Friday, August 12, 2011

“Balsams” victory confirms Andy Martin’s status as New Hampshire’s “Favorite Son” in the 2012 presidential primary

State Rep Larry Rappaport keynotes anti-Northern pass breakfast Saturday morning

(COLEBROOK, NH)(August 13, 2011) State Representative Larry Rappaport will be the keynote speaker at a Dutch Treat breakfast at Howard’s Restaurant in Colebrook, NH Saturday morning (8/13).

After the breakfast Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will resume his statewide march against Northern Pass, a proposed high voltage transmission line that would cut New Hampshire in half to deliver electricity from Hydro-Quebec.

The breakfast is from 7:30-8:30 A.M; Martin plans to resume walking around 9:00 A.M. at the spot where he left off on Main Street in Colebrook when the first phase of his march ended. He has already walked twenty miles to protest the Northern Pass proposal.

Martin is in the North Country after scoring a surprise victory for local residents: Wednesday August 10th Martin filed an emergency petition with the New Hampshire Supreme Court to block the proposed sale of The Balsams, a historic resort hotel at Dixville Notch. The following day, August 11th, the buyer, Ocean Properties, cancelled the hotel purchase. “Joshua blew his trumpet and the walls of Jericho came tumbling down,” Martin says. “I sounded a trumpet at the New Hampshire Supreme Court and The Balsams sale collapsed.

“In July I promised to fight to ‘Save The Balsams.’ I performed. No other presidential can make a similar performance claim.”

Martin says Tillotson trustees are looking after themselves and not the intended beneficiaries of Neil Tillotson’s will. He plans to seek removal of the trustees. “Why were Governor John Lynch and Attorney General Michael Delaney silent in the face of obvious corruption?” Martin demands. “Ocean Properties promised one course of action to secure regulatory approval and then adopted exactly the opposite approach after obtaining the Attorney General's permission to buy the landmark hotel. Ocean Properties lied to state officials,” says Martin. “That’s the core of my complaint. The integrity of New Hampshire state government was compromised.

“Whose interests is the Governor serving? Was the ‘fix’ in for Ocean Properties? Well, I ‘unfixed’ the dirty dealing and saved the hotel and its hundreds of jobs.

“Obviously the Governor and Attorney General knew the sale could not stand scrutiny by the NH Supreme Court.

“The local response to my surprise victory has been overwhelmingly positive. People have thanked me for saving their jobs in an area of the state that desperately needs to maintain employment.

“I plan to fight with the same ‘energy’ on behalf of opponents of Northern Pass, helping them to defeat a high voltage transmission line that would destroy their property values and devastate their way of life. I am literally ‘walking the walk’ against Northern Pass.

Martin is New Hampshire’s “Favorite Son” candidate in the 2012 presidential primary election. His campaign in the 2012 presidential primary is openly partisan; his efforts on behalf of the people of New Hampshire are completely nonpartisan.

Martin is boycotting the Iowa presidential caucuses because Iowa Republicans do not allow military personnel on active duty to participate in the caucuses from their duty stations. He is preparing to take action to protect the constitutional rights of Iowa men and women in uniform to participate in the caucuses.

Media contact in Colebrook, NH: (917) 664-9329

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