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Republican Presidential candidate Andy Martin on the murder of Celina Cass

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin conducted an independent investigation into the disappearance of Celina Cass in Stewartstown, NH. Martin was the first to call the missing child “murdered,” at a Colebrook, NH news conference on Sunday July 31st. But Martin’s investigation went far deeper than the mere murder. Martin, who blends decades of investigative experience with America’s most trenchant social commentary, explains why Celina’s death is a metaphor for America’s societal decline and a warning sign that we need to restore our economy and social structure to its original foundations if we are to remain a shining city on a hill instead of a hearth of darkness.

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin on “The Murder in Stewartstown”

Martin presented the results of his independent investigation on Sunday, July 31st and predicted then that Celina Cass would be found dead.

In the following column Andy indicts not only the actual child-killer but also a society that creates the economic disorder leading to endangered children


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Background: On July 23rd Andy Martin announced he would begin his “Operation Walk The Line”” against the proposed Northern Pass power line in Northern New Hampshire on July 29th. Martin arrived in the North Woods to confront the disappearance of Celina Cass, a child who “disappeared” in Stewartstown, NH. Being a social critic as well as a political candidate, Andy launched his own independent investigation into Celina’s disappearance and death. He delivered his findings at a news conference in Colebrook, NH on Sunday, August 31st. The following comments are an expanded version of his remarks in New Hampshire.

Andy Martin writes “A child has died, a nation is dying.”

(NEW YORK)(August 1, 2011) When I announced that my march against Northern Pass would begin on July 29th with a rally in Colebrook, NH I had no idea I would confront the disappearance of Celina Cass, a helpless child who lived—if that is the correct term for her unfortunate existence—in Stewartstown, NH.

Ever since I went to Washington in 1966 I’ve been conducting investigations of one sort or another. I’ve looked into murders, and bombings, corporate fraud and national security, under all kinds of conditions. I usually work alone or with my own team and call on local resources sparingly. An essential part of any investigation is profiling the interested parties. That is why, for example, if you read my book “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask,” you will find we produced an almost perfect psychological profile of Barack Obama—in 2007, long before he became a presidential nominee. Obama's failure as a leader came as no surprise to my readers.

I began by profiling the persons potentially involved in Celina’s death, and interviewing people who knew these individuals.

In New Hampshire we had already committed to walk twenty miles, and on Saturday and Sunday we did walk twenty miles along local highways, scouring the roadways for any signs of Celina’s presence. We walked past Celina Cass’ “home.”

What will remain with me always is a mental picture of Celina’s “home.” It was a grotesque structure, a Munster-like building that was literally falling down and in horrible disrepair. There were “floor jacks” on the second floor, propping up the third floor from collapsing. The area was strewn, and the exterior reflected a total abdication of any maintenance.

Celina’s home was not a house, and it was not a home in any sense in which we commonly use the word “home.” Her building was a dilapidated structure that would mirror and reflect her dilapidated family conditions. The building would be condemned in most parts of the United States.

It was in this collapsing structure that Celina met her end.

Before I broaden the arc of my criticism let me start by stating the obvious: the killer, who in all probability was a family member or resident of the structure, will be found and he will no doubt be convicted and imprisoned. Of that I have little doubt. I am sure the prosecutor and Attorney General of New Hampshire will act appropriately.

But there is a broader, national indictment that can be brought, and it is this national indictment on which I focus today.

The lizard-loafer wearing lobbyists of K Street in Washington are also guilty of Celina’s murder. The hedge fund hucksters of Wall Street, guilty. The Chinese mandarins that think impoverishing the United States will enhance China's status and world power? They are all deluded and misguided with insatiable greed. Guilty as well.

While there may be only a lone killer who strangled or suffocated Celina in Stewartstown, there are many, many guilty parties that created the societal conditions for her untimely death.

Unlike most presidential candidates who travel in corporate jets, surrounded by a bevy of handlers, I usually move on the ground because my national campaign is currently concentrated in New Hampshire. Unlike candidates that breeze in and breeze out of a state, I actually spend time studying local problems and getting to know local people. So I have a certain familiarity with the North Woods, and certainly a fondness for the area. That's what drew me to begin my statewide march in Coos County.

But Coos County is dying. The economic base is eroding. Jobs are being exported in every direction, but always out of the United States. The lush forests that yielded a passable living for centuries can provide a livelihood no more. The jobs have died, killed off by Wall Street greed and K Street mendacity. People are increasingly impoverished.

