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Chicago Sun-Times’ Carol Marin publishes Jack Roeser’s Tea Party fantasies

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin may be in Honolulu but he is keeping his gimlet eye on the sleazy media and politics of Chicago. Andy reports on how Illinois Republican megadonor Jack Roeser is trying to grab credit for running the entire Illinois Tea Party movement. At least Roeser fooled Carol Marin with that fairy tale.

Countdown in Honolulu: Andy Martin’s exclusive reporting from President Barack Obama’s “birthplace” (with an eye cast homeward to the cesspools of Illinois politics)



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Andy Martin says Jack Roeser’s claim to the maximum leader of the Illinois Tea Party movement overstates and misstates the reality of conservative politics

Martin says Carol Marin is just as gullible as ever

Where is John Kass when we need him? (“Nowhere Man” Kass is hiding out somewhere in the land of Chicagoland souvlaki)

Jack Roeser’s “tea party” is not Andy’s cup of tea

Andy says “Tea Con” is just another political scam


(HONOLULU) (September 28, 2011) When the cat’s away (in Honolulu) the media mice will play. Media geezer Carol Marin’s column on political geezer Jack Roeser’s efforts to claim control over the Tea Party movement in Illinois is a sorry example of what passes today for “journalism” in Illinois politics.

Marin and I have been battling for over thirty years. She is not improving with age. Hopefully I am. At least I can still tell fact from fiction where Jack Roeser is concerned. Marin and Roeser need to double their doses of Aricept. Their latest fairy Tea Party tale is worthy of Mark Kirk's unhinged imagination.

Here are the unvarnished and embarrassing facts.

Jack Roeser has spent many years supposedly seeking to advance independent “conservative” politics in Illinois. One of Roeser’s favorite targets was closeted gay Senator Mark Kirk. Then, in 2010 Roeser reversed himself 180 degrees and climbed into Mark Kirk’s bed (eeeek) by agreeing to become a major donor of the corrupt Illinois Republican Party. The state party became a Kirk "front" operation after Kirk handed over $50,000 in campaign cash in 2009. (Since then, the Party has even moved into Kirk's own offices.)

Since Jack betrayed conservatives and reformers in early 2010 he has donated $125,000 to underwrite Mark Kirk’s “liberal” Republican establishment. That same establishment serves as a garter belt for what Chicago Tribune Columnist John Kass calls half of Illinois' corrupt “Combine.”

A year after financing the Republican Party establishment in 2010, Roeser is now trying to claim credit as the majordomo of the Illinois Tea Party movement. Roeser is subsidizing “Tea Con” this weekend. It's a “con” all right.

In reality there is no “Tea Con.” There is an Illinois political “con” pure and simple.

Businesses often give to both political parties; that’s the essence of the “Combine.” The two parties “cooperate” to share the spoils of looting Illinois government year in and year out.

But until Roeser came along, desperate for political acceptance in his waning days, no one has ever thought to fund both sides of an internal political squabble at the same time.

The Illinois Republican Party is among the worst, if not the worst, state Republican Party in the nation. It is truly among the “worst of the worst.”

The Tea Party stands foursquare against everything the Illinois Republican Party represents: cronyism, corruption, closed doors and “commissions” on state contracts for the “Pope” and his bishops.

But ever since moneybags Andy McKenna stepped down as Chairman and financial angel of the state Republican Party the organization’s pretend “chairman” Pat Brady has not been able to raise money independently of Kirk. Kirk is a control freak who initially turned over $50,000 in cash to the party for its U. S. Senate nomination and now manipulates the state party by starving its finances. (Anyone heard of a Kirk fundraiser recently to raise money for the state party? Don’t hold your breath.)

Who stepped into the state party’s financial gap 2010? Why wealthy businessman Jack Roeser, of course. After fighting cronyism and corruption Roeser decided to throw in his few remaining days alive with the crooks and cronies he so long fought against. In fear of the Grim Reaper, Roeser has thrown in with the Grim Rapists who have been raping Illinois politics for years.

Roeser's performance was good enough to fool Carol Marin.

How could she write a column about Roeser and not raise at least an eyebrow, or an eye-liner, to Roeser’s claim of simultaneously funding opposing factions of Illinois Republican/conservative politics?

Roeser has donated (“underwritten” is the term of art in fund raising lingo) “Tea Con,” the political sham taking place this weekend, so poor, unemployed, financially imperiled real tea party people can have the privilege of paying $149 and up for what they can get for free on the Internet. This is crass manipulation of the proletariat and media greed at their worse; but, hey, what is “crass and greed” if not the real motto of Illinois politics?

So which Jack do you support? The “Jack” that funds Mark Kirk’s political activity by subsidizing what has become an all-but-in-name the “Mark Kirk Illinois Republican Party?” Or the “Jack” that says he is against corrupt politics and stands up for the little people, by asking them to write checks for $149 to the “Tea Con” con?

You won’t hear a word of any of this in John Kass’ columns, of course. Kass sold out years ago; he has become the “conservative” Cheshire Cat of the media. He likes to be thought of as a conservative, but not at the price of really ruffling any feathers in his beloved punching bag the “Combine.” Marin and Kass don’t criticize each other. So the true-believing sheep are led to the slaughter. And get to pay $149 for the privilege of being sheared. Andrew Breitbart doesn’t look too good in all of this, either.

In the meantime, look for a big blow back from the people who really stated the Tea Party in Illinois. (Hint: these people are not Jack Roeser.) Roeser is trying to throw Tea Party founders under the bus by monopolizing credit for being the Daddy Warbucks of the local Tea Party movement.

The real unanswered question in all of this is whether Glenn Beck is so financially hard up that he has to “partner” with lizards like Jack Roeser, or has Glenn Beck become just another media whore whose name and presence can be rented for a guaranteed cash-paid-in-advance speaking fee?

Inquiring minds want to know. Stay tuned for more of what the Chicago media won’t tell you about the sewers and sewage of “conservative” politics in Illinois. Who knows? If Jack Roeser lives long enough he may decide to fund the Democrats as well. (They'd take his cash, for sure; this Illinois, jack.) The socialists? Where does it end, Jack?

On the other hand, maybe the Combine has really duped poor old Roeser into sabotaging and discrediting the Tea Party. Now there’s a Chicago-sized conspiracy theory for you.

I need a real cup of tea. This “Tea Con” scam is too much for me.

Greetings and best wishes from Honolulu, Barack Obama’s alleged “birthplace.” Don’t get me started on that one. I'm only three blocks from the Ocean and it’s a beautiful day. Except that I'm here to keep researching the Mysterious Mr. Obama.


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