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Denver News conference Monday February 14th: Presidential candidate slams Washington media elite

Republican Party Presidential Candidate and conservative columnist Andy Martin holds a Denver news conference today, Monday, February 14th to ask whether the liberal media elite are now using “conservatives” and Representative Ron Paul to undermine the Republican Party’s presidential prospects in 2012. You can hear Andy co-hosting the Peter Boyles Show on KHOW-AM archived online at

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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin holds a Denver news conference today, Monday, February 14th to question whether the Washington media elite are now using Representative Ron Paul and CPAC as tools to undermine the Republican Party’s 2012 presidential campaign

Martin starts airing TV ads in the nation’s first primary state, New Hampshire, next week, February 23rd

Andy conducted a successful “meet and greet” in Denver over the weekend

Andy is the only officially-announced Republican presidential candidate

Martin says conservatives may be promoting a strategy for defeat in 2012

Monday Andy co-hosted the Peter Boyles Show, KHOW-AM Monday, (listen to excerpts at under “Shows”)

February 21-23 Andy is in New Hampshire for a “bunker buster” series of “Reaganesque” campaign events

(DENVER, CO)(February 14, 2011) Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin holds a Denver news conference today, Monday, 14h at 1:30 P.M. to question whether “conservatives” and conservative CPAC are now being used by the liberal news media to undermine the Republican Party’s presidential prospects in 2012.

Martin’s news conference will issue a challenge to “conservatives” to “get real” about defeating President Barack Obama; Martin claims the CPAC convention in Washington offered nothing more than a recipe for defeat in 2012.

“We have some hard hitting ads that are going to start airing in New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina next week,” Martin states. We are producing the ads on the 22nd; we plan to start airing them in New Hampshire on February 23rd. No other candidate is even close.

“President’s Day, the 21st, the Contoocook Valley Republican Committee has invited me to deliver a ‘Reaganesque’ presidential campaign speech in Deering, New Hampshire. We expect an overflow crowd.

“Why am I the big winner coming out of CPAC? Because I am the only Republican presidential candidate with a coherent media strategy. In fact, I’m the only Republican presidential with any strategy at all. My potential opponents are all ‘studying’ whether they are even capable of filling Barack Obama’s shoes. They can’t even summon up the courage to announce their candidacies.

“Worse, they can’t bring themselves to stand up and be a Republican Party conservative by questioning whether CPAC and Ron Paul have essentially become tools of the liberal media elite.

“I don’t usually watch a lot of television. But being in Denver over the weekend I sampled the national cable channels in my hotel room. The cable channels were saturated with coverage of Ron Paul as a Republican ‘winner’ and ‘leader.’ Why is the obscure CPAC poll getting this saturation coverage? Because the poll makes Republicans look foolish.

“Personally, I like many of Representative Paul’s ideas. But Ron often takes a good concept and reduces it to absurdity. America is not going to withdraw from the world. The claim, if correctly quoted, that government can only do what individuals can do is utterly absurd. We institute government to do what we cannot do individually. We are not going to shut down the State Department or shutter the Defense Department.

“If the past several years have shown anything, the reaction of the American people to Barack Obama’s socialist orgy, they have shown that the overwhelming majority of Americans are conservative centrists. Republicans did not win a mandate in 2010; Barack Obama lost his.

“Yet Paul’s proposals and the behavior of his supporters were anything but ‘centrist conservative’ at CPAC (see link below). If they were the ones who booed Vice President Cheney that was wrong. I am not a Chaney admirer but I respect the office he held. When I saw Paul saying her would not allow another ‘draft’ I wondered if anyone under forty even knows what the draft was. Maybe they think Paul's talking about draft beer.

“I am not against Ron Paul. As I said, we share common ground on many issues. But I think he needs to ask himself whether espousing extreme solutions really advances the cause of the Republican Party. Paul chided Donald Trump for ‘not winning elections.’ I would remind Representative Paul that he won elections as a candidate of the Republican Party and not some amorphous, imaginary ‘conservative movement.’

“I ask Paul to join with me in changing the Republican Party’s approaches to issues, but to do so in a way that helps working Americans achieve the American dream, and not merely allows Paul to dream about an America that never was and never will be.

“Monday morning (February 14th) I co-hosted the Peter Boyles Show in Denver. My discussion tried to provoke debate in a positive way, not to offer the media elite a platform for using CPAC and ‘conservatives’ to undermine and ridicule the presidential prospects of the Republican Party.

“The race for the Republican nomination is wide open. I’m coming through the door.

“I want to thank Colorado Republicans and Tea Party supporters for making my campaign visit to Colorado a success this weekend.

“Now we are ‘On to New Hampshire’ and the launch of a presidential movement that is going to change the course of 2012 Republican politics. I offer real world politics, and real world solutions.”

February 14th NEWS CONFERENCE DETAILS (ask for Andy’s Suite 319):


Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Suite 319

Hampton Inn Denver Tech Center

5001 S. Ulster Street

Denver, CO 80237


Monday, February 14th, 1:30 P.M.


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin comments on CPAC and questions whether Ron Paul and CPAC are being used by the liberal news media to undermine the Republican Party


Andy’s cell phone in Denver: (917) 664-9329


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