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Illinois Republicans cheat the state out of $50 million; liberal media scam readers and viewers with a bogus “Illinois primary”

It’s “scam time” in Illinois. Illinois Republican leaders scamming the state out of $50 million. The liberal media are scamming Americans with bogus stories about a critical “Illinois primary.” There is no such beast. Independent Republican Presidential candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin explains how the Illinois Republican party leadership cheated the state out of $50 million. In a double-barreled attack, Andy also explains how the national media are scamming readers and viewers with talk of an “Illinois primary.” There is no “primary,” Andy says, “just 18 local elections.” It’s another Illinois scam from America’s “Capital of Corruption,” the home of both Andy and “Scammer-in-Chief” Barack Obama. Andy has been exposing and fighting Illinois corruption for forty-seven years. Andy’s work is not done.



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Republican Presidential candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin explains why the “Illinois primary” now being promoted by the liberal establishment media does not exist in reality.

Andy also explains how rule-or-ruin Republican Party leaders scammed the state out of $50 million in electioneering expenditures

(CHICAGO) (March 15, 2012) Independent Republican Presidential Candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin explains why there is no “Illinois primary,” and why Illinois Republican leaders scammed the bankrupt state out of $50 million in political expenditures:

I am getting bombarded by a constant stream of robo-calls trashing Rick Santorum in the March 20th non-existent “Illinois “primary.” Oy vey. So what’s the truth? The truth is it’s all lies. Hey, this is Illinois. There is no “primary” in the “Illinois primary.” Surprised?

I first went to the Illinois General Assembly as an intern in 1965. I have spent forty-seven years observing and exposing, and fighting, the “finest politicians money can buy.” So I speak with experience. Illinois justly deserves its nickname as America’s “Capital of Corruption.” (Oh, and “Happy Governor- Rod-Blagojevich-Goes-To-Prison-Day,” today, but that’s another story.)


As this is written on March 15th the national media are promoting frenzy over the “critical” Illinois primary on March 20th. But, while people can cast a “vote,” sadly, there is no real “Illinois primary.”

Herewith a couple lines of preliminary explanation. As my new line says, “I’m a ‘Draft Horse,’ not a ‘Dark Horse’ in the presidential campaign.” Newt Gingrich legitimized my strategy this week when he disclosed his own self-confessed “Draft Horse” strategy. My campaign operates on a “Santorum shoestring.” Think of us as a small but influential boutique campaign, competing against national chain store candidates. While Mitt Romney says it would take an ‘act of God’ for me or anyone but him to win, the Republican Party is so flush with godly voters right now anything can happen. And just might.

Short answer; I’m in the race to the convention to help keep the Republican Party honest. It’s a full-time job. Shovel-ready.

So why did I decide not to invest in putting my name on my home-state Illinois statewide “primary” ballot? Because it was a waste of time and a waste of money. There is no “presidential primary.”

At the statewide level, Illinois conducts a “beauty contest” vote on May 20th. That is, the “votes” voters cast for candidates on the presidential primary ballot on March 20th are meaningless. They do not allocate a single delegate. All of the delegates are allocated based on district-by-district results.

In effect, Illinois is having 18 mini-elections for national convention delegates. Rounding up delegates and alternates in eighteen (18) districts is costly and complicated. There are several districts where Santorum did not even qualify. No delegates for Rick in these districts. The only candidate who has delegate slates in every district is Romney.

So whatever the outcome of the delegate-less “beauty contest” primary “vote,” Romney has probably already won the “primary” by having the stronger delegate slates in the 18 districts.

Romney’s team is led by a statewide official who is a putative candidate for governor in 2014. Because Romney’s “leader” has his own Rolodex and his own network of supporters who are grooming him for statewide office, he was able to round up a strong delegate slate for Romney across the state.

So, yes, national convention delegates will be allocated in 18 separate elections (“We don’t want no stinkin proportional representation in Illinois”). But the “statewide” vote is meaningless and carries no significance (Missouri-style).

