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Republicans could “reelect” Barack Obama by default, says Andy Martin

Republican Party Presidential Candidate and conservative columnist Andy Martin will hold a Palm Beach, Florida news conference Sunday, February 27th to accuse Republicans and social conservatives of rapidly becoming Barack Obama’s “reelection base” by capitulating to Obama’s attacks on the U. S. Constitution. Martin says if homosexual marriage succeeds, Shariah law is next.

Are Republicans reelecting Barack Obama by default?



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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin SAYS Republicans and social conservatives are endangering America by remaining silent on homosexual marriage

Martin says that Muslim Shariah law is the subtext in the homosexual marriage controversy

Martin says that President Barack Obama’s efforts to impose homosexual marriage on the entire United States through bogused-up lawsuits is a core component of Obama radical agenda

In 2008 Martin predicted on Sean Hannity’s America that Obama would try to destabilize and then dismantle America through radical government policies


(PALM BEACH, FL)(February 27, 2011) Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will hold a Palm Beach news conference Sunday, February 27th in Palm Beach, FL to charge that the unwillingness of Republicans and social conservatives to challenge President Barack Obama’s homosexual marriage initiatives are effectively reelecting Obama and paving the way for a similar strategy to impose Muslim Shariah law across the United States.

“Ronald Reagan used to say that the Republican Party was a three-legged stool,” Martin notes. “Well, where’s the stool? One leg has disappeared; Social conservatives are ‘missing-in-action.’

“Obama is trying to impose homosexual marriage across the United States by withdrawing a courtroom defense of the Defense of Marriage (“DOMA”) statute. Conservatives are either silent or have lost their voices with the exception of myself and newt Gingrich.

“Muslim Shariah law will be imposed using the same techniques and arguments as homosexual marriage.

“In an appearance on Sean Hannity’s America in October, 2008 I predicted that Obama was preparing for ‘radical overthrow of the government.’

“Watch the video:


“Hard left media attacked me for suggesting Obama planned a ‘violent’ overthrow of the government. I said no such thing. They just inserted their own lies in my mouth. I predicted Obama was planning a radical overthrow of our society through the political process.

“Today Obama is dismantling America, brick-by-brick and block-by-block. Our military is rusting. Our foreign policy is subservient. Our economic is being converted into a socialist-style command economy controlled by government, not free individuals.

“Obama’s latest attack is on DOMA. Congress enacted DOMA to implement the U. S. Constitution’s ‘Full Faith and Credit Clause’ (“FFC’).

“In order to create a federal government, the founders adopted the FFC clause to require that every state give full faith and credit to the official acts of the other states. But the FFC Clause was never meant to be a battering ram to implement homosexual marriage across the United States.

“Where does it end? What if Utah decides to reestablish polygamy? Should we give FFC to polygamous marriages?

“What if Muslims ask for Shariah law in Michigan, so children should marry at age 12 as they do in many parts of the world? Do we impose child brides on the entire United States through FFC? If Republicans default and Obama succeeds, it could happen.

“Some people would marry their pets? Do we recognize state laws that permit inter-species ‘marriages?’ Obviously, the Constitution gives Congress power to set reasonable limits on the scope of the FFC. But reasonable laws can be erased if corrupt federal officials simply refuse to defend the laws and engage in 'cooked-up' lawsuits to impose homosexual marriage or Shariah-by-settlement on the American people.

“ATTENTION AMERICA: The homosexual marriage issue is a lot more significant than the leftist media are letting on. The imposition of Shariah is riding on the same train.

“Constitutional scholars view the states as ‘laboratories’ where different approaches can be taken to social policies. Massachusetts is obviously more liberal than next door New Hampshire. There are vast differences between the states on issues of taxation, marriage and many other government policies. Family law has always been viewed as a state responsibility.

“Read together, the FCC Clause and DOMA continue the ‘state laboratory’ approach to federalism. States are free to work out their own approaches to homosexual marriage, and often there are surprises in this process. New York is a very liberal state, but homosexual marriage has not been legalized. Other more ‘moderate’ states have adopted homosexual marriage. All of these decisions have been made locally, not in Washington.

