning the historic Balsams Hotel at Dixville Notch, as well as reaffirming his opposition to PSNH’s Northern Pass high voltage line proposal. Andy will be lacerating Ron Paul and Rick Santorum.


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