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Barack Obama: the “Hollow Man in the White House”

Republican Party Presidential Candidate and conservative columnist Andy Martin says the mainstream media ignored overwhelming evidence Obama was unit for office and shoved him down our throats. Obama is adrift, with a “team” of fatuous incompetents such as Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. Martin’s book “Obama: The Man Behind the Mask” includes a psychological profile of Obama that was prepared in 2007 and accurately predicted Obama’s inability to serve as president.



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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin analyzes “the hollow man in the White House”

Martin wrote a definitive psychological study of Barack Obama in 2007 that predicted all of Obama’s indecisiveness and incompetence as president

(PALM BEACH, FL)(February 1, 2011) I want you to start reading these remarks by imagining. Imagine Jimmy Carter was still in the White House. Jimmy Carter left office just a few weeks before Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak assumed power. Or if you want to anchor your reminiscences in President Ronald Reagan, think back to Reagan’s first inauguration in 1981.

And then just ask yourself how you would feel if Carter was still in the White House. Thirty years later. The same old Jimmy.

Now you get a sense of how Egyptians feel. They have been lied to, repressed, tortured and abused by the same small clique of crooks for three decades. Is it any wonder people are demonstrating in the streets and demanding their freedom?

But stop again. Ask yourself, who is in the White House today?

No one.

Some of Obama’s detractors like to complain that he is illegitimate because he isn’t eligible to hold office or similar attacks. (I am one of Obama's critics and was his first critic, way back in 2004.)

I have a much more devastating accusation to make today. Obama isn’t there. The “president” is the hollow man in the White House. Obama isn’t really there at all.

In 2006 my Internet newspaper ContrarianCommentary.com assembled a team to do a CIA-style psychological profile of Obama. It is the first chapter in my book, “Obama: The Man behind the Mask.” (Man behind the mask? Has there ever been a better title for a book on Obama?) You can probably still find the profile (published in 2007) I wrote for free on the Internet; or, better still, buy the book. There are still a few copies left at the publisher.

You will be started at how accurately my 2007 profile of Obama predicted how he would perform in office years later. We got it right.

What makes all of this “just deserts” for Democrats is that they laughed at Ronald Reagan starting way back in 1975 when he first became a presidential candidate. The media ridiculed Reagan as a “Hollywood actor” and a man devoid of substance.

But inside Reagan’s affable exterior was a man of steel. Reagan had a world view, and he held to that world view in office. He changed the world. The words, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" will live in history. What has Obama said that anyone will remember? Nothing.

Obama has gone through his entire adult life being a hollow man. No one remembers him at Columbia University. At Harvard Law School he served as “editor” without writing a single article. In the Illinois Senate he often voted “present” to avoid voting at all. All of these points were made during the 2008 campaign. But the American people were not listening. They had been drugged into submission by the mainstream media and John McCain's pathetic excuse for a campaign.

Now we are stuck with Obama; and, perhaps, in time stuck with his Republican challengers as well.

Obama is still voting present.

In Obama’s first real crisis, Obama has once again voted “present.” Yes, he is physically present in the White House. But he has no idea of what to do and how to react to the firestorm of freedom blazing across the Arab world.

Instead of picking up the phone and using the authority of his office to personally tell Hosni Mubarak to stop killing his own people, Obama sent Frank Wisner, a very respected retired diplomat, to fly to Cairo to deliver the message Obama couldn’t himself.

The entire “Egyptian” episode has discredited Obama and his team. “Foreign policy expert” Joe Biden said Mubarak was not a dictator. Now that’s a hoot. Say it isn’t so, Joe.

Last year Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the Mubarak family were “Clinton family friends.” I always knew Bill and Hillary hung around with dictators if there was money to be made. Maybe now Hillary can invite the Mubaraks to stay as guests in one of the Clinton family’s mansions if Mubarak flees Egypt.

Obama has lived in a "bubble" of his own making all of his adult life. He has been scheming and organizing to advance himself personally for the sole sake of aggrandizing his ego. Now that he has finally stumbled into the White House, he is a hollow man who can’t even pick up the phone to tell an aging dictator in Egypt it’s “time to go.” Technically, he may be “Commander-in-Chief.” But he deserves no medal for his performance.

And—can you believe it?—the mainstream media are gearing up to reelect this man and force him down our throats again. For a second term. That’s why any and every Republican should be very suspicious of any “candidate” the media are promoting to run as the “media’s own” Republican patsy against Obama. I am running as a Republican candidate for president to make sure that media trickery doesn’t succeed a second time. At least I’ll do my best to stop it from happening.

People were speculating on television last night whether Obama would be remembered as the man who “lost Egypt” the same way Jimmy Carter “lost Iran.”

I have a larger and more serious concern. Obama may go down as the man who “lost America.” He is truly the hollow man in the White House.


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