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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says Afghan killings are “madness”

New York-based Republican Presidential candidate Andy Martin

compares the latest Afghan killings to the My Lai massacre and says the “madness of war” is an always present risk. Independent Republican Presidential Candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin went to Viet-Nam as a civilian in 1967, 1968 and 1971. In 1969 he became a footnote to the My Lai controversy and earned his first spot on a presidential enemies list, President Nixon’s. Andy has also been in Afghanistan and spent part of 2003 in Iraq. Today Andy comments on the latest killing in Afghanistan. Andy criticizes Hamid Karzai for Karzai’s grossly inappropriate remarks in reaction to the unfortunate killing of innocent civilians.



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Republican Presidential candidate Andy Martin comments on the latest killings in Afghanistan and criticizes Hamid Karzai

Andy says it is time for a policy of “reality” in Afghanistan

Andy has been calling for an end to our Afghanistan involvement since 2006; he favors special operations limited to an anti-terrorism mission

(NEW YORK) (March 12, 2012) New York-based Independent Republican Presidential Candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin comments on the latest killing in Afghanistan and says “the madness of war” is an always-present risk. Andy’s statement:

I went in Viet-Nam in 1967, 1968 and 1971. I was in Cambodia during the slaughters there and saw truckfuls of bodies carved up after battles. I can’t even look at my own pictures. I saw men of every background “break” in battle. The latest killings in Afghanistan Sunday reflect the “madness of war.”

Because of my experiences in Viet-Nam I became a footnote to the national controversy over the My Lai massacre, and ended up on my first presidential enemies list, President Nixon’s. Kids became killers at My Lai. Their officers failed. Mass killings were routine in Viet-Nam, as well as elsewhere.

Today I can only express my deep sympathy for our men and women in uniform, for our commanders, and for the leadership from Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta on down. Obviously, no one authorized the latest events and we are all mortified by the killings. This is a tragedy, for the victims, for their families, and for our nation that has spilled so much blood and treasure to provide a measure of freedom and civilization for the Afghan people. My condolences go out to the victim’s families, their neighbors and the Afghan people.

But because none of the presidential candidates except me has any battle experience, no one realizes what war does to people in uniform. No one has been willing to advocate for a realistic Afghanistan policy.

Based on my experiences in Afghanistan, six years ago in 2006 I proposed a policy of winding down the Afghanistan mission. President Bush did not listen to me, and President Obama made the tragic mistake of paying back campaign pledges with a “surge” in Afghanistan. Obama’s surge was doomed to failure.

The behavior today of Afghan puppet Hamid Karzai is despicable and disgraceful. He is playing politics with the latest tragedy. The real tragedy, beyond the immediate killings, is that Karzai has been exploiting and looting his people for ten years. Karzai is the biggest thief of U. S. taxpayer money in history. And then Karzai turns around and spits on us when we are victimized by a soldier who “cracked” and committed an unspeakable tragedy. Enough of this thief Karzai.

Warfare works its evil ways on all of our minds. Some people have a very high “cracking” quotient, and other people are not as resistant. What happened over the weekend was obviously not a premeditated killing; it was, rather, an example of the way people go mad in wartime, and sometimes lose control of their minds.

This is a time for America’s leadership in both parties to come together, to put aside politics, to stop making inane policy suggestions for Afghanistan and to dump Karzai and his band of burglars. We need to bring our men and women home as rapidly as possible. That is the only policy that works for the American people.

My heart aches not only for the civilians that were killed over the weekend, but also the millions of innocent victims that will be created when Stone Age Afghan savages start to massacre their own citizens and consign their entire nation to a life of slavery under the Taliban after we depart. But that’s Karzai’s failure, not ours.

I am confident our special operations forces can do all that is necessary to restrain terrorism in Afghanistan without having a massive footprint in that country. Shifting from a mission of expansive military operations to a special ops form of involvement is not recognition of defeat. We simply need to chart a new path to success.

Sunday the printed edition of the New York Post quoted me as “the real George W. Bush,” because I favor compassionate conservatism at home and humility abroad. I stick by that characterization. President Bush’s lack of success did not result from having the wrong goals; he was unsuccessful because he was the wrong man to implement the right policies.

First, let us come together in national reconciliation at the political level, and agree on all sides to end the current approach in Afghanistan. I would cut Karzai off in days, and then start planning the withdrawal.

Second, let us settle our domestic differences in November, and decide how we want to proceed as a nation. It is entirely proper that Republicans and Democrats fight over their conflicting visions for our future.

Finally, I urge my own Republican Party to go back to Bush’s policies, and to adopt restraint and humility as hallmarks of our foreign policy.


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