North of Lancaster, you begin to notice abandoned buildings. Many are not maintained and lack even a coat of paint. Dairy farms have ceased to function and barns are hollow, the pastures fallow. I didn’t see these sights from a corporate jet. I saw them walking twenty miles of New Hampshire roads. I saw up front, close. My heart cried. A community and a way of life are in distress.

I went to church before marching on Sunday. Colebrook has several wonderful churches. Mostly empty. These churches were built a hundred years ago. Then they were probably full. Today they are hallowed but hollowing relics.

As we walked past Celina’s residence I shuddered. How could such a dilapidated structure be a residence for a child? Who were the responsible adults? How could they live this way? Celina's surroundings were a scene stolen from a Charles Dickens novel. One of the residents or relatives of this environment is in all probability the killer.

I walked past the dam where she has now been found. I looked down from the highway, not knowing her lifeless body would eventually be found there.

The deadly economic virus resides not just in New Hampshire. What is happening in northern New Hampshire is also happening to large areas of America. You can find export-driven, job- displaced economic devastation from coast-to-coast, in rural areas everywhere and occasionally even in urban neighborhoods.

PHASE ONE: First the Wall Street hedge fund hucksters gain control of “going concerns,” usually businesses with plants or facilities scattered across the United States. Ethan Allan used to manufacture across the Connecticut River from Stewartstown in Vermont. No longer. China.

To pay themselves exorbitant fees and to cover the costs of their despicable lifestyles, the hedge fund ghouls fire employees and export jobs to China, Mexico, anywhere they can make an extra nickel of profit.

The hedge fund hucksters care not one whit for America, or Main Street, or working families. They are fixated on themselves and no one else. They are blinded to the devastation they dump on the doorsteps of America’s families and communities.

My Republican colleagues mistakenly protect these predators, calling hedge fund hucksters “job creators.” The “hedgies” are not job creators. They are job destroyers. They are America destroyers. They are devastating the economy of this nation. (Attention Iowa: Maytag moved out; small towns are dead and dying. In Illinois many communities have seen their manufacturing plants uprooted and shipped elsewhere in search of the proverbial extra dime of profit. When and where does it end?)

As the economy erodes, people who worked in these plants lose the ability to create and sustain families. The traditional family structure of parents, children, home, love and stability slowly weakens, then disappears and eventually is replaced by tumble-down living arrangements. That’s why “the boyfriend” is usually the greatest threat to unattended children in lower socio-economic neighborhoods.

Community concern and spirit, public safety and security gradually dissolve and eventually become nonexistent. An invisible society begins to evolve.

Celina’s “family” was part of this invisible society. In my interviews with law enforcement I confirmed that Celina's relatives and “whatevers” were well known to local law enforcement. But, what law enforcement?

Part of phase one of societal disintegration is that the same greed that depopulates plants and destroys families also eventually catches up with local government. A region that can’t sustain life for its humans can’t sustain life for organized society either. Without incomes there is no tax base. Without taxes, society evaporates. Stewartstown had no police department, no meaningful local government, no effective means of keeping watch on Celina’s imperiled conditions. Her family was known to law enforcement; known, but not much more. Her “home” was in a structure that served as a boarding house for derelicts, perverts and other miscreants. That’s why pinpointing the murderer has been such a challenge. Where to point the finger? There’s a surplus of potential suspects.

Celina’s mother was not herself en evil person. Her co-workers described her as sweet and decent, and also of marginal or borderline intelligence. In an environment where families cease to function, women seeking security and stability will grasp at almost anything, as indeed Celina's mother did. Prior to his recent appearance, Celina’s “biological father” was not a factor. Celina was living in an environment orchestrated by her “stepfather.”

Lacking jobs, decent incomes and familial support, Celina’s adults were incapable of providing a stable family environment. She was a lost child in a societal wilderness, struggling to thrive and survive and doing a wonderful job of succeeding, as only a child can do. Celina’s spirit was strong. But she could not overcome the evil of her environment.

When the lizard-loafer wearing lobbyists and their fellow travelers-the perpetual campaign machine politicians on Capitol Hill—take their dirty dollars and launder them as “campaign contributions,” justifying exporting plants to Mexico or China or elsewhere, they are sealing the fate of families and children, of communities and regions. Social structures eventually corrode and disappear. With no law enforcement and little meaningful social structure in Stewartstown, people like Celina’s family are left to fumble their way through life. And one night there was one too many fumbles, and she died, no doubt at the hands of a close relative or family friend.

PHASE TWO: As jobs vanish and incomes disappear, traditional social structures are also disregarded. Marriage is not an option when there are no incomes and no prospects of a home. “Marriages” that do take place are dysfunctional and often involve domestic violence. Society itself starts to deteriorate and then vanish in “phase two” of the breakdown of America’s invisible society.

