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Is Herman Cain the new “Affirmative Action” presidential candidate?

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says Herman Cain’s presidential “campaign” is benefiting from liberal doses of mainstream media “Affirmative Action.” Martin says Cain’s thin public resume would not qualify him to be taken seriously if he was not African-American. Martin says Cain’s extremist promises are going nowhere in 2012. And, no, Cain’s views are not “entertaining” as columnist Charles Krauthammer suggests.



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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says Herman Cain is being given the “Affirmative Action” treatment by some Republicans and the liberal media

Martin says Cain is “not ready for prime time”

Martin views Cain’s gaffes as evidence Cain is simply not experienced enough in the public arena, notwithstanding Cain’s stellar business background

(NEW YORK)(May 29, 2011) Herman Cain is a charming after-dinner speaker with an outstanding business resume. But is he qualified and prepared to be a president? Recent evidence suggests he is not.

Columnist Charles Krauthammer calls Cain’s campaign “entertainment” (see link below). Krauthammer’s remarks may be a little cruel, but it is clear that Cain lacks the public experience to make a serious race for the White House.

Cain’s official announcement came with the candidate appearing in dark glasses that gave him a vaguely sinister look. He said later his shades change color; didn’t he think of that before he wore them?

Cain, of course is the latest hero of the Tea Party movement. While I am fully committed to Tea Party ideology, the political judgment of Tea Party operators has been mixed-to-poor. Tea Party activists pretend that politics began in 2009 with the emergence of their movement of concerned Americans who were angry at the established political parties and angered by the utter contempt which the political class has for ordinary Main Street Americans. So far, so good.

But some Tea Party “candidates” turned out to be less than competent, in some instances snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and possibly costing Republicans control of the U. S. Senate.

So is it possible to be politically pure and still be a competent, capable candidate? Yes. But in Mr. Cain’s case the Republican Party establishment and the liberal mainstream media have combined to roll out an old antidote for Cain’s lack of public experience: Affirmative Action.

Another question: if Cain is unqualified, and Republicans are pumping him up merely because he’s “conservative,” will the party suffer a backlash or blowback if Cain is rejected?

Affirmative Action has boomeranged on many organizations that tried to promote unqualified individuals.

Tucker Carlson says Cain is the “most conservative candidate” in the race (same link). But what exactly does that mean? Does merely mouthing ideology, Chauncey Gardner-style, qualify one to be a candidate? Cain has been on talk radio; but even most talk radio hosts differentiate between talk radio “speech” and presidential campaign speech. There is no link between the two.

Cain is actually a Republican Party version of Jesse Jackson. With his southern lilt and exaggerated solutions Cain makes the world’s problems seem easy to solve as he provides sing-songy answers in rhymed verses.

Right now the United states is engulfed in a temporary but complex pro-Israel hysteria. Cain has the most “conservative” view, of course. “If you mess with Israel, Americans have to join the fight” (link below). “It’s that simple,” says Cain. No it isn’t. His remarks are utter nonsense. When did the American people write a guarantee to Israeli leaders to support any action they take no matter how misguided or erroneous? We haven’t.

American foreign policy does not begin and end with Israel. Our interests are global; Israel is merely one of our important commitments. No one has given Israel a blank check to stir up conflict and then expect American taxpayers to foot the bill. That is a prescription for disaster, most of all for Israel. When the blank check is left blank some day, as inevitably it will be, Israel will be left high and dry if its leaders were misled by Cain’s inflated rhetoric.

Cain, of course, is actually ignorant of the entire Israeli/Palestinian/Middle East conflict. When he was asked recently about the “right of return," which has been at the core of the controversy for more than half a century, Cain had no idea what the “right of return” was. Later, on the ever-forgiving Sean Hannity program, Cain said that when he doesn’t know something, he fesses up. Well Cain has a lot of “fessing” to do. He’s pretty ignorant on foreign policy.

What’s dangerous is that there is an evolving dynamic in the Republican Party primaries that could sink the party in November, 2012. The candidates are seemingly trying to outdo each other with extremist proposals to top the extremist proposals of their competitors. Michele Bachman has come up with the whacko prediction that the United States will collapse unless we give in to Israeli demands. In other words, in Bachmann’s world, the tail really does wag the dog (link below).

