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Andy Martin: Are Republican Party leaders killing off their own presidential candidates?

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says the liberal news media are killing off the Republican Party’s presidential candidates and assisting in the reelection of the media’s “champion” President Barack Obama. Martin says that if Republicans Party leaders continue to acquiesce in their own destruction the next dozen “presidential debates” will complete the demolition of the Republican Party’s prospects in 2012. “Who’s in charge?” Andy asks. Andy is in the “top ten” presidential candidates but not in the “top eight” that appear on TV. Andy also comments below on the presidential primary “zombies.”



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Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin asks the obvious question: Are Republican Party leaders killing off their own presidential candidates?

Martin says it is a serious mistake for the Republican Party to allow the liberal news media to control the structure of the party’s presidential debates

Andy says “zombie candidates” are undermining the 2012 presidential campaign

(CHICAGO) (October 21, 2011) The original Mayor Richard J. Daley used to say “good government is good politics.” Putting aside the fact that Daley-the-father delivered neither good government nor good politics I’d like to propose a new aphorism for your consideration: “good television” is not necessarily good politics.

The Republican presidential candidates’ debate this week in Las Vegas was great television. Fun to watch. It was lousy politics.

If we have many more debates like the Las Vegas demolition derby then you can kiss the party’s hopes of defeating President Barack Obama goodbye.

Allow me to explain.

There is a “two-tiered” president primary race. There are the eight candidates you see in televised debates, several of whom are “zombie” candidates (and one of whom has a campaign so broke that he couldn’t even afford the plane fare to show up in Las Vegas).

And there is the “second division” of presidential candidates, composed of myself, two former governors and a homosexual advocate, all of whom are campaigning actively. We don’t get a debate platform from the liberal media. But we’re still part of the process. More importantly, we don't check our intelligence and our experience at the door when we enter the presidential candidates’ saloon. I have been campaigning for ten months in New Hampshire. I’m happy with the results so far. If I were a Republican Party leader I would not be so happy with the debates so far.

Tuesday night was exciting television. As someone with forty-three years of background in television I thoroughly enjoyed the food fight. All CNN lacked was giving each candidate a seltzer bottle to squirt their opponents. But the same “debate” was a horrible event for the Republican Party. Unless Republican Party leaders rethink their strategy they may kill off their own candidates before the winner ever gets into the main event with Mr. Obama.

After the debate the liberal media were in ecstasy. I don’t remember how many times I heard “Barack Obama was a big winner tonight” on TV “analysis.” Why would Republicans participate in a continuing debate process that is orchestrated in such a manner that after every meeting Obama is inevitably going to be considered “the winner?” It makes no sense.

But walk backwards with me a little bit.

Question number one: Who is Obama’s “base?” Answer: the liberal news media. In 2008 the media nominated Obama and the media then elected Obama. To be sure John McCain was a lousy candidate. But what was a close race in September became a blow-out in November after the liberal media hounds took their bites out of both McCain and Sarah Palin. The media put Obama in the White House. They continue to be his base. Without the media, Obama is finished.

The media did not “vet” Obama in 2008. There was no investigation into the gaps on his resume. His total lack of experience was ignored. And, there was no investigative research into his bizarre family tree and missing birth certificate. Why do new illegal alien relatives of Obama keep popping up? What else is out there we don’t know about the man? Don’t ask the media to investigate him. They won’t.

When I arrived in Honolulu in October, 2008 I was the first investigator to start asking probing questions about the circumstances of Obama’s birth. Obama immediately flew back to Hawai’i and many believe he tried to shut down my investigation.

Question number two: who is organizing and orchestrating the so-called “debates?” Answer: the liberal news media. If the media are in Obama’s pocket, why would any Republican allow the same media to control the format of debates involving the Republican Party's candidates? Would the Coca-Cola Company allow Pepsi-Cola sympathizers to pick the new head of Coke? Would Ford allow GM to manipulate the selection process for a new Ford CEO? Obviously not. But Republican Party leaders see no problem with allowing the liberal news media to host events, called “debates,” where Barack Obama is the intended “winner” and Republican candidates are the intended “losers.”

These debates are so rigged in Obama's favor they make professional boxing matches look legitimate by comparison.

