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New Hampshire Republicans could lose the First Primary, says Andy Martin

Republican Party Presidential Candidate and conservative columnist Andy Martin will hold a Palm Beach, Florida news conference Tuesday, March 1st to announce that he will work to move the “First Primary” to Florida or South Carolina if Jack Kimball remains NH GOP Chairman. Tuesday Martin will announce his first steps to move the primary. The countdown has begun.

Are New Hampshire Republican leaders endangering the First Primary?



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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says New Hampshire may endanger its First Primary if inexperienced Republican leaders continue to abuse their authority

Martin says NH Republican Chairman Jack Kimball is inexperienced, temperamentally unsuited to the role of a political leader and totally incapable of conducting an open primary in 2012

Martin says Kimball was elected under false pretenses because Kimball promised to run an open party; Kimball lied

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Which day of the week is Andy Martin going to take Jack Kimball & Co. to court?

(PALM BEACH, FL)(March 1, 2011) Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will hold a news conference Tuesday, March 1st in Palm Beach, FL to announce that he is taking preliminary steps to move New Hampshire’s First Primary to Florida or South Carolina. “Florida was already casting its line,” says Martin. “People in South Carolina have also contacted my office and said, ‘Why not us?’ Why not?

“Jack Kimball is an inexperienced extremist who thinks he can bully New Hampshire Republicans into obeying his dictatorial efforts to eliminate free speech in the Republican Party. Kimball has two sets of rules. One set for his political cronies and another set for people he perceives as his opponents. Kimball has chosen two inexperienced people, Jennifer Horn and Christine Baratta, to ‘advise’ him on media and communications. The consequences have been disastrous.

“In less than a month since being elected, Kimball has embarrassed the state party and created a totally unnecessary catfight that he is doomed to lose. Neither Horn nor Baratta is ‘ready for prime time.’ Horn is much too strident to be a party advisor. Running a party is a vastly different enterprise than screaming on the radio. Baratta has ‘producer’ experience but no real political experience. This trio is running a party that wants to bask in the national spotlight? They are ill-suited to the task.

“I can’t give an exact date when we will go to court, but we are trying to have a comprehensive lawsuit in the hands of a judge by the end of the week. With our usual thoroughness we are studying New Hampshire court opinions. Mr. Kimball made it very clear to me he wants a court battle. Why Kimball wants a court fight I don’t know. There is no way he can win because he doesn’t know how to act like a party leader. Had Kimball left me alone, the incident he precipitated would have never taken place and the controversy would have gone away.

“Instead, Kimball capitulated to the most unsavory elements of Barack Obama's storm troopers in New Hampshire. Kimball is continuing to smear me on a daily basis. So Kimball is forcing me into court to clear my good name and to confront Kimball's lies straight-up.

“No one has ever walked out of a courtroom battle with me with their reputation intact. Kimball will be no exception.

“Kimball sent Horn on the radio to smear me after he was warned his smears were going to backfire. Horn’s attacks did backfire. The crude racist attacks Kimball’s inner circle is using to harass me are despicable. The evidence of Kimball’s abuses will be presented in court. Last month I was the victim of a hate crime orchestrated by Barack Obama’s supporters in which Kimball inadvertently played the role of village idiot. He is still the village idiot.

“Kimball’s latest ‘defense’ is to spread more lies about me. He is trying to suggest I am ‘against New Hampshire.’ Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact that Kimball would use such warped tactics shows that he obtained his chairman’s position by fraud at the state convention.

“I am potentially the most pro-New Hampshire presidential-candidate. First, I have promised to keep the other Republican candidates’ feet to the fire, ensuring a lively presidential primary. Second my family roots are in New Hampshire, making me a de facto ‘Favorite Son.’ Third, I announced my candidacy in New Hampshire. Fourth, I am the only candidate advertising in New Hampshire. And Kimball, Horn and Baratta are trying to chase me away. Fat chance they have of succeeding.

“When this spat is over Horn’s political aspirations will be finished, her radio career will be kaput and Kimball can go back to bullying the employees at his company.

“If Kimball really thinks his lies are going to succeed in corrupting the party’s history of openness and fairness he is mistaken. And to think Kimball started this fight at the behest of a shrill supporter of Barack Obama. How dumb can he be?

“Tuesday I will release information concerning the steps I am taking as a back-up, in case Kimball stays in power, to see that New Hampshire Republicans pay a high price for keeping an extremist as party chairman. Kimball should step down. New Hampshire committee members should revote in a new election for party chair. It’s time for NH Republicans to own up to their mistake and remove Kimball and his inner circle of advisers.

“The countdown is in progress to remove either Kimball or the First Primary. Which will it be?” Martin will ask.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Which day this week is Andy Martin taking Jack Kimball, Jennifer Horn, Christine Baratta and Democratic Party extremists to court?




Republican Party Presidential Candidate, Internet Powerhouse and Obama truth warrior Andy Martin


Sidewalk news conference, in front of 95 N. County Road, Palm Beach, FL

WHEN: Tuesday, March 1, 3:00 P.M.


Andy Martin says New Hampshire could lose the First Primary if NH Republican Chairman Jack Kimball stays in office


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