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ATLANTA NEWS CONFERENCE: Republican Andy Martin says Newt Gingrich violates federal laws

Mild-mannered but steel-willed Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin holds an Atlanta news conference today -—in the heart of Newton Gingrich territory to announce Martin plans legal action against Gingrich for violating federal tax laws by illegally using tax-exempt contributions to buy political support from Christian evangelicals. “The Newton Gingrich-Ralph Reed-style of corrupt politics is riding high in the Republican Party again,” Martin charges. “This must stop.”

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says Newt Gingrich violates federal law, is “unfit” for Oval Office



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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin holds an Atlanta news conference today, Tuesday, March 22nd to launch a double-barreled attack on former U. S. House Speaker Newton Gingrich

Martin says Gingrich’s corrupt politics and corrupt martial behavior disqualify Gingrich from the Oval Office

Andy says “Christian evangelicals” are part and parcel of Gingrich’s tax scams; Martin calls on the Christian community to stop taking Gingrich’s tainted cash

Martin says Gingrich must explain how he correlates the Ten Commandments with his personal life; “I love my country [too much] is not an excuse for loving women other than his wife; it is an arrogant explanation for arrogant behavior.”

(NEW YORK)(March 22, 2011) Corruption-fighting Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin holds an Atlanta news conference today, Tuesday, March 22nd at 1:30 P.M. to deliver a double-barreled challenge to former Congressman Newton Gingrich.

Martin says Gingrich is systematically violating federal tax laws as part of Gingrich’s presidential campaign activity. Martin also says that Gingrich’s explanation that he “loved his country too much” as the excuse for “loving women other than his wives” is an insult to the American people.

Martin delivers his gauntlet to Gingrich in the heart of Gingrich country: the state of Georgia, where Gingrich served and disgraced himself in congress.

Martin is preparing to file a lawsuit explaining how Gingrich is cheating taxpayers; Martin seeks an injunction barring Gingrich and his wife Callista from breaking federal tax laws.

“I went to church in Atlanta on Sunday,” Martin states, “and it was a Sunday that we read the Ten Commandments. Now I know generally what the Ten Commandments are, but hearing them read out loud in church struck me. I was reminded of the audacity of Newton Gingrich’s contempt for one of those Commandments.

“I am also astounded at the way so-called ‘evangelical Christians’ take Newton Gingrich’s tainted cash. Gingrich's Judas-money is used to buy ‘Christian’ political support with tax-exempt contributions, which is a clear violation of federal tax laws.

“When he was Speaker of the U.S. House Gingrich was sanctioned for similar shenanigans. Gingrich is a habitual tax violator and ethics cheat, the same way he was a habitual cheat on his wives.

“The Ten Commandments are at the core of Judeo-Christian theology. In other words, God thought these ‘commandments’ were so critical to society that he sent them down with Moses. Gingrich habitually manifested contempt for the Commandment that says ‘Thou shall not commit adultery.’ Now tells he us was an adulterer because he ‘loved his country too much.’ The Oval Office is not the ‘Love Boat.’ Gingrich’s excuse was yet another act of extreme arrogance.

“What is amazing is that so-called evangelicals will look the other way at Gingrich’s outrageous behavior so long as he greases their palms with tax-exempt cash. The season of Lent reminds us that Jesus went into the temple to upend the tables of similar hypocrites. For shame.

“My campaign is preparing to go to court to seek injunctive relief barring Gingrich from using his tax-exempt organizations and resources to buy political support. In fact, Governor Blagojevich in Illinois in on trial for his life for similarly mixing political business and public service. Blagojevich and Gingrich, perfect together.

“Gingrich’s habitual corruption reminds me of the way ‘Christian conservative’ Ralph Reed exploited Christian conservatives to run a protection racket for casino gambling in conjunction with convicted Republican swindler Jack Abramoff.

“The Republican Party would like to pretend that Gingrich has rehabilitated himself, when the evidence of his political corruption is staring us in the face. It is one of the ‘Elephants in the Room.’ Republicans cannot insult the intelligence of the American people by pretending they don’t see Gingrich’s corrupt campaign activity, or by accepting Gingrich's ‘explanation’ that he ‘loves too much’ in politics and that his ‘love’ drives him to commit adultery.

“We need a real debate on Gingrich’s fitness for office, and not the pretend ‘debates’ which the liberal media are preparing for the public as a smokescreen for Gingrich's hijinks,” Martin charges. “Georgia wake up. Before Gingrich embarrasses you all over again.”



Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says Newton Gingrich systematically violates federal tax laws. Andy also charges that Gingrich's “I loved my country too much” excuse for “loving other women” is not acceptable for a man that wants to sit in the oval office.


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