Numerous persons have noted there are “another dozen” debates already scheduled. At this rate the Republican Party’s stable of presidential candidates will look like a graveyard if the current process is allowed to continue.

So what should Republican Party leaders do? Here are some thoughts. I’d love to hear your reactions (send me a reply).

First, understand that the media do not have to sponsor Republican presidential debates. The Republican Party can and should sponsor its own debates. The debates would not receive as much promotion and publicity but the events wouldn’t be as toxic, either. The media could cover the debates but the party would have substantive discussions instead of sound-bite festivals. How many times do we have to hear Michele Bachmann say “Obama is going to be a one-term president?” Enough already. Michele is a one trick pony, one of the “zombie candidates.”

Second, Republican Party leaders (national, regional, local) should control the agenda and format of the debates. To repeat, the Las Vegas debate was great television, as entertainment, but it was a lousy launching pad for the eventual 2012 presidential nominee.

Third, the Party should consider adopting a Code of Conduct for the Party’s candidates and debates. The behavior of Rick Santorum and Rick Perry was reprehensible when they kept talking over Mitt Romney’s responses. No code of conduct can be made binding. But in my opinion the audience in the Las Vegas hall Tuesday night was distressed by the way the candidates conducted themselves. Let’s at least try to develop a code of conduct.

Part of the problem is that the current debate format provides an incentive for “zombie” candidates such as Rick Santorum to go on the attack as the only means they have of establishing any visibility. Santorum has been “running” for over a year but he has yet to make a dent. So why is he running? Probably to increase the amount of his Fox News consulting contract when he drops out of the race. What is Santorum's day job? I have no idea. Do you know? That’s why I also consider Santorum a “zombie candidate.”

Newton Gingrich has a “campaign” with a million dollars in debt, but he is still spending “other peoples’ money.” Why? To promote his business interests. Gingrich makes his living by stealing small amounts of money from large numbers of little people who are enticed by his slick-talking solutions to complex problems. Gingrich is also looking to renew his Fox News contract, no doubt at a higher fee. Gingrich may register in the opinion polls because of his long-standing name identification but he is also a “zombie candidate.” He is not going to win.

Ron Paul is not a zombie candidate. But he supported by zombies. Paul is a man who sincerely believes the American people want him to fire a ray gun and vaporize the federal government. Sincerity is not a substitute for sanity. But Paul is supported by his cadre of zombies that will be with him until the bitter end. Ironically, Paul has a sliver of the electorate that is passionately dedicated to his policies, but only a sliver. Paul's “base” is as static as Santorum's. Unfortunately for Ron, his “true believers” don't vote in Republican primaries. In fact Occupy Wall Street and Al-Qaeda don’t vote at all. That’s where you find Paul’s “believers” who want to “abolish the Fed” and terminate our foreign policy.

I am preparing a full column (or two) on Herman Cain for the weekend. Stay tuned. Verry interesting.

In the meantime, ask yourself: do Republican leaders have the guts to walk away from the media-sponsored debates that are doing great harm to the party? Do they have the common sense to establish the Republican Party’s own debates? Or are they so addicted to the media heroin that the liberals are injecting into the presidential primary process that Republican Party bosses are already paralyzed and helpless? Where is John McCain when we need him? (No, we really don’t need him; that’s a Herman Cain-style “joke.”)

If Republicans allow the current process to continue then just as they did after the Las Vegas debacle the Democrats and liberal media commentators will be crowing “Obama won” after the next dozen Republican debates. Why would any Republican participate in a process that is rigged from the gitgo to make Obama the winner?

Well, these are my thoughts. But what do I know? I’m only a presidential candidate with over forty years of experience in radio, TV and national policy; the only one with any real international experience and the only one that literally “wrote the book” on Obama. No wonder Obama celebrates when my opponents debate, and then turns around and harasses my campaign. Obama is many things but dumb he is not.

FOOTNOTE: I’m home in Chicago for a week of low intensity politicking and preparation for the start of the primary process. I filed on the first day for the New Hampshire primary. Now I have ten days of “home leave” in Illinois before I head back to our national campaign headquarters and New Hampshire. But I will not just be dozing while I am here; we’ll be planning, organizing and strategizing for the primaries to come. And, of course, writing. More to follow.


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