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New Hampshire news conference: Andy Martin slams “hypocrite” Jennifer Horn, demands Jack Kimball resign

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says New Hampshire Republican “conservative” Jennifer Horn is a hypocrite that should pay more attention to drug addiction and alcoholism in her own household. Martin says NH GOP Chairman Jack Kimball is being “advised” by a rouge’s gallery of people that have made the NH GOP into a “thugocracy.”

Andy Martin asks NH court to sanction Jennifer Horn, demands GOP Chairman Jack Kimball resign because of Kimball’s “bad judgment” in choosing associates

Martin says Kimball’s advisers are perverts/criminals and drunks/druggies



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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says Jennifer Horn should be subject to restrictions because of her son’s alcoholism and drug addiction

Martin says NH Republican Chairman Jack Kimball has a “rogue’s gallery of drunks, druggies and perverts” helping him run the NH Republican Party” and that “Kimball’s chairmanship represents a thugocracy”

Martin says Kimball should resign and he should immediately distance himself from cracko Jennifer Horn

Martin asks why Kimball never punished Joe Barton for committing criminal acts against a state senator

(MANCHESTER, NH)(May 24, 2011) Continuing with a feud that has existed since right-wing self-styled conservative Jennifer Horn and NH GOP Chairman Jack Kimball gratuitously attacked Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin, Andy Martin will hold a telephone news conference today to announce that he has contacted the Plymouth District Court and asked the court to impose sanctions on Horn personally arising out of her son’s alcoholism and drug addiction (see links below).

Martin’s letter to the District Court will be released at 5:00 P.M.

“Jack Kimball is running a ‘thugocracy’ of drunks, druggies and ‘black ops’ people who are destroying the New Hampshire Republican Party” Martin charges. “I for one won’t let Kimball get away with it. Kimball should resign immediately to avoid further embarrassment to the NH GOP.

“At Jack Kimball’s behest Jennifer Horn went on the air and attacked me without any rational basis to do so,” Martin says. “They were passing around a smear dossier of crumbling pages having nothing to do with my campaign or qualifications for office. I have a long memory for people who attack me without any respect for the truth or the facts. Horn is also an ‘adviser’ to Kimball.

“One of Kimball’s other ‘advisors,’ his ‘black ops guy’ Joe Barton, intimidated a state senator and threatened to go to her home (see link below). That’s a crime. They covered it up to avoid embarrassment to the party. But a nutcase like Barton will strike again until he’s removed from any role at the NH GOP.

“In the case of Horn, she is running around claiming to be Mrs. Conservative while her son is developing into a drug addict and alcoholic and endangering lives of New Hampshire drivers.

“Let me be clear: drug addiction and alcoholism are not ‘victimless crimes’ when they take place on New Hampshire’s highways and when they endanger the lives of innocent drivers. Instead of being out on the hustings seeking to undermine my campaign, Kimball and Horn should be horn tending to their family problems.

“I am asking the court to intervene in the criminal case against Horn’s son to ensure that Jennifer Horn is made to assume parental responsibility and supervise her son before he becomes a bigger danger to society.

“I will continue to expose and oppose political phonies such as Horn and Kimball (and Joe Barton) that engage in conservative breast-beating and then go out and cheat on their wives, produce sociopaths they unleash on the highways and commit crimes against public officials. Mr. Kimball and Ms. Horn may have fired the first shot against me, but I will be sure to fire the last shot against them and to keep after them right through November, 2012. Primary day will not end my concern for justice for New Hampshire Republicans.”

Martin is running radio ads across New Hampshire attacking Kimball and Horn. The ads will be continuing through the New Hampshire primary in February, 2012.



Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin asks Plymouth District Court to impose restrictions on Jennifer Horn arising out of her son’s alcoholism and drug addiction


Telephone news conference toll-free (866) 706-2639


Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 - 5:00 P.M.

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