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Obama smears Tea Party Republican to block New Hampshire speech

Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin said Saturday that the attacks on his campaign by an extremist New Hampshire Rabbi will energize Republicans nationally to reject candidates that are unwilling to take a stand on issues of concern to ordinary Americans. Martin said censorship of his campaign was a boon to lifting his national political profile.

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Republican presidential Candidate Andy Martin says that Barack Obama’s latest smears attacking Martin’s campaign reflect that Obama, unlike the Republican Party’s TV windbags, fears the Birther movement

Sunday morning Martin will announce the theme of his speech Monday evening in Deering, NH

(MANCHESTER, NH)(February 19, 2011) Statement by Andy Martin Saturday, February 19:

Two and a half years ago, in October, 2008, at the height of the presidential campaign, Barack Obama’s press secretary, Robert Gibbs went on Fox News as a guest to discuss a debate that had just been concluded between Obama and John McCain. Instead of discussing the debate, Gibbs launched into a tirade falsely accusing me and Sean Hannity of being anti-Semitic. (The clip is still widely available on the Internet.)

Obama’s “mud merchants” had published bogus “biographies about me and they have sought to demonize me using tax-exempt foundation resources. With all due respect, John McCain, not Andy Martin, was Barack Obama’s nominal opponent and his "debating" opponent the night Gibbs attack me on Fox News. So why did Gibbs and Obama choose to attack me instead of discussing the debate and challenging McCain?

I was attacked because I am credited with creating and continuing the Birther movement. This movement began with a single article in 2004 exposing Obama as a “family fraud.” My continuing research and bestselling book “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask,” cost Obama millions of votes in 2008. The Birther movement is poised to defeat Obama in 2012. Obama knew that in 2008 and he knows that in 2011.

Republicans were too stupid to see the impact of the Birther movement in 2008 and they are still too stupid to realize and appreciate its significance. Only Obama and the liberals understand the threat.

Now Obama is using the same smear tactics against me, to intimidate Republican sinew Hampshire.

Last week Karl Rove and Bill O'Reilly were again attacking Birthers. Today over 100 million “Birthers” have doubts about Obama’s origins and who he really is. Obama has spent millions of dollars in legal fees to conceal his original birth certificate; he has never released his Punahou School records, his Occidental College records, his Columbia University records or his Harvard Law School files dispute the fact that all of these archives are now historical presidential information.

Unlike me, who is not remotely an anti-Semite, it is beyond dispute that Obama’s Harvard law School bills were paid by an openly admitted anti-Semite, anti-White, anti-American, Mr. Khalid Al-Mansour. It is ironic that Obama, whose bills were paid by an anti-Semite, is falsely accusing me of anti-Semitism.

Obama is using his New Hampshire thugs to smear me and use thirty year-old false claims of anti-Semitism to undermine my campaign precisely because he understands the power of my research and the power of the ideas I have produced for the American people to review. More Americans believe me (100 million) than believe Obama.

Two years ago, a close friend of mine died. He was a German Jewish refugee from the Holocaust. He left an estate of approximately $50 million to Jewish causes. And he remembered me in his will as a good friend. My friend was aware of the same malicious smears that are now being used by Obama and his extremist supporters in New Hampshire.

Some political candidates would be intimidated by scandal. On the contrary, I am encouraged. The obsession Barack Obama and his supporters have with me confirms I am the strongest, perhaps the only, candidate who can take on Obama and defeat him in 2012.

We are currently discussing how to respond to the crackpot conduct of the Concord rabbi and her friends at the Concord Monitor.

For certain, we are going to file a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service. Shira Schoenberg’s “report” in the Monitor confirms that the so-called Rabbi is using the mailing lists and resources of her tax exempt Synagogue to participate in a protest at a political meeting. That type of use is prohibited by federal law. Rabbi Nafshi is breaking the law and any congregant who joins with her is participating in her law-breaking.

Because Rabbi Nafshi is an anti-Republican Party extremist, who is relentlessly intent on imposing her sexual rights agenda on the United States to comport with her own lifestyle, I am notifying the FBI. I do not want any Gabrielle Gifford incidents from her extremist supporters to take place in New Hampshire. I consider Nafshi potentially violent. She is an extremist. Period.

We will ask the Monitor to run a retraction and apology of Ms. Schoenberg's report.

Finally, I will review with my campaign team whether we should respond with a defamation lawsuit. I am extremely reluctant to file such a lawsuit because it is a distraction. That won’t come until we do some research on New Hampshire law.

But, I have filed defamation lawsuits in the past arising out of the same false allegations, and I have recovered substantial amounts of money in settlements from people who published similar false accusations. When you publish lies, you should be held accountable. I have nothing to be afraid of. I have debunked Nafshi's bogus accusations before, under oath in courts of law, and no one has ever undermined or impeached my factual claims.

In closing, let me say “Thank you Rabbi Nafshi” and “Thank you Barack Obama.” By advertising and circulating your obsession with smearing me and circulating thirty-year old lies and distortions, you have done more to confirm that I am the strongest Republican presidential candidate than I could do on my own.

In closing, I note that the same people who are now smearing me have relentlessly been smearing the first President George H. W. Bush, the second President George W. Bush, and former Presidential Candidate Pat Buchanan as anti-Semites. I am in good company in being the target of the latest litany of lies which Obama and his supporters are circulating.

I invite one and all to hear my speech Monday evening. It is going to be, as I previously predicted, a very historic night in New Hampshire.


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