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Republican Presidential candidate Andy Martin issues stunning support for President Obama’s current Iran policy

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin will hold a New York news conference Monday afternoon to provide stunning support President Barack Obama’s current policy on Iran. Andy is a Middle East and Southwest Asia expert and believes Obama’s policy is the only sane approach to avoiding a new war and ensuring a more peaceful world. Andy questions why “Constitutional conservatives” are avoiding the warnings of President George Washington to avoid foreign entanglements.



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Republican Presidential candidate Andy Martin issues stunning support for President Obama’s current Iran policy

Andy is a critic of President Barack Obama’s overall foreign policy, but Andy believes the measured approach Obama is following in Iran is the only policy that can succeed

Andy is the only Middle East expert in either party’s presidential roster

(NEW YORK) (March 5, 2012) Independent Republican Presidential Candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin will hold a New York news conference today, Monday, March 5th to support President Barack Obama’s current policy on Iran and to question Republican Party support for AIPAC.

“As someone who literally created the anti-Obama movement from scratch, and who would very much like to replace Obama in the White House, this is an uncomfortable day for me. But my love for our flag, and my love for our Constitution and my love for the American people compels me to step forward and stand up to support President Obama’s current policy on Iran.

“I am in a unique position. I have consistently been ‘right’ in a political party that has been consistently wrong over foreign policy in the last decade. I marched against the Iraq invasion and predicted it would be a disaster. Republicans were cheerleaders for the invasion. Iraq was and is an unmitigated disaster for American foreign policy interests.

“Living in Baghdad in 2003 I was the first investigator to focus on the utter incompetence and total cluelessness of Paul Bremer and his team of right-wing weenies. I warned President George W. Bush, but Bush would not listen.

“In March, 2006 I again sounded the alarm, and predicted Republican losses in November. But again Bush would not listen and Republicans were devastated at the polls. Nancy Pelosi became Speaker as a result of our failed Iraq policies.

“I reversed course and supported the ‘surge’ because I believed it was the only way out of Iraq, and again I was right.

“Beginning in 2006 I have called for an end to our large-scale Afghanistan involvement and pointed the finger at the corrupt leadership of Hamid Karzai. I could not have been more right in my criticism of and contempt for Karzai.

“In 2010 I exposed the imaginary ‘battles’ of Mark Kirk, then a candidate for U. S Senator. Kirk regaled Chicago's gullible mainstream media with tales of the imaginary battles Kirk had fought in Afghanistan. I exposed one of the great Walter Mitty’s of the Republican Party. Kirk is perhaps the greatest military fraud since ‘Tail Gunner Joe.’

“As a presidential candidate I support an immediate end to our large-scale involvement in Afghanistan. Afghanistan should be conducted as a special operations and special forces mission, not a large-scale war that leaves us vulnerable to Karzai's corruption and Islamic fanaticism.

“Alone among the presidential candidates I have been in and out of the Middle East for over forty years (since 1970). I have worked closely with ‘real’ Israelis, who both conduct their wars and are committed to peace. I am not bamboozled by the warmongers of the Netanyahu regime who are exploiting belligerence for political survival. I am a strong supporter of Palestinian National rights and advocate for an end to the Israeli occupation of 1967-based Palestine.

“Having created the national movement of ‘Doubters’ about Obama, I am not happy to have to stand up and support his actions on Iran. But before being a politician and candidate, I am foremost an honorable American and a committed constitutional conservative.

“President George Washington warned us against ‘foreign entanglements.’ Yet modern conservatives, while playing verbal homage to ‘original intent,’ ignore Washington’s admonitions to avoid falling under the influence of foreign conflicts and foreign regimes. Modern day Republicans revel in foreign entanglements, especially shameless vote-buying with pro-Israel voters. And practically-speaking the vote-buying has been an abject failure.

“At the time that Israel was created in 1948, our foreign policy experts cautioned that creating Israel in a ‘dangerous neighborhood’ risked embroiling the United States in endless wars with Arabs and Muslims. How right they were. How long should the United States be expected to endorse and support unwise Israeli government policies? We should have that debate.

“Today Israel asks us to start what would become World War III, by launching attacks on a nation, Iran, that as never invaded anyone and that was invaded with United States connivance in 1980. However malignant may be Iran’s national leadership, Iran poses no real threat to anyone outside the Middle East. The Israeli claim that Iran is a worldwide threat is nonsense.

“In reality, the ayatollahs’ policies have impoverished Iran and rendered the nation a basket case. Iran’s economy is dying. Sanctions will keep Iran on the edge. Ultimately Iranians, and only Iranians, must throw off the veil of the Ayatollahs and liberate their nation from domestic tyranny. We can’t do it from congress and we can’t do it from Washington.

“AIPAC didn’t invite me to speak Tuesday (tomorrow)—while inviting three of my opponents—because they don’t want to hear what I have to say. But I have this message for AIPAC: the American people are weary of war, and wary of being importuned into new Middle Eastern conflicts by Israeli leaders. The American people reject Israel’s invitation to start World War III, because World War III would be a war of American aggression where no vital U. S. interest was involved.

World War III could finally wipe out our economy. Communist China could sit on the sidelines and step into our position of paramount world leadership. Chinese leadership and hegemony? Now that’s a real threat to world security.

Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism. No doubt. And no doubt we must respond to and destroy that terrorism. I am a strong supporter of the global war against terror. But ultimately the United States is not the world’s policeman and not Israel’s muscle man. Israelis are being misled and are being put under a deadly delusion if they believe Americans are prepared to write a blank check for Israel to trigger World War III.

“Let me be clear: I reject both Ron Paul’s isolationism and anti-Israel attitudes, and I reject the parroting platitudes of people on Israel’s de facto payroll such as Newton Gingrich and other Republican presidential candidates. I am in the middle. I am not an isolationist. I favor the continuation of our worldwide role and worldwide leadership largely unchanged. We are a force for peace. We are a force for modernization. Americans are a force for humanity and humanitarian instincts, not a force that should be used to launch World War III.

“Although Barack Obama’s own stooges have relentlessly and falsely attacked me as an anti-Semite, nothing could be further from the truth. I am the spiritual son of a Holocaust refugee, Sigmund Neumann, who tutored me on the evils of the Third Reich. As a student I came to the defense of Jewish students who were abused. I can vividly remember defending Stephen Mayer in high school, when he was harassed by Chet Mounts. I stood up for Mayer. My father helped to train the first Israeli defense forces.

“Obama and Bob Gibbs owe me an apology for their lies and smears.

“One of my closest friends, the late Fred Howard, was a holocaust refugee who has directed millions for peace in Israel and left $50 million for Jewish causes. I am a friend, perhaps the only true friend in the Republican Party, for the Israeli people. But I come with a message of tough love, not a blank check for war.

“President Obama does not want to start a war, because he knows a new war is a loser politically. But what does ‘politically’ really mean? It means the American people are against a new war. There is no need for a war. The sanctions are working.

“The Iranian dictatorship of the Shiite clergy does not represent the Iranian people any more than AIPAC represents the American people. Would bombing and killing tens of thousands of innocent Iranians bring us closer to peace and reconciliation? Of course not.

I am not suggesting Neville Chamberlain-style appeasement. America is ready for war if war becomes unavoidable or if we face a genuine threat. But we have an equally valid national and constitutional commitment to the avoidance of war and to the search for peace. When I was an Air Force ROTC trainee in the 1960’s most airbases had a sign that said “Peace is Our Profession.” We ended the cold war without a war. Peace triumphed. Deterrence, not aggression, prevailed.

“During the 1950’s President Dwight Eisenhower faced incessant demands from right-wing Republicans to start wars in Indochina, Hungary, Poland and elsewhere. Eisenhower avoided that pressure.

“President Ronald Reagan won the cold war by preparing to fight a war, not by starting a war.

“I hope President Obama will avoid the pressure to capitulate to people who want to use war as a political opportunity. Such a war would be a disaster for humanity.

“As painful as it is for me to support Obama, I believe as a nation we must return to the united foreign policy in which both parties agree on a united national interest and avoid partisan bickering. Political posturing has undermined American foreign policy in the past decades. With the greatest discomfort and reluctance, but with the ultimate confidence that I am on the right side of history, I support President Obama’s current policy. And I hope to defeat him and remove him from the White House in November. Make no mistake about that.

“If President Obama wants my assistance in the Middle East I am sure I could add a dollop of reality in the Middle East. I am no friend of the Iranian regime, but I am no enemy of the Iranian people either. During the 1979-80 hostage crises I was in Iran. I understand the reality of Iran, and the reality of the Middle East.

Finally, speaking ‘politically,’ Republicans can only defeat Obama if we provide a sane and sensible alternative platform. Obama’s economic policies have failed. We need to hammer away at his economic failures.

“The Republican Party’s current approach will reelect Obama. No one wants a new war, and no one wants Rick Santorum’s religious commissars in every bedroom. Santorum says he rejects separation of church and state; maybe should run for president of Iran where they share his canonical views.

“Obama’s overall foreign policies are weak and undermine national security. In the absence of a unified bipartisan foreign policy I am happy to take the lead in that criticism.

“But on the isolated issue of Iran, war is not the solution. Republican presidential candidates should reject the importunations of AIPAC to lobby for war, and should support a sane policy of steadily-increasing sanctions against the ayatollahs.

“The Congress has recently given President Obama new tools to influence Iran’s economy; he has delayed implementing them. While I stand in support of a policy of sanctions, I also urge President Obama to end his delays and to immediately impose the full range of expanded sanctions which the congress has authorized. If Obama ignores the authority which congress provides, he can only make matters worse for our national political discourse.

“It is also time to tell Israelis that we will not start World War III on their behalf. If Israel wants to start World War III they can do so alone and reap the consequences of such an ill-advised and self-destructive policy.

“I have been to Israel, I love the Israeli people and I believe they are being misled by the corrupt Netanyahu regime. It is also time for sane people to stand up and step forward in Israel. If Israelis are intimidated into silence by their own government, how different is Israel than Iran? If elections are meaningless as a measure of public support in Iran, how much more tragic if a similar condition exists in Israel?

“The world blundered into War in 1914, and again in 1939. My grandfather and father were there. We blundered in Viet-Nam. We could blunder again if we listen to AIPAC and Binyamin Netanyahu. I ask President Obama to listen only to the American people, and to represent only the American people. As long as he follows that approach I will stand with him on his Iran policy, however critical some Republicans might be of my stand.”



Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin backs Obama’s Iran policy, says his Republican presidential opponents are betraying the Party’s history of avoiding “foreign entanglements”


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