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BULLETIN: Obama backers plan attack on Republican candidate’s speech

Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin faces pro-Obama demonstrators when Andy officially launches the 2012 presidential campaign Monday evening with a President’s Day speech in the historic Town Hall of Deering, New Hampshire. Martin has been advised he will be picketed by protesters obviously loyal to Barack Obama. “The media may not take me seriously, yet,” Martin quipped Friday. “But Barack Obama’s dirty tricksters always do.” The protesters are welcome Andy said.

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Republican presidential Candidate Andy Martin faces pro-Obama protesters when Andy formally launches the 2012 presidential campaign on President’s Day with a speech to the Contoocook Valley Republican Committee

Andy said Friday he welcomes the protesters. “Barack Obama’s dirty tricks operation takes my candidacy very seriously, even if the media elite do not.”

Listen to a podcast of Andy’s hot interview Friday on WTPL-FM, Concord

(MANCHESTER, NH)(February 18, 2011) Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin was advised Friday afternoon he will face pickets and protesters when he formally launches the 2012 presidential campaign with a speech at the historic Town Hall in Deering, New Hampshire on President’s Day (see links below).

Andy was told a controversial Concord rabbi planned to appear outside the Town Hall with pickets and protesters.

“It’s all rather absurd,” Martin said, “Except that it’s not. The media elite do not take my candidacy seriously, yet. But Barack Obama knows the power of my ideas and my voice. He is starting his dirty tricks operation against me early. Obama knows he can’t allow my campaign to gain traction with the American people.

“Ever since I became the leader of the Birther movement in 2007, Barack Obama has used his dirty tricks operation to relentlessly harass me, smear me and disrupt my anti-Obama activity.

“The fact that Obama’s thugs have announced they will be outside the Town Hall Monday evening lends a certain frisson to the event.

“Obama’s activity looks stupid because a rabbi is protesting against me after I strongly condemned anti-Semitism Friday morning on WTPL-FM. (A podcast of the show will be available Friday evening at

“I am reminded that similar allegations were lodged against Ronald Reagan during his campaigns for the presidency. Both Presidents Bush were also accused of being anti-Semites despite their strong support of Israel.

“The protesters will convert a local political speech into a national event. I assume they will be nonviolent. I am sure local law enforcement will be on the alert to avoid any violence or intemperance.

“The same rabbi who plans to attack me on Monday was on television Thursday night supporting same-sex marriages. ‘Nuff said. She may be a bigger publicity whore than Donald Trump.

“Notwithstanding the announced attacks on my candidacy, which I find flattering, since they are being orchestrated from inside Barack Obama’s dirty tricks operation, I plan to address everyone outside the Town Hall politely and warmly Monday evening. Shalom/Marhaba.”


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