How did Illinois end up defying the Republican National Committee’s “rules” mandating promotional representation for pre-April 1st “primaries?” “Dey dhumbed dheir noses at dem googoos in Washington.”


There is no question that genuine primaries are big business. The New Hampshire primary is an open process. The state reaps millions of dollars in revenue from campaigns. If Illinois Republican leaders had agreed to allocate convention delegates on a proportional basis, the state would have received at least $50 million in electioneering expenditures. I would have certainly gone to the expense of getting on the ballot. Even my “boutique” campaign could have won some delegates. So what happened?

First, the facts. Illinois has the most corrupt state Republican Party in the nation. The Illinois Republican Party is a partially-owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party. One writer calls the two parties a “Combine,” not competitors. There is an informal agreement to “share their spoils,” which is why we now have—in an extreme act of political fairness and political correctness— one Democratic governor and one Republican governor in federal prison. You can’t get any more “swing state” than that.

The current Corrupt-Republican-in-Chief is State Chairman Pat Brady. Brady is a lawyer. As lawyers, we are unfailingly polite to each other. If I am protesting a corrupt Brady event, he sends out a box lunch to make sure my tummy doesn’t hurt. I never make ugly remarks. I protest with a smile. But really, Illinois is still not yet “ready for reform.” I know it’s a tough slog. But I’m not a quitter in the never-ending war against Illinois corruption (see for my successful record of fighting crooks).

I strongly urged Brady to obey the RNC mandate and tell the Republican Party State Central Committee, an unelected and sclerotic organization, to allocate delegates proportionately based on the outcome of the statewide vote, in other words to abolish the meaningless “beauty contest.” But the last thing Republican leaders wanted was an open and honest party, or an open and honest primary. They held a “meeting” and voted “no” to proportional representation based on statewide voting.

Republican leaders both within the party structure and at the legislative level work diligently to defeat reform Republicans, and to prevent reform Republican victories. They work to keep “just enough” Republicans in power so their spoils-sharing system with the Democrats can continue. Why encourage people to run for office and win, when those winners might reject the spoils system and start demanding clean government?

To date, reformers such as myself and others have been unable to break the stranglehold which the “Combine Crooks” have on state Republican Party structure. The statewide party is doing so well under Brady they are down to one employee and “lost the lease” to their statewide headquarters. That’s what passes for “success” in the Illinois Republican Party. Total failure.

So—no surprise—the party leaders voted against proportional allocation of delegates for the March 20th election and voted to continue the boss-dominated individual district system of choosing delegates. The corrupt “establishment” glommed on to Mitt Romney not because they like Mitt but because he offered the best opportunity to perpetuate their shrinking power base.

Bottom line: the Illinois Republican Party does not exist to expand the base of the party, or to win elections, but merely to perpetuate the power of a steadily shrinking handful of corrupt politicians and their toadies. That’s why the state committee voted against holding a real primary election in which votes would be allocated on a proportional basis of the statewide totals. They were afraid they would lose!

And Illinois businesses are also the loser. I estimate a real primary, with a real election and a real outcome with delegates allocated on a proportional basis, would have pumped approximately $50 million into the bankrupt Illinois economy. Is the Illinois Republican Party the party of “business?” Not when “business” conflicts with political corruption.

Republican leaders are only the “party” of their own personal “business” and their own self-perpetuation in office. They could care less what is best for the state. Illinois was once a national powerhouse; today the state is bankrupt. Both political parties, not just both governors, ought to be in federal prison.

Sadly, Illinois Republicans rejected a real primary and rejected proportional allocation. They preferred instead to rig and control the primary process through 18 mini-primaries they could handle much more easily than one big statewide vote. Result? The state’s economy lost fifty million desperately needed dollars of pre-primary political spending as candidates refused to invest in a meaningless and delegate-less statewide vote. Thus there is no real primary on March 20th. Romney has already won the delegate battle, and the State of Illinois is once again the loser.

So why are the national media trumpeting the “critical Illinois primary?” There’s no there there.

[Footnote: additional “at-large” delegates will also be appointed in June, at a “state convention” that is controlled by the Combine Crooks.]


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