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“Presidential candidate” Jon Huntsman: John McCain rides again

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says wealthy political dilettante Jon Huntsman is merely a clone of pathetic 2008 Republican nominee John McCain. In fact, Huntsman was McCain’s campaign chairman. The more things change…

Is Jon Huntsman really just John McCain redux?

As John’s McCain’s 2008 “chairman” begins to “explore” a presidential race, Andy Martin blows the whistle and blows up the media bubble around Jon Huntsman



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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says liberal media are trying to pump up liberal Republican Jon Huntsman as a successor to the media’s 2008 fiasco candidate John McCain

Huntsman was a leader of the disastrous 2008 McCain campaign

Do the liberal media tolerate a double standard between Governor Huntsman and Governor Palin? How about a double standard between Mormon Mitt Romney and Mormon Jon Huntsman?

(NEW YORK)(May 21, 2011) Being a candidate for president gives me a ringside seat to assess my competitors. And, unlike the others, I am a trained writer and analyst who writes my own material. What you read is what I write.

I have to figure out how to get more votes than my opponents when states actually start counting primary votes next year. One of the ways a “little guy” such as me can remain in contention is by being more experienced and better prepared than the Republican big shots who are peddled to Republican primary voters by the liberal New York/Washington media.

Jon Huntsman seems like a perfectly nice person. The issue isn’t whether Huntsman is “nice.” He is. The issue is whether he is qualified to lead the United States. My opinion? If it was not for the Huntsman family money and Rolodex behind him, Huntsman’s candidacy would be a joke.

Because of Huntsman’s links to John McCain, Huntsman’s candidacy is a joke.

Jon Huntsman meet John McCain.

Huntsman was national chairman of the 2008 McCain presidential campaign (see link blow). In other words, Huntsman was the commander-in-chief of the most disastrous Republican Party campaign in recent history. What a qualification to become commander-in-chief of the United States.

Huntsman is a scion of the fabulously wealthy Huntsman Chemical family of Utah.

Personally, I don’t have a thing against Mormons. I look to the character and experience of a candidate, not his or her religion. But we know from the liberal media that Mitt Romney has a “Mormon problem.” So why doesn’t Huntsman have a Mormon problem? Because Huntsman is the liberal New York media’s flavor-of-the-month Republican fall guy to face liberal Champion Barack Obama. How can two people have the same religion, and one man has a problem with his religion and the other doesn’t? You be the judge.

What does all of this tell us about the 2012 election? The liberal New York media are working overtime to anesthetize Republican primary voters into voting for a candidate favored by the media as a fall guy for the fall 2012 race against Obama. 2008's media fall guy John McCain is now “birthing” 2012's fall guy, Jon Huntsman. Ah, Washington, the imperial city with its political/media elite. Huntsman fits the bill. He’s attractive, well spoken and plausibly claims some dilettante “experience.” And he’s rich.

Huntsman told the Washington Post (link below) that he invited “peeking beneath his veneer.” Let's peek.

How about a second double standard?

The liberal media skewered Governor Sarah Palin for leaving Alaska in the middle of her second term. Clearly the media have an agenda; that agenda is to shade the truth though double standards for Republicans they want to promote and Republicans they want to demote. Governor Huntsman served much less of his second term than Palin. But you won’t hear a word of that; except here.

If Huntsman was just a front man for the John McCain wing of the Republican Party I might not be energized to write these comments. But Huntsman is much worse.

Ronald Reagan said the Republican Party was a three-legged stool, of business conservatives, social conservatives and national security conservatives. Huntsman is clearly the candidate of the business class, less so of social voters.

But it is national security where Huntsman’s views become frightening.

Huntsman just spent two years in China. If anyone should be warning us about China and preaching human rights it is Huntsman. But any concerns about human rights seem to have escaped him. When Libyan dictator Ghaddaffi started slaughtering his people, the world took notice. Not Huntsman. He says there was not a "significant humanitarian threat” to intervene modestly in Libya.

And then he hits national security conservatives with a payoff pitch: we can’t afford Libya.

So after two years in China, the slaughter of people by their government is not terribly important to Huntsman. If we “can't afford” to defend American interests in the Middle East how do we defend against China, a nation we are subsidizing into a pumped up financial power and mortal enemy? (Hint: business people are concerned with their own profits, not national security. Just ask Wall Street.)

According to Huntsman, dictators in small counties can just slaughter away. Huntsman did little to heighten human rights values in Beijing. Jon-boy was just a loyal Obama foot soldier for “his president,” soft-pedaling human rights and national security issues. Apparently Obama’s disastrous economic policies did not disturb or concern Huntsman either. Huntsman’s alibi is that Obama “asked him to serve…in a time of economic difficulty” and Huntsman signed on and said nothing to rock the boat while Obama proceeded to bankrupt America. Huntsman was only “following orders” from “his president.”

China is building a space program to devour America in the coming decades, and a military machine which is based on stolen American technology. Now that’s an industrial revolution Huntsman can appreciate. I know what a President Huntsman’s answer would be. “We can’t afford to compete with China financially, so we may as well kot’tow and recognize Communist hegemony over the world.”

Like most rich people, Huntsman exists in his own little privileged bubble. He hired McCain’s old operatives in New Hampshire, started making visits to the same places McCain visited and started sounding like a McCain clone. What’s next? A new “Straight Talk Express?” Huntsman is very much a creature of his handlers. We all know how that turned out in 2008.

Why would any Republican take Jon Huntsman seriously? Haven’t we learned, yet, that when the New York/Washington media promote a Republican it’s time to head for the doors?

If I were not a candidate myself, Huntsman would not be my guy. Is he yours?

As always, comments and reactions are welcome.

ujntsman wasd reelected in November, 2008. A few monrths later he resigned to serve
his president,” Barack Obama. SDo whyh was it so terrible that Palin resigned and Hutsman served evenless of his secondterm? Can I say “double standard” again.

What os this show us? Whetyher thessue s resigfnaitonsor religion,th emedia shamlessly create double standards tgo favr theiiberal medioa pets (fulldisclosure; I am ot aliberalmedia pet).


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