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Andy Martin: Anti-Obama political ad starts to spread on the Internet

Republican Party Presidential Candidate and conservative columnist Andy Martin’s ad launching his presidential campaign in New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina and nationally is beginning to penetrate the Internet. “I suspect over 100 million Americans are going to ‘endorse’ my ad,” Andy says.

Andy Martin will start “debating” his potential Republican Party primary opponents

Andy says that for the first time, both Barack Obama and the “Defeatist Wing of the Republican Party” must defend against genuine anti-Obama campaign ads

Andy says his anti-Obama spot will become a “game changer” in New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina



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Wednesday Andy Martin released in Manchester, NH the first anti-Obama television ad of the 2012 presidential campaign

Martin has versions of the ad ready for Iowa, South Carolina and national cable TV networks

Martin says he needs money to run the ad nationally

Andy is the only officially-announced Republican presidential candidate

Martin told New Hampshire media Wednesday he will now start “debating” his potential opponents who are afraid to formally announce their candidacies

(MANCHESTER, NH)(February 24, 2011) From one end of the political spectrum to the other, Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin’s new anti-Obama TV ad is beginning to spread across the Internet: (cut and paste the entire link below and not just the underlined portion):


“The most common comment has been that the ad looks ‘presidential,’” Andy told a Manchester, New Hampshire news conference Wednesday. “That’s great. The ad has been remarkably well received, perhaps because it does represent a real presidential campaign ad and not just a screed against Obama. In fact, our testing shows Democrats are just as receptive to the ad as Republicans. It’s ‘tuned’ right. My ad discusses a serious and sensitive issue in a serious and dignified manner. It is not a screamer. That’s why it is receiving so much attention.

“Thursday evening the ad starts airing on WMUR-TV in Manchester.

“While I’m not making moving plans just yet, the ad proves that I am going to be a serious factor in the 2012 presidential election.

“Today, I am the only Republican presidential candidate with an anti-Obama message. The rest of the candidates? Well the rest of the ‘presidential patsies’ are afraid to take on Obama. You can never win a battle if you are afraid of your opponent. They are not yet sure if they have enough of the ‘right stuff’ to formally announce they can fill Obama’s shoes. Pshaw.

“But, since I can’t ‘debate’ myself, I am going to have to start ‘debating’ my opponents even if they are afraid to formally announce as candidates.”

Martin told the news conference New Hampshire Republican Party “officials” were at the forefront of the “Defeatist Wing of the Republican Party.”

“If the New Hampshire Republican Party’s leadership does not stop harassing me,” Andy said, “There will be no ‘first primary’ in New Hampshire. Republicans nationally want a tough fighter. Rank-and-file Republicans want to attack Obama, not just surrender without a fight. Washington ‘elitist’ Republicans and their counterparts in the New Hampshire Republican Party want to capitulate and forfeit the election to Obama, by undermining candidates who are confronting Obama. These persons have no business ‘leading’ the party with a first primary.

“The ad shows that my advertising agency knows how to produce TV advertising that conveys a message most Americans will find appealing and informative. That’s what a political ad should do.

“Practically speaking, if we don’t get the financial support we need to saturate the airwaves, we won’t be able to energize the Republican Party to stop hiding its head in the sand.

“We are looking for financial angels to sponsor the ad in Iowa, South Carolina and nationally,” Andy noted in noting how the ad is spreading across the Internet.

Martin then left New Hampshire for a New York City news conference on Thursday.


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