Slowly the cancer grows. The predatory “me, me, me” society we have created with wealth increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few, while growing squalor is shared by the mass of Americans, soon catches up with all of the inhabitants of what become deserted areas and lifeless regions. Anyone who can escape does. But many are left behind.

Pity the helpless children.

PHASE THREE: Societal deterioration culminates in phase three, which Stewartstown is now experiencing. An invisible society endures, barely subsisting just short of anarchy. Drugs are prevalent, alcoholism a problem. There is little social structure, no law enforcement, no oversight, virtually nothing to cabin and control predators, psychotics, malcontents and other victims of the bogus “job creators.” Even the churches eventually die off. God “dies” in these environs.

The human detritus begins to feed on itself. We cannibalize ourselves.

No, Celina did not “disappear” on July 25th. There was no boogeyman going door-to-door on July 25th snatching up little children. This is not a Hollywood horror flick. This is reality, America, 2011. A human being, barely human, preyed on Celina. The killer had lost all sense of social restraint and self-control. We don’t yet know who the murderer is, but the desperate and detached economic conditions under which he existed are spreading every day.

Both political parties feed at the trough of “honest graft” disguised as campaign support, consulting contacts, “revolving door” partnerships and investment opportunities. Wall Street showered Capitol Hill with tainted cash, and then orchestrated the greatest fraud in financial history. No one has gone to jail. Federal regulators forfeited their fiduciary duties and turned a blind eye while Wall Street looters ravaged this nation. No one has been charged.

China hires lobbyists to preserve the economic imbalances which destroy any semblance of fair trade. China prospers while Americans suffer.

The Chinese communist mandarins think they can get away with destroying America by allowing the insatiable greed of a handful of wealthy Americans to destroy America from within, without the necessity of a single Chinese bullet ever being fired. Maybe they’re right. More and more dirty dollars in this country are being concentrated in fewer and fewer dirty hands.

China, of course, is short sighted. The American people are slow to anger, perhaps even slower to see how their nation has been stolen from them by a handful of operators on Wall Street and in Washington. But when the American people rise up and fight back, China will suffer. Economic warfare begets economic retaliation.

Americans tut-tutted when Russian oligarchs looted Russia and created a backlash that restrained capitalism and returned authoritarianism to that nation. We can recognize the burglar at a distance, but fail to see the plunder when it is taking place before our own eyes, in the back woods of New Hampshire, in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and in countless communities across America which have been ravaged by Wall Street deal making and hedge fund hucksters ruthlessly exporting jobs for a penny more of profit in their own pockets.

Wall Street and K Street may export our jobs to China. But they leave behind the social conditions that lead to our eventual collapse as a great and just nation.

When told the people had no bread, the Empress Marie Antoinette is reputed to have said, “but let them eat cake.” Today my own Republican Party operates under the pretense that Wall Street looters are “job creators,” and Washington lobbyists are merely exercising their First Amendment rights to “petition the government” on behalf of Communist China while they line their own pocketbooks. They are allowing the American people to “eat cake.”

Democrats claim to be for “the people” and “working families,” but there are just as many looters and plunderers in the Democratic Party as there are in the Republican.

In the meantime, America’s jobs continue to be exported, extinguished, erased. And as the jobs disappear, the prospects for families and children vanish with them. America’s economy is being devastated by internal greed, not external aggression. But China’s economic warfare is just as destructive to our future as a shooting war in Asia. Insatiable opportunism is eroding our economic base and, eventually, our social contract.

I am a different kind of Republican presidential candidate. I am committed to economic justice and opportunity for ordinary citizens, not Wall Street looters and K Street lobbyists. I want to make the Republican Party the party of small business, of Main Street, of communities and not capitalism run amok.

If there are those who doubt the contents of this column, I have a simple prescription. I will be back marching in Coos County in two weeks. Come join me and take a look at Celina’s “home” (building), the slaughterhouse where she lived and died. It will still be there, neglected, abused, unpainted. I do not believe you can fail to be moved by the squalid conditions.

The horrible economic circumstances under which she lived and died were synthesized on Wall Street in New York, and on K Street in Washington. Indict the actual murderer in Stewartstown, by all means. But indict as well the politicians who are destroying America and impoverishing this proud nation.

We love to say “God Bless America.” Well, God was all Celina had left. And God was not there to save her on the night she died. May she be with the angels and cherubim and find the peace in heaven that was denied her on earth. God Bless America.


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