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Presidential candidate Andy Martin pulls anti-Kimball ads as good faith gesture

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin’s anti-Jack Kimball ads are being pulled from New Hampshire radio stations.

Martin says the ads have served their purpose. Martin says he came to new Hampshire to remove Barack Obama from the White House, not to remove Jack Kimball as state chairman. Andy is returning to his primary focus and will respect the leadership of the New Hampshire GOP State Committee on whether to remove Kimball as chairman.

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin pulls anti-Kimball ads on New Hampshire radio stations

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Andy Martin says it is time to take his anti-Jack Kimball radio ads off the airwaves so the New Hampshire Republican Party’s State Committee can do its job

Martin says his ads alerted New Hampshire Republicans to Kimball’s mismanagement and misconduct; he says the ads have more than served their purpose

Andy says he came to New Hampshire to remove Barack Obama from the White House, not to remove Jack Kimball as state chairman; now is the time for a goodwill gesture to the NH GOP

(MANCHESTER, NH)(August 30, 2011) Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin is withdrawing his anti-Jack Kimball ads from New Hampshire radio stations as a gesture of goodwill to the New Hampshire GOP State Committee.

“I was originally enthusiastic about Jack Kimball’s election as New Hampshire State Chairman,” Martin states. “But then I became Jack Kimball’s first victim last February. Without any provocation on my part Kimball began attacking me and smearing me on the basis of allegations by Barack Obama's supporters, hardly an impartial group where Republicans are concerned.

“Kimball sent Jennifer Horn on the radio to attack me as unwelcome in New Hampshire because I was an Obama critic. The entire situation was surreal.

“I vowed to work against Kimball and Horn and I have. My campaign has been broadcasting an anti-Kimball radio ad for the past four months (the ad can be heard at www.AndyMartinforPresident.com).

“But what began when I lit a match against Kimball’s abusive behavior has become a firestorm within the state party. Not only has Kimball been totally discredited; the people he hired have been discredited. The people he relied on have either been debauched or turned on him or both. I am not a backstabber. What I have to say I can say openly, on the radio. And I feel I have now said enough.

“Mr. Kimball is making threats to stay in office. I would like to do the opposite and work to unite Republicans. I am an unabashed Tea Party supporter. I will sit down and speak reasonably with every Republican of every persuasion and just about every conservative of just about every persuasion.

“I have spoken privately with New Hampshire Tea party leaders, some anti-Kimball and some pro-Kimball. They asked me to consider pulling my ads as a gesture of party unity and I have acceded to their considerations. I will do whatever is lawful and decent to remove Barack Obama from the White house. That is the only reason I am running for president; there is no other.

“All in all, the situation is a sad one. Kimball’s leadership began in hope and is ending in disarray and despair. I have no desire to add to the burden placed on the NH GOP State Committee.

“As a gesture of good will to the State Committee I am withdrawing my anti-Kimball radio ads. The ads have more than served their purpose of alerting ordinary Republicans to Kimball’s injustices and abuses.

“Whether Kimball is to be removed now or later is not for me to decide. I will accept and respect the decision of the State Committee,” Martin says.

“Throughout this entire period of unjustified attacks on my character and my campaign I have been fair-minded and open-minded. Kimball has never reached out to me to resolve our differences amicably. He never even made a phone call. He just wanted to attack me. What was he thinking?

“In February, Republicans may have thought I was exaggerating when I accused Kimball of abusive leadership. No one thinks I am exaggerating today. The “proof of the pudding…”

“And so I will once again be a gentleman, do the right thing and take down my ads. I have continued to run an honorable campaign and a successful campaign and my presidential campaign is respected, unlike Kimball’s management of the state party.

“But, ultimately, I came home to New Hampshire to fight for conservative values and to remove Barack Obama from the White House, not to remove Jack Kimball from the chairmanship. Going forward I will focus on my job as a presidential candidate and allow the State Committee to act as it deems appropriate in dealing with Mr. Kimball. I will have no more to say about Kimball publicly.”

Martin’s advertising team is producing a new series of ads.


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