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NEW YORK NEWS CONFERENCE TODAY: Presidential candidate: Ron Paul must reject extremist support

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will hold a New York news conference today, Tuesday, December 27th to demand that Representative Ron Paul reject all support from extremist organizations and ban them from access to Paul’s campaign. Andy has been conducting an undercover operation concerning Paul’s ties to extremist organizations.



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Andy Martin demands that Ron Paul formally sever his links to extremist organizations and “stop playing footsie with racists and violent individuals”

Andy says Paul is playing “word games” about his ties to extremist organizations

Andy has been conducting an undercover operation investigating Paul’s ties to extremist individuals and their activities

Andy says Ron Paul’s extremist supporters could defeat a Republican candidate in 2012

Andy says that when faced with a similar conflict in the 1980’s he formally rejected any contacts with extremists and refused to conduct any contacts; he suggests Paul follow Andy’s lead

Andy plans to increase his advertising attacks on Ron Paul in New Hampshire

(NEW YORK) (December 13, 2011) Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will hold a New York City news conference today, Tuesday, December 27th to demand that “Ron Paul stop playing word games” about his links to extremist organizations and “formally sever all ties and all contacts and all support from extremist organizations.” Andy says that Ron Paul poses an increasingly dangerous threat to the viability of the Republican Party’s presidential campaign in 2012. Andy’s campaign has been running TV and radio ads in New Hampshire attacking Paul (as well as attacking Newton Gingrich).

"I have just returned from an undercover investigation involving Ron Paul’s racist and extremist ties, and I am frightened at what Mr. Paul could do to the Republican Party in 2012,” Andy says. “Like many, I have largely ignored Ron Paul as a harmless old crank. I agree with many of Mr. Paul’s general principles but disagree with his childlike solutions. There are no easy answers in the adult world. We have serious problems that require serious attention, not simplistic political promises.

“I was urged to look more thoroughly into Paul’s racist and extremist ties, and some of them reside on a small radio station in West Palm Beach, Florida.

“The Republican Party of Palm Beach County was forced to reject Ron Paul’s racist supporters. Paul’s operatives were trying to infiltrate the local Republican Party structure. Paul is apparently using racist representatives to infiltrate party organizations across the United States. There is no place for racists in the Republican Party. For myself, I have been a supporter of civil rights and an opponent of racist politicians since the 1960’s.

“In a report published Monday in the New York Times Paul unveiled his latest strategy for avoiding severance of his extremist links. Paul says he disagrees with his supporters but will not reject their support (links below). Bill Clinton could not have done a better job of parsing an irreconcilable conflict of interest.

“Paul wants racist fuel to run his campaign, so he refuses to actually sever his ties to extremists. But he says he ‘disagrees’ with his supporters. Well, if you disagree with someone you don’t take their cash and you don’t accept their support.

“I faced a similar conflict in the 1980s. I was fighting with a cocaine-crazed federal judge, Jose ‘Cocaine’ Cabranes, who was falsely trying to portray me as anti-Semitic in order to facilitate the theft of corporate assets by bankruptcy court thieves. As a result of Cabranes’ malignant activity I was contacted by anti-Semites who mistakenly believed I was one of them.

“I told the anti-Semites in no uncertain terms that I would have no contact with them and wanted no contact with them, because Cabranes’ attacks on my integrity were totally false and misleading. I also explained that in lawsuits people often have their views taken out of context by judges, and claims are often made that bear no connection to a litigant's personal beliefs. As a result of my firm and complete rejection the racists and anti-Semites backed off and left me alone.

“Paul should follow my approach, call a news conference, return tainted campaign cash, and tell racists and extremists he wants nothing to do with them and explicitly does not want their backing in any form. He should categorically reject their support. Anything less than a full disassociation is an implicit association.

“In the closing days of the campaign we will be running new advertisements exposing Paul’s links to racists and extremists and demanding that Paul stop playing word games with his links to these evil individuals and organizations.

“Paul’s claims that he merely ‘disagrees’ with his supporters while accepting their support, is only a small slice of the truth concerning his extensive network of contacts in hate operations intended to undermine civil society in the United States. Based on my undercover activity I would say Paul is totally unfit to be considered as a candidate for the White House.

“Conservatives who have been duped and misled by Paul need to open their eyes. I will be trying to open the eyes of young people and students. Ron Paul is a man with an extremely evil subterranean network of support. He is a man with a pleasant veneer on the surface of his personality but who internally accepts extremist and hate support. He is a front man for hate organizations that seek to plunge the nation into chaos.

“To some extent, Paul may just be dumb and operating within a clandestine society that is beyond his level of experience. Paul’s defense to much of his hate speech is that he ‘didn’t know’ what was being written under his name. Well, tomorrow we will have more to say about Paul’s professed incompetence as a manager of his own newsletters and hate speech.

“But why would anyone vote for a man for president when he claims he couldn’t even supervise the staff of his own newsletter? How could he be expected in his late 70’s to supervise the national government when he couldn’t even supervise a handful of individuals in his early 60’s?

“How dumb are people that take Paul seriously? How alienated from reality, and from civil society, does someone have to be to seriously consider a malevolent old man a reasonable candidate to lead the free world? How can someone believe in or endorse ‘American exceptionalism’ and then consider voting for someone who wants to destroy American exceptionalism?

“Paul’s extremist supporters want to destroy America. Paul is doing their bidding, whether he is aware of that fact or not.

“It’s time for Ron Paul to stop playing games with the 2012 election, to cease and desist from acceptance of any support, and to sever the maintenance of any communication and links to racist and extremist organizations.

“Mr. Paul, are you listening?

America are you listening?

“Republicans and conservatives are you listening? Wake up before you allow Mr. Paul to reelect Barack Obama,” Andy says.



Independent Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says that Ron Paul must formally and openly reject all support from extremist organizations


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Tuesday, December 27th, 2011, 3:00 P.M.


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