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New York News Conference: Michele Bachmann remarks on Libya are stupid

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says Michele Bachmann demonstrates her total lack of foreign policy expertise by her “stupid” comments on Libya. Martin says Bachmann is an embarrassment as a presidential possibility.

Andy Martin: Michele Bachmann’s remarks on Libya demonstrate her foreign policy incompetence

Martin also responds to critics of his criticism of Bachmann (see below)



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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin holds a New York news conference today, Friday, April 22nd to criticize Michele Bachmann’s remarks on Libya

Martin says Bachmann’s fear of engaging and defeating al Qaeda and other radical groups shows she is a national security threat to American foreign policy

Martin says Bachmann cannot be a serious presidential candidate “because her brain is not connected to her mouth; or maybe it is”

Martin also responds to a handful of critics who think his criticism of Bachmann is too intense (see below after News Conference details)

(NEW YORK)(April 22, 2011) Corruption-fighting Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin holds a New York news conference Friday, April 22nd at 2:00 P.M. to criticize Representative Michele Bachmann’s remarks on Libya (see links below). Martin says Bachmann’s views demonstrate her foreign policy incompetence and complete unfitness as a presidential candidate. Martin says Bachmann’s fear of al Qaeda is tantamount to fear of mice in the kitchen.

“National security experience and judgment is one of two major requirements for a successful presidency,” Martin says. “Michele Bachmann’s remarks on Libya reflect that even after serving several terms in congress she is illiterate on foreign policy.

“Our Libya policy is not entirely to my satisfaction. I felt we needed to intervene on a limited basis to prevent the perpetuation of the Ghaddaffi regime. There was bipartisan support for a limited incursion, and there was also bipartisan opposition to any ‘boots on the ground.’ I stand by that opposition. I do not think, however, CIA case officers or g-forces constitute ‘boots.’

“And then there is former Speaker Newton Gingrich, who wins the Senator John Kerry Award: Gingrich was for Libyan intervention before he was against it. Newtie wants to be president too.

“I have been criticized by a few readers for being too hard on Michele Bachmann, and I respond to those critics below (see remarks which follow). But I must warn Republicans that Bachmann’s shoot-from-somewhere remarks on foreign policy mark her as unfit to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate.

“Bachmann claims she is afraid we may encounter al Qaeda and other terrorist groups in Libya. Surprise! There are mice in the kitchen. Al Qaeda and potentially violent opponents are everywhere. American foreign policy can’t run and hide every time we see al Qaeda in the neighborhood.

“Republicans and Democrats used to say ‘politics stops at the water’s edge.’ Now we have blabbermouths such as Bachmann demonstrating her total lack of foreign policy comprehension with remarks that make no sense and merely seek to extract partisan profits from what is a very dangerous and challenging foreign policy morass. For Bachmann to say that every time there is an al Qaeda threat American policy must avoid any involvement marks her as a national security threat.

“I would return to a bipartisan foreign policy. We will encounter radical groups everywhere in the world. We must confront and defeat them, not run from them the way Bachmann proposes we do in Libya. We are winning the war against al Qaeda; we can’t let candidates such as Bachmann undermine that effort,” Martin says.




Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says Michele Bachmann’s remarks on Libya and al Qaeda are “stupid”


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Friday, April 22, 2011, 2:00 P.M.


Dear Readers,

We expected some blowback for our strong criticism of Michele Bachmann’s “Birther” remarks [on ABC News]. One county chairman wrote to us and we sent him a detailed response. We thought you might find our reply interesting:

You don't have to doubt my sincerity in trying to get liberals out of the White House. Usually it is Republican missteps that put them there.

One of the most powerful self-delusional forces of nature is the Republican Party's unwillingness to tolerate internal criticism. That is why we are often surprised when external forces reject our candidates. But our playing "pretend" unity has often cost the American people a terrible price.

A higher platform comes with the demand for more intelligent and informed commentary. My criticism of Michele Bachmann's birth certificate remarks was/is harsh, but only a mere piffle compared to what the media and Democrats will impose. I am both a candidate and a critic, with decades of political experience. I know that unless we look inwardly and expose incompetence, we will suffer four more years of Obama. Lying to ourselves (pretending?) that McCain knew what he was doing is how we got Obama in the first place.

I respect your frustrations, but I didn't make the stupid remarks, Bachmann did. I also respect your right to punish the messenger (me) if you don't like the message.

I should tell you in advance I plan more criticism of Bachmann on Friday. Bachmann doesn't remotely have the qualifications to lead the nation. To pretend that she does is a disservice to both our party and the American people.

People sometimes forget that Fox News is a profit-making, entertainment medium. Politicians who may be entertaining (as Bachmann is) may not be leaders even if they are very entertaining. Unfortunately, too many Republicans today confuse the entertainment decisions of Fox News with real political leadership or insight. The two are very different. Ignoring the difference can be fatal to the Republican Party in the long run.

I have a history of telling Republicans what they don't want to hear, before the Democrats' sledgehammer falls on one of our candidates.

By comparison, although I am a conservative I found Keith Olbermann immensely entertaining as well. Like a dragon he would strut and snort fire over the conservatives, etc. But Olbermann was as unhelpful to the Democrats in the long run as Bachmann will be to the Republicans.

Don't always expect to agree with me. Expect to be challenged, and sometimes, perhaps often, disagree, or even be irritated. Use my very experienced observations as a starting point for your own internal criticism.

You may be assured that I criticize my opponents impartially. That is, I call 'em as I see 'em. I am not on anyone's payroll.

You suggest I should “denigrate” liberals. Well, all I do is tell the truth about them. I was Obama's first critic and, contrary to Donald Trump's boasting, Obama fears me more than any other Republican because I tell the truth about the president. And, by the way, when I was exposing Obama in 2008 Republican leaders didn't want to listen. They were playing pretend then; they are still playing pretend now, with our own candidates. We can't let Fox News dictate our list of candidates merely because Fox provides saturation coverage to people who say entertaining things we want to hear. It's what the American people want to hear that counts.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. I hope you find these remarks somewhat helpful. Let me know what you want to do. Give me a call if you want to talk. Or you can invite me to appear and speak in person at one of your meetings or events. I leave it up to you.

Best wishes,

Andy Martin


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