I’m not sure if Bachmann’s theological prognostication is a topper to Cain's “Israel or bust” promises, but you get the idea. The United States was in business long before the State of Israel. Bachmann to the contrary, our survival as a nation is not dependent on support for Israel. But then that’s Michele speaking, another unqualified candidate.

Republican foreign policy promises are exploding while the public mood for imperial orgies overseas is imploding.

Someone such as myself, who actually knows a lot about the Middle East, is familiar with the facts and history of the region, has lived there and knows that we are treading on increasingly dangerous ground, even deadly ground, can’t compete with the hysteria generated by Cain and Bachmann. I support Israel but I don’t support a “right or wrong policy” or a blank check on the misguided belief that America fails if we are compelled to rein in Israeli excesses.

While Bachmann has been elected to Congress, and has a long resume in elected office, Cain has never been elected to anything, so he lacks either an electoral history (which I also lack) or a résumé manifesting political/public competence and experience with foreign policy (which I do have).

The mainstream media solution? Affirmative Action for Cain. Ironically, the very people that oppose affirmative action in general are now ignoring their opposition and overlooking their implicit affirmative action backing for Cain’s candidacy. Cain gets away with nonsense that would be lethal to any other candidate, even “frugal” Newton Gingrich.

Cain said he would refuse to hire Muslims in his administration. That is not only an extremist proposal, it is openly racist.

What would the media be saying if I proposed banning Muslims? Or if Mitt Romney made the same suggestion? Burying the story? Banning Catholics? Banning any group on the basis of religious beliefs? The media would call for my crucifixion (some Republicans call for my crucifixion anyway) or demanding Romney’s instant removal from the race.

My point is that Cain’s proposal to scapegoat Muslims is outrageous, ignorant, racist and yet his impromptu views tell us something about the inner mind of the man. President George W. Bush made clear that the war against terror was not a war against the Islamic religion. I am not aware that Bush ever discriminated against appointees on the basis of religion. For Cain? No problem. The more racist the promise, the more positive the response from his Tea Party true believers.

Cain, of course, was forced to withdraw his racist remarks (see links below), pretending by way of explanation that he was actually asked about Sharia law. The question Cain answered had nothing to do with Sharia law. (For the record, I also oppose Sharia law in the United States; that is not an extreme view.) Cain has now been attacked for flip-flopping in the Mitt Romney tradition (see link below – Schlussel).

Of course you would never hear from New Hampshire media that Cain is making racist remarks; they are preparing to pretend that Cain is a legitimate candidate in a pretend debate next month.

Affirmative action is alive and well in the liberal mainstream media and the Republican Party. The pretense that Herman Cain is qualified to be a candidate, let alone a president, will be maintained. That is the essence—and the evil—of Affirmative Action. Unqualified individuals are maintained and promoted because of race and not because of competence.

In the end, Affirmative Action may boomerang on the pro-Cain pretenders. Promoting inexperienced candidates who make racist remarks during the course of the current campaign can only backfire on the media and Republican Party. And, Herman Cain may not be willing to accept that his campaign was greeted by some such as Krauthammer as “entertainment,” under an Affirmative Action standard, instead of under more rigorous requirements applied to white presidential candidates.

Bottom line: Herman Cain is not ready for prime time.


Sigmund Freud is said to have asked, “What do women want?” Let me ask a similar question? What do voters want in 2012? There are many different views on that question. Some Republicans feel voters want radical change; they believe Americans want to remove Barack Obama and implement a House-of-Representatives-style conservative matrix on the entire government. Most respectfully, I disagree.

I believe voters do not want radical change in policies; what they want is a radical change in personnel. Voters want Obama out; they realize their Affirmative Action experiment in 2008 failed. It backfired. But, no, they do not want a new Affirmative Action experiment to begin with Herman Cain in 2012. Enough is enough. Cain’s moronic claim that supporting him removes the “race card” from the election is itself 100% pure racism (see link below). People are not against Barack Obama because of his mixed race parentage; they are against Obama because Obama is an incompetent socialist apparatchik. That doesn’t translate into a desire on the part of voters to elect an incompetent conservative activist.

Do voters want to vote for a conservative Republican in 2012? I believe they do. Do I believe voters will vote for a conservative extremist? I don’t think so. Inflated promises are catnip in the Republican primaries. They will be lethal in the general election. I am a conservative. I am not an extremist. Back to you Herman and Michele.

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