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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin’s “Three-Legged Stool”

Mild-mannered but steel-willed corruption-fighting Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin revives President Ronald Reagan’s “three-legged stool” as a metaphor for the Republican Party. Andy explains why his presidential campaign may offer Republican Party voters the only genuine three-legged stool in 2012.

Andy Martin on the continuing threat Americans face from Barack Obama in the White House; Andy says Obama fiddles while the world is burning



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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says his “Three-legged Stool” is the best campaign platform for Republicans in 2012

Martin says his worldwide experience, corruption-fighting experience and experience as a leader of anti-Obama Americans qualifies him as the best candidate for president

Andy says Obama is a continuing threat to the national security of the United States

Martin’s analysis of Obama’s paralysis has been 100% accurate since 2007; read Andy’s book

(ATLANTA, GA)(March 19, 2011) Good morning Atlanta. Today we launch my presidential campaign in the southeast. So what do I have to offer Republicans, conservatives, Tea Party activists? Here are some thoughts.

President Ronald Reagan always spoke of the “three-legged stool” of the Republican Party (social conservative, fiscal conservatives, national security conservatives). Reagan’s model is still an apt one for today’s Republicans. That’s why I call my campaign the “New Ronald Reagan Revolution.”

But Ronald Reagan was a perceptive, forward-looking leader. He changed America. He didn’t “manage” this nation. He moved it. And, ultimately, with the “lever” we gave him, he moved the world.

I have a three-legged campaign stool of my own. Although my background is in foreign intelligence and military analysis, through an accident of writing I became nationally known for something totally unrelated: my exposures, as an experienced Chicago corruption fighter, of the total incompetence and corruption of Barack Obama.

The past few days have been frustrating ones. Mr. Obama is dismantling America before our eyes. He talks tough, and then whimpers into paralysis. We will be feeling the “aftershocks” of Obama’s catastrophe in the White House long after he has been removed from office.

Thursday night, the UN passed a resolution to end Mohammar Ghaddaffi’s bloodbath in Libya (I was in Libya in 1971, watching Ghaddaffi in action). Sources claimed air strikes would begin “within hours.” A day later, nothing has happened. Other nations are waiting and watching to see what America does. America is doing nothing, just more talking. I’ll explain why Obama is making a horrible situation worse.

But let’s begin with my campaign’s “three-legged stool.”

First, although people tend to overlook the fact, I am the only foreign policy expert among the presidential candidates. I have lived overseas, observed wars and revolutions, been a “China Watcher” in Hong Kong, and spent over forty years around the world. I have a published record of foreign policy predictions and, frankly, it’s a pretty good record. (see

The second leg of my stool is that I am the only corruption-fighter among the presidential candidates. Presidential candidates get to the top by soft-soaping and glad-handing. Corruption-fighting is not usually a career path to national prominence. In fact, it is usually the opposite, a fast track to oblivion. Yet our system of government is laced with corruption, conflicts of interest and every sort of temptation to avoid the public interest and advanced personal profit. Some of what we call “honest graft.”

I have been and will be exposing corruption among the presidential candidates. I have stayed true to the ideals of the Constitution, that the rights of the people come before the right to plunder the nation.

Republicans don’t particularly like corruption-fighters, which is why we are just as susceptible to scandals as the Democrats. Given that Republicans received an anti-Obama, not a pro-Republican vote in 2010, we are on probation with the American people. Do we stand for business as usual,” Jack Abramoff-style? Or will we make a clean break in 2012 and fight for public integrity in Washington? The choice is yours.

Finally, there is the third leg, the leg for which I am best known. I wrote the first exposé on Obama. Others built on my research. I gave “birth” to a movement that now numbers over 100 million Americans, the “Birthers.” Almost everyone from Donald Trump on down to the average voter has doubts about Obama.

But here’s a shocker.

Most of the public’s attention has been focused on Obama’s missing birth certificate, his missing college records, what Donald Trump earlier this week called “Obama’s missing life.” And all of these “missings” are terribly important. But perhaps the most important "missing" that I exposed is being ignored: the “missing” man. The Missing Obama.

Let me point my flashlight in a slightly different direction as I introduce myself to Georgia Republicans (and always reintroduce myself to Republicans nationally).

In early 2007 I assembled a team as part of my internet newspaper, We produced “Obama Week,” which coincided with Obama’s formal announcement of his presidential candidacy.

The columns I wrote from 2004 to 2008 became a bestselling book that is almost sold out (Obama: The Man Behind the Mask) (a few copies remain). The first chapter in the book was the most critical: a “psychological profile of Barack Obama.” If you have my book, go back and read that chapter. It’s scary. We first published the psychological profile during Obama Week in 2007.

So way back in 2007 I predicted that Obama-in-the-White House would be “Mr. Jello.” I predicted how and why Obama would melt down. I predicted precisely what we are going through today.

Obama talks tough, and then wimps out. After a while our enemies get the pattern, they see the “real Obama” even if our pro-Obama, “lamestream” media do not. Libya’s Ghaddaffi is no fool. He tested Obama. And Obama blinked.

Barack Obama is a national security threat to the United States. Barack Obama is incompetent and unqualified to be responsible for the United States. Obama is the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Obama-in-the-White House is a continuing threat to our national security. Obama is systematically dismantling the America we know because he was taught to undermine America by his strange mother and his even stranger mentor Frank Marshall Davis. At the United Nations, the United States no longer leads or commands. Lebanon leads. Anyone know the name of the president of Lebanon? Exactly.

It is going to get worse before it gets better. Obama initially said “Ghaddaffi has to go.” Then he allowed Ghaddaffi to stay. Obama was reported to be reluctant to appear after the UN vote. What kind of a message does that send?

This is a time for tough talk by Republicans, not mealy-mouthed after-dinner chatter. But we are getting the same-old, same-old pitter-patter from “exploratory” Republican presidential candidates.

The liberal media do not like me precisely because they realize I am the only Republican that Obama is actually scared of as a potential opponent (take a look at my videos at I am Chicago tough. In a crazy world where we have people like Ghaddaffi running wild, and being energized by Obama’s incompetence, what kind of a leader do you want? What kind of a 2012 Republican can take down a sitting president? Don't kid yourself; removing Obama will not be easy. Do you want a rookie? Or someone experienced, someone who knows the plays and can call the right signals?

Republican Party leaders have been afraid to attack “Obama the Man.” They talk of opposing “his policies.” But “the man” is the reason the policies are bad. The man is the reason America is more endangered every day Obama remains in the White House. With all due respect, Republican Party leaders and presidential candidates are wrong to hold off attacking Obama. Unless and until Americans realize and accept “the man” inside Obama is missing, voters will tolerate more Obama.

My campaign is diametrically opposed to that of my competing candidates and cable TV bobbleheads such as Dick Morris. I believe we need to attack the inner workings of Obama’s clock, not merely advise people Obama’s watch is telling the wrong time. We need to fight. Who do you see as a fighter among the Republican presidentials? Other than me.

Please have a seat on my three-legged campaign stool. You’ll find it more comfortable than you expect.

Hello Atlanta. God Bless America.


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