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Presidential Candidate Andy Martin’s Report to the Republican Party

Republican Party Presidential candidate Andy Martin reports to Republicans in New Hampshire and nationally on the progress of his campaign. Andy offers insights as to his future plans and strategy.


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May 18, 2011

Dear New Hampshire (and national) Republican:

I’d like to give you a progress report on my presidential campaign. This may help you to assess our overall progress and, in the future, measure our progress as other candidates enter and exit the race. I am in the race to the end. (This letter is also being distributed nationally, not only to NH Republicans.)

1. New Hampshire roots

I’m the only 2012 presidential candidate with actual New Hampshire roots. My mother was born in Manchester and graduated from UNH. My grandparents are buried in Manchester. I grew up spending summers in NH and attending family events in Manchester. I played on North Elm Street. My maternal grandmother helped found a Greek Orthodox church in Manchester.

2. Media campaign

My media campaign is on the leading edge of 2012 issues. In February we began TV advertising directed at President Obama’s missing birth certificate. (There is an archive of ads on our YouTube channel and some of them are on our campaign website.) Donald Trump took my issue and ran with it. (Even after the certificate release we are still pursuing Obama’s undisclosed academic records and related materials.)

When Obama released a copy of his Hawai’i record we produced three new spots.

Our new New Hampshire ad focuses on the perfidiousness of subsidizing Pakistan and Afghanistan when those nations are led by corrupt regimes and killing Americans. I am leading public opinion on that issue.

This week we start airing an Iowa spot supporting Medicare and Social Security, with modifications. I will be leading Republican Party opinion on that issue as well.

In South Carolina we are attacking Obama’s labor union racketeering. Once again, we lead. “Leading” doesn’t mean just being “right” on the issue. Leading means communicating the issue in a way that a majority of Americans can accept your views.

My media campaign is significant for a reason that should be very important to you. Being able to produce national TV ads shows a campaign with a coherent game plan and a focused message. Newton Gingrich has a lot more resources than we do, but we are not stuck in “Big Muddy” the way he is. He has no message control and really no game plan.

Generally I don’t have anything bad to say about the other presidential candidates (except attacking them on their issues) but I have opposed Mr. Gingrich because of his history of financial fraud. Why and how he rang up a $500,000 bill at Tiffany & Co. is bizarre and requires exploration:


3. History with Mr. Obama

I went to the University of Illinois to play football almost a half century ago. I am still planted in Chicago. I wrote the first investigative pieces about State Senator Barack Obama and have been a thorn in his side since 2004. Yes, I did write the original stories about his missing birth certificate; Trump and I eventually forced him to release the document. Unlike many others, I never said Obama was born anywhere but Hawai’i. I felt the certificate should be released as a historical record, not because I believed he was born elsewhere.

4. The unpleasantness with Jack Kimball and Jennifer Horn

I was scheduled to speak at a local NH Republican meeting in February. A radical lesbian rabbi and avowed Obama supporter announced she would picket me. I responded politely that she was welcome to picket and we would treat her protesters graciously. The entire “protest” was being orchestrated by Obama Central.

Without even a courtesy call, Chairman Jack Kimball started attacking me on the basis of a 30 year-old lawsuit, smearing me in the media and on the NH GOP website.

Now let me be clear. I was indeed involved in a nasty 30 year-old lawsuit. And, yes, some outrageous things were said on all sides. I was actually the victim of a crime, a fact that seems to have escaped Kimball and his galpal Jennifer Horn. I also exposed corruption in the old lawsuit (the judge had his personal attorney appearing in my case; the judge was also using cocaine).

Unlike smaller communities, where litigation is often a more civilized process, legal catfights in big cites can become “nasty:”



The same attorney that volunteered to represent me in that controversial case almost thirty years ago still advises me and is a friend. The fact that I can maintain a 30-year professional relationship should give you confidence I am a sold, sensible, stand-up type of guy you can trust to stick it out and fight it out when necessary.

Obama has consistently tried to use the old lawsuit to demonize the entire anti-Obama movement. He has just as consistently failed in that regard, except with rookie “leaders” such as Kimball and Horn.

I warned Mr. Kimball we would strike back if he kept trying to harass my campaign. Kimball indicated he wanted to fight, not talk. So last week we began airing attack ads against Kimball and Horn. The ads began on the radio and will eventually be expanded to television. The ads will continue to run into 2012.

I want to say unhesitatingly that I regret the need to defend my lifetime of public service because of Kimball’s tin horn dictator efforts to sabotage and silence my campaign. And, yes, there could be “nasty” litigation in the future. When you attack a national candidate you can expect them to strike back.

I am disappointed that New Hampshire Republicans may suffer because of their incompetent and inexperienced “leader,” and his circle of “advisers” that keep getting him deeper and deeper in a mess. I have no option but to defend my good name and lifetime of public service from unfair and distorted attacks.

Mr. Kimball is a stubborn man. Ignorant people often are. Jennifer Horn is a nut case. It is simply not enough to say you are a “conservative” in politics; you have to have a brain to go along with your views. Kimball's and Horn's “cure” for my campaign has been much worse than allowing me to speak and allow the rabid rabbi to picket. Tomorrow we will be attacking and exposing Horn again.

Most grass roots Republicans favor free speech, not censorship. When and where does it end? I will be pursuing Jack Kimball as long as he is attacking my campaign and seeking to derail my participation in New Hampshire GOP events. I’ll leave it at that.

If you have any questions, you can pick up the phone and call me the way many other New Hampshire voters have done. I am the most accessible of presidential candidates. That’s also the kind of public figure I have been for parts of six decades: open, accessible and transparent.

I have a fascinating 45-year background of political reform, corruption-fighting and international activity (see for a detailed bio). New Hampshire voters want to hear what I have to say. No other presidential candidate has my extensive experience in the real world. And none of the others have a better record of writing and commenting on the issues, and being right most of the time. (You can research my blogs and see what I had to say over the past decade.)

Unlike Mr. Gingrich, I am an experienced TV performer with 43 years of broadcasting background.

5. My long-term strategy

Ironically, Kimball’s attacks forced my campaign to review our overall New Hampshire strategy. I am excited to announce that Kimball’s tactics made us focus and sharpen our approach. We think we have the best long-term game plan to offer NH voters a real choice in 2012.

The only part of the strategy I can disclose is that we take a practical view of the campaign. Most presidentials say they will only take the top rung. That is obviously impractical when there are several qualified candidates. The vice presidential nod often goes to the fall campaign’s “attack dog.” Well, Mr. Obama knows who the Republican Party’s attack dog is. Me. So as a team player I would accept a vice presidential nod.

Donald Trump claimed Obama was afraid of him. Obama was never afraid of Trump, not for a moment. Obama has proven repeatedly he is afraid of me. Need I say more?

I hope we will have the opportunity to work together and that we can overcome the artificial obstacles that have been placed in our way by Obama operatives and their Republican Party dupes.

Obama won’t be easy to defeat in 2012. But with my help the Republican Party has a reasonable change of removing this manifestly incompetent and unfit president. I have a track record of fighting and beating the bad guys. Can you beat that?

Let’s get to work.

Faithfully yours,



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