Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Andy Martin offers New Hampshire GOP settlement option

Andy says “I am a reasonable man. My offer to sit down and negotiate is evidence both of my good faith and of the fact that Jack Kimball has a way out if he chooses to take advantage of the opportunity. Republicans should be fighting Democrats, not other Republicans. It is time for Jack to admit he made a mistake and move on. Tonight is the night.”


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February 22, 2011

Jack Kimball


New Hampshire Republican Party

via fax (603) 225-7498

Dear Mr. Kimball:

I saw your attacks on WMUR-TV last night. Once again you made false accusations against me and held me out in a false light having no connection to reality.

My belief is that your attacks have boomeranged. You have boosted me and undermined your own credulity.

Nevertheless, I came home to New Hampshire to win an election, not to engage in a fight with my local Republicans.

I understand the NH GOP Executive Committee is meeting this evening.

I would like to appear and be heard. I am sure that if we work as a group we can settle this controversy without a lawsuit and without further rancor. Otherwise, you give me no option but to continue to escalate the matter until you are removed as Chairman.

Some NH Republican leaders have already agreed to become “Blockade Busters” and to break the hammer lock of your gag rule on my candidacy. You are heading for an embarrassing defeat if you refuse to respond to reason. The people that are supporting me and becoming Blockade Busters are the same people that supported you for Chairman.

I am a reasonable person and a nice guy. If you want to sit down with me and the executive committee to work out a friendly resolution, please invite me to meet with the group this evening and send me details on when and where to go.

I hope you will avail yourself of this opportunity to talk and negotiate and agree on a resolution that avoids the need for me to respond with stronger steps to protect my constitutional rights as a candidate for President of the United States. I don't know who is advising you on your statements concerning constitutional law but your remarks yesterday were incomplete as well as misleading.

You have treated me very badly and very unfairly. But I am prepared to forgive and forget if we agree on a mutually acceptable solution.

This is an offer you should not refuse.

Respectfully submitted,



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