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New York News conference: “Birther” presidential campaign is surging

Republican Party Presidential Candidate and conservative columnist Andy Martin holds a New York news conference Wednesday, February 16th to claim his campaign is surging in the wake of polls showing that a majority of 2012 Republican presidential primary voters share his “Birther” views. Martin says mainstream media are creating a “Birther frenzy” that is boosting his presidential prospects.

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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin holds a New York news conference Wednesday, February 16th to claim that a mainstream media “Birther frenzy” is driving his presidential campaign

Martin says polls showing Birthers as a majority of Republican 2012 primary voters make him a serious contender

Andy’s Presidential Campaign Team has a major series of events planned in New Hampshire beginning with a President’s Day speech in Deering, NH

Martin is preparing to invite conservative Republican interns to join his nationwide virtual campaign

Andy is the only officially-announced Republican presidential candidate

Martin says he is the “sleeper candidate” of 2012

(NEW YORK)(February 16, 2011) Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin holds a New York news conference Wednesday, February 16th at 4:00 P.M. to claim mainstream media are creating a “Birther frenzy” that is boosting his presidential campaign. Martin appears in New York before heading to New Hampshire for a “bunker buster” series of events in New Hampshire beginning with a “Reaganesque” speech on President’s Day in Deering, New Hampshire.

“Frankly, I’m a little flabbergasted. The ‘birther frenzy’ being created by David Gregory of NBC News, MSNBC, CNN and Fox News is boosting my campaign into orbit. Because I am still ‘lesser known,’ although known where it counts, the polls do not reflect the power of my potential in the 2012 primaries. How about a poll asking Republican primary voters whether they would consider voting for a ‘Birther candidate’ for president? Could my campaign be the ‘sleeper’ of the 2012 primary election campaign?

“Tuesday evening every cable network was commenting on the Birther brouhaha David Gregory ignited over the weekend. In 2011, not 2007! I started this movement and my campaign is driving this movement.

“When I announced my candidacy on December 29th in Concord, New Hampshire, Hawai’i Governor Neil Abercrombie was threatening to ‘torpedo’ the Birther movement. Instead, Abercrombie torpedoed himself and boosted my presidential campaign into orbit (see latimes.com link below). When I announced on December 29th I said my campaign would drive the primary agenda. Hello? I am. Tuesday’s poll confirms that fact (see HuffPo link below).

“With intrepid talk show hosts such as ‘Bulldog’ Brian Tilton in Concord and the indefatigable Peter Boyles in Denver leading the charge, the Birther movement is surging.

“Next week we have a ‘bunker buster’ series of events planned to take control of the 2012 primary process. Monday evening I will deliver a Reaganesque address in Deering, New Hampshire.

“Tuesday morning I begin my TV ad production at a Manchester TV station.

“Wednesday or Thursday depending on the station’s traffic system, we will begin airing ‘Birther’ ads in New Hampshire and other key primary/caucus states.

"While in New Hampshire we will be expanding my presidential campaign and meeting with key New Hampshire public officials.

“Later this week we are going to issue a call for conservative Republican interns to join my Presidential Campaign Team.

“All of my success is being driven by the mainstream media's obsession with Barack Obama’s birth certificate and family origins. The Huffington Post reports that a majority of 2012 Republican primary voters are Birthers (see link below). Politico.com reports that Birther activity spans the entire United States (see link below). My national campaign is obviously fanning the fires and keeping the issue of Barack Obama’s origins before the American people.

“And you ain't seen nothing yet,” Martin will state in New York on Thursday. “Have we got surprises for you coming out of New Hampshire.”

(Media wishing to observe the actual TV production on Tuesday, February 22nd in Manchester should apply to the Martin campaign; in-studio availability will depend on the TV station's practices and policies.)



Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says his “Birther” campaign is surging as a result of the “Birther frenzy” created by NBC News, CNN, MSNBC and Fox News


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