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Andy Martin welcomes presidentials Pawlenty and Cain, says Huntsman is DOA

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin welcomes formally-announced presidential candidates Tim Pawlenty and Herman Cain, says Jon Huntsman is “dead on arrival.” Andy announces his “test” for a Republican candidate to face Obama.



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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin welcomes Herman Cain and Tim Pawlenty to the presidential race

Martin says Jon Huntsman is “dead on arrival”

Martin announces his “test” for selecting a Republican presidential “candidate

(NEW YORK)(May 23 2011)

Tim Pawlenty announces today as a candidate for president. Herman Cain did so on Saturday. Both are decent, honorable men. I’ll let Republican primary voters decide if they are presidential enough to be the Republican candidate.

As for Jon Huntsman, the rich-boy presidential wannabe, I think his weekend trip to New Hampshire sealed his fate. He’s dead on arrival.” (“DOA”)

Today I would like to propose my own “test” that a Republican presidential candidate has to meet in 2012. (As always, comments and feedback are welcomed.)

Let’s begin with the obvious. Almost all of us who are running for president start with core views on why Obama is bad for America and what we have to do to revive our economy. We’re not all in 100% agreement, and no one agrees with Newton Gingrich that we need an Obamacare-style individual mandate for health care, but if we sat around a table we could find common ground on what our goals are and the approach we would take to achieving them.

Because he has never held office and has no record to defend, Herman Cain can sound authoritative in debates. But his fundraising is as anemic as mine. No one sees Can as the presidential nominee. At least I’m honest enough to say I would accept second place on the ticket. When Herman bellows he is only in it for the blue ribbon, well, it ain't happening.

Pawlenty has a record, and he seems to be a decent fellow. Uber-liberal Larry O’Donnell of MSNBC says Pawlenty will be the candidate. (Lucky for me, neither Keith Olbermann nor Rachel Maddow has endorsed my candidacy.)

Cain and Pawlenty represent what is good about the Republican Party: solid, sound individuals with a sincere approach to restarting our great economic engine. I welcome them to the race.

Why do I especially like Pawlenty and Cain? Because they are self-made men. Neither one inherited a rich daddy (such as Jon Huntsman) or a political “business” from a family member. I’ve always had to fight for anything I got—I earned it—so I respect and look up to persons who have done likewise (which is also why I have such great admiration for Sarah Palin). Pawlenty and Cain made their own way in life and I respect them for their success.

John DiStaso is a well-regarded political writer for the Manchester Union Leader, an influential newspaper in New Hampshire. He has written what I suspect will be the obituary to the stillborn presidential campaign of Jon Huntsman (see link below for DiStaso’s story).

Huntsman, of course, is the John McCain campaign leader who decided to step into McCain’s shoes, hire McCain’s advisers and revisit McCain's campaign stops in New Hampshire. Unfortunately for Huntsman, I “know” John McCain and Huntsman is no McCain.

Huntsman admitted to DiStaso, or more accurately confirmed to DiStaso, that Huntsman had written Barack Obama a “thank you” note telling Obama that Obama was a “remarkable leader.” (Obama sure is “remarkable;” he’s our worst president of the last 100 years. But I don’t think Huntsman meant it that way.).

Huntsman also congratulated Obama on the passage of Obamacare.

Now you know why I say his candidacy is DOA.

I’m all for bipartisanship. Working together is essential. But there is a difference between working as equals on a bipartisan basis and accepting a patronage appointment from a president and then thanking the president for the patronage job. Huntsman is just not going to be able to spin away from his “Obama connection.” Bye, bye Jon. It’s been nice.

So what about my test? For the presidency? For a Republican presidential candidate?

It’s simple. Obama is going to be tough to beat. He is ruthless, ambitious and utterly unprincipled when it comes to his own aggrandizement. And Barack pales besides Michelle Obama.

No Republican presidential patty cake can survive in the ring with Obama.

So the “test” is: can you picture (insert name of man or woman) holding their own in a debate with Obama? There are lots of people I can picture in a debate with Obama (Newton Gingrich and Michele Bachmann, for example) but I can’t picture these people holding their own against the slick, suave Obama. Pawlenty, I don’t know. Cain, not really (even tough Herman is a dynamic speaker). Romney is a tossup.

Simply stated, Republicans are afraid to attack and confront Obama (which is also why Huntsman is DOA).

I have a reputation as a strong debater and a ferocious adversary. That’s how I have survived for 46 years in the hallways of Illinois politics and helped send crooks in both parties to jail (see When I nailed someone, I nailed them with the facts and the truth. I am also known from coast-to-coat and on to Hawai’i as being Obama’s worst nightmare since 2004. If you’d like to see me in a 2010 debate, shoot me a request and I’ll send along some links posted by my adversaries.

I’m tough as Chicago nails, and Obama knows that. That’s why he works so hard to harass me and disrupt my campaign. My problem is not that I’m not the best man to confront and attack Obama. I’ve proven that I am. My problem is that I lack an effective presidential political base. We’re building one.

My “test” is the test. No other “test” counts. If Huntsman thinks the way to defeat Obama is by being “respectful to his (‘my’) president” and “gracious” to Obama, as well as congratulating Obama for passing Obamacare, then Huntsman is delusional.

Pawlenty is trying to play the “politeness Card” and it may not serve him as well as he thinks. In an earlier column I pointed out how Washington media mavens had eventually come around to my political theory that rank-and-file Republicans wanted a fighter (see link below for the “legacy of Donald Trump”). The reason there is no Republican “leader” for president at this stage of the race is that my competitors are perceived to be weak and I am still relatively unknown (except to Obama).

So in the days and weeks ahead, ask yourself: can you picture this man or woman tackling Obama in a debate? Not “debating” Obama, but tackling Obama, exposing him, attacking him, challenging him. Fighting Obama-style against Obama? Using Obama’s tactics against him? If you can’t say “yes” to that candidate, then he or she is wasting their time and your time.

In the meantime, I’ll keep trying to spread my name recognition. I’m not perfect, far from it. But I am tough, experienced and someone with 43 years of radio and TV experience (take a look at our ads, link below to YouTube).

Obama is afraid to face me. That’s half the battle in a debate. The fact that Obama is afraid of me should tell you something about me, and something about the other candidates.

COMING LATER THIS WEEK FROM ANDY: Stay tuned for my upcoming trip.

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