“A person should not be allowed to marry in a state that allows homosexual marriage and then move to a state that does not, and thereby force the second state to adopt a social policy that has been rejected by the local legislature. The same process that is being used to adopt homosexual marriage will be used to implement Shariah. In Massachusetts, homosexual marriage was imposed at the tip of a judicial bayonet. Homosexual marriages from Massachusetts should not automatically be recognized in Idaho or Texas. DOMA strikes a balance. It is a compromise. That is what American democracy is all about.

“Obama is now following the radical ‘California Approach’ to government. In California, someone files a radical lawsuit challenging established state law. The governor says he ‘won’t defend’ the state law and presto, a judge imposes homosexual marriage or other radical social policy such as Muslim Shariah law through court order. The legislative process is nullified. Democracy is denied. That’s the essence of tyranny. That's what I predicted in 2008.

“Obama is trying to implement the California Approach at the federal level. He says he won’t defend DOMA and will allow homosexual marriage to become national policy through ‘friendly’ lawsuits cooked up by homosexual activists.

“I can only say ‘What goes around, comes around.’ The same reasoning will be used in 2013 to dismantle Obamacare.

“Today I want to extend my criticism beyond Obama and his radical storm troopers to include Republicans and social conservatives. Today I want to ask why social conservatives should expect to be taken seriously if they refuse to stand up and defend society.

“Last year social conservatives in Illinois took a pass and voted for closeted gay congressman Mark Kirk as a senator. Kirk promptly voted for the homosexual agenda. How can Illinois conservatives complain when they knew what Kirk would do when they voted for him? The race was close. Concerted action by social conservatives could have turned the tide. It didn’t.

“If the gay agenda is being adopted a part of the Republican Party’s approach to government, it should be done openly and through the democratic process at the National Convention in Tampa, not through stealth adoption and silence. What we do know is that on Capitol Hill closeted ‘Republican’ homosexuals exerted great influence on national legislation through Mark Kirk, and the office former Speaker Dennis Hastert. Hastert's staff members sabotaged President George Bush’s agenda. Kirk was a fellow traveler. Now Kirk & Co. are trying to overthrow Republican Party policy through intimidation.

“If Republicans and social conservatives continue to remain silent as Obama ‘restructures’ America, he will be reelected by default. The leftist media will trumpet Obama’s ‘successes’ as great victories, when they are not.

“As part of my ‘New Ronald Reagan Revolution’ I am going to continue to fight for Ronald Reagan’s three-pronged Republican Party, with socially conservative, economically conservative and militarily conservative legs to the stool. A two-pronged stool can’t stand.

“In closing, here is my question of the day: Who are the only Republican presidential candidates being attacked by the hard left? Sara Palin and myself. There have already been radical attacks on my candidacy in New Hampshire. Palin and I are seen as the greatest threats to Obama’s reelection. The Pawlenties and Santorums and the rest are ignored because these candidates pose no threat to Obama. Palin and I do.

“I don’t care what people do in the privacy of their own homes. I have ministered to those with AIDS. I favor civil union so that there is no question that society is respecting individual life-style preferences. But I also believe individual states should be allowed to retain differing social policies without being dictated to from the Obama White House. Obama wants to destroy federalism so that his unelected ‘czars’ can control the nation. If that’s not the ‘radical overthrow of the government’ predicted in 2008, what is?

“How can any responsible Republican presidential candidate campaign as a ‘conservative’ if they capitulate on the fundamental issue of protecting the U. S. Constitution? Federalism is at the core of our democracy. Allowing homosexual marriage to be imposed through conspiratorial lawsuits filed by Obama cronies is an assault on the Constitution itself. Mark my words: if homosexual marriage is imposed through this strategy, Shariah law is next.”

NOTE: Martin plans to hold a Palm Beach news conference Monday, February 28th to propose that unless the Republican Party of New Hampshire stops harassing presidential candidates, the “First Primary” should be moved to Florida or South Carolina.




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Andy Martin criticizes Republicans and social conservatives for capitulating to Barack Obama on homosexual marriage


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