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2012 Presidential election: Suspense builds as anti-Obama TV ads near production

Republican Party Presidential Candidate and conservative columnist Andy Martin invites media and potential supporters to view studio production of his anti-Obama television ads, scheduled for Tuesday 2/22 in Manchester, NH. Andy slams Fox News, Bill O’Reilly and Karl Rove for “insulting” American conservatives who have doubts about Barack Obama’s origins.

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Suspense mounts as Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin heads for New Hampshire to begin production of anti-Obama television ads

Martin castigates Fox News, Bill O’Reilly and Karl Rove for trying to “dope” the American people into discarding their concerns about Barack Obama’s origins

Andy is inviting media and potential contributors/supporters to view the production of his TV ads on Tuesday, February 22nd

February 21 Andy delivers a “bunker buster” President’s Day speech in the Town Hall at Deering, New Hampshire (link below, more to come Friday)

(MANCHESTER, NH)(February 17, 2011) Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin announced today, February 17th that his anti-Obama TV campaign is set for production Tuesday, February 22nd at a Manchester, New Hampshire TV station.

Media and potential contributors/supporters wanting to watch production of Andy’s TV ads are asked to contact the campaign (above address) to express interest. The TV station limits the number of persons who can attend.

“We did our final pre-pro conference this morning,” says Andy Martin. “We’re ready to go on Tuesday.

“This is the first time Barack Obama has faced broadcast advertising challenges over questions in the minds of over 100 million Americans.

"Obviously, we have been planning the TV production for some time. My campaign has been in progress for some time. But what amazes me is the way the mainstream media have been front-and-center in promoting my signature campaign issue, the so-called ‘Birther’ question, with a relentless series of discussions and debates insulting the concerns of over 100 million Americans.

“Wednesday night Bill O’Reilly and Karl Rove again trashed more than 100 million Americans who have questions about Barack Obama’s past. Once again O’Reilly and Rove totally distorted the facts and diminished their own audience.

“The issue isn’t what people ‘think’ or ‘believe’ about Obama. Voters have legitimate concerns. Liberal poll after poll has confirmed that a growing number, now over 100 million Americans, have doubts about Obama’s origins. I am not imagining that those 100 million Americans exist. Liberals admit they exist. The fact is, Obama has never addressed their concerns.

“Rather than being up-front, Obama has spent millions of dollars in legal fees to conceal his original, long-form Hawai’i birth certificate. Obama’s leftist crony Hawai’i Governor Neil Abercrombie has now cast doubt on the very existence of Obama’s original birth certificate—after the existence of the document was previously confirmed by his Republican predecessor Linda Lingle! How’s that for a socialist switcheroo?

“I am the leader of the ‘doubter’ movement precisely because I have addressed the issues in measured and respectful terms. That's why the liberal media avoid me. They are afraid to confront someone with knowledge of the facts, and an awareness of the missing facts. Chris Matthews, Bill O'Reilly and Anderson Cooper all have their sock puppets on the air so they can distort the issues and protect Obama's identity.

“All Obama has to do is authorize the release of his long-form birth certificate. Hawai’i officials Janice Okubo and Chiyome Fukino have confirmed the document exists. MAKE IT PUBLIC. All Obama has to do is say ‘do it.’ But he hasn’t done it and he won't do it because he's hiding something. What, we can't say for certain.

“Likewise, Obama is hiding his Occidental College records, he is hiding his Columbia University files and he is hiding his Harvard Law School folder. Why? These documents are now historical records. What is Obama hiding, and why?

“There is a legitimate debate that Republicans are now having over whether the ‘Birther’ issue is a distraction or a serious constitutional matter. I welcome that debate and I invite intelligent and informed debate on the question of whether conservatives should ignore what is on the minds of over 100 million Americans. I don’t think so.

“Karl Rove is a highly paid political commentator but he may have lost his street smarts concerning Obama. ‘Birthers’ are not taking attention away from Obama's runaway spending, or the deficits and socialist policies that Obama is implementing. On the contrary, Birthers represent the Republican Party's only hope of defeating Obama in 2012. Deal with it!

“Birthers undermine Obama’s very legitimacy as a national leader. Obama is increasingly compromised in his position as commander-in-chief because he is really a concealer-in-chief. That’s why David Gregory, Chris Matthews and other liberal media honchos are obsessed with ‘Birthers.’

“Ironically, liberals may actually have a better ‘feel’ for the danger the Birther issue poses to Obama than do Republican leaders. Rove obviously doesn’t have a clue; he’s over his head.

“And so now it all comes down to my humble presidential campaign.

“Monday night we are going to ignite a political revolution in a picturesque New Hampshire town, when I speak in the Town Hall to a Republican Party committee:


“We are going to make history on President’s Day when we relaunch a presidential campaign that is going to shake the foundations of the Republican Party and our democracy.

“On Tuesday morning I will be at a local TV station in Manchester to produce the new spots. We are producing spots for New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina and nationally. They will be on the air in New Hampshire on Wednesday (2/23).

“Media and potential contributors/supporters are invited to request to be at the station while we are doing production. They can see the message unfold from its inception. We have a very limited capacity to receive guests. Please contact my offices if you are interested.

“In the meantime, I have this message for Fox News, Karl Rove and Bill O’Reilly: stop lying to the American people; stop insulting the intelligence of over 100 million Americans. Stop being a stooge for Obama’s disinformation.

“Friday morning I will be discussing my speech Monday evening, and my TV production on Tuesday, on WTPL-FM. You can listen live online to ‘Bulldog’ Brian Tilton at 11:05 A.M. -

“Ironically, I probably have the best qualifications to be the Republican Party’s presidential candidate. I am not a single-issue candidate. For example, I have decades of foreign policy experience to guide us through the crises we confront overseas.

“I have the media background to lead the American people as we rebuild our economy and put Main Street back to work. I am the only Republican presidential candidate with a history of fighting corruption instead of being part of a corrupt political system (see Gingrich link below).

“Unlike Obama, I really love America and love our constitutional form of government. But for now history puts me in the anomalous role of forcing me to focus on questions that are in the minds over 100 million Americans: who is Barack Obama and what is real family and educational background?

“As for Fox News, Rove and the others over there, it is time they started ‘reporting’ the facts so the American people can make an informed ‘decision’ on Obama’s family history.

“I will be also be meeting with New Hampshire political leaders next week, and I will be laying the foundation for a ‘bunker buster’ campaign that is going to give the American people a real choice. Instead of having to decide between one of Fox News’ paid parrots for their Republican candidate, primary voters will be able to vote for a real, independent conservative Republican candidate who will speak truth to power and put the power of the presidency to work for the American people, not Wall Street’s special interests: Andy Martin.”

NOTE: Later today Andy Martin will announce a news conference asking questions about media reports concerning Newt Gingrich’s activity, see link below.


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