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Jack Roeser torpedoes Tea Party competitor in Illinois; “Right Nation” “left out”

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin asks whether Jack Roeser should be allowed to corrupt and confuse conservative politics by playing favorites with presidential candidates and by undermining local Illinois-based Tea Party supporters. Andy Martin is a strong Tea Party supporter who is not remotely a supporter of Jack Roeser or Roeser’s shenanigans. Martin suggests Governor Rick Perry could be embarrassed by his anti-conservative supporters in Illinois, who are in bed with liberal Senator Mark Kirk.

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Andy Martin says Jack Roeser should not be allowed to “veto” sponsorship of Tea Party events by scheduling competing meetings

Martin says Roeser’s $125,000 of cash donations to the corrupt Illinois Republican Party state leadership disqualifies Roeser from being a bona fide Tea Party organizer

Martin notes that Roeser’s cash and Roeser’s crass betrayal of the Tea Party movement helped elect Mark Kirk in 2010

Is Roeser “just maybe” a Republican Party “Combine” plant who is being used to “neuter” Tea Party activity in Illinois?


(HONOLULU) (September 29, 2011) Let be begin these comments by stating univocally I am a strong Tea Party supporter. Tea party activism is helping to rescue American government from the debilitating sleaze of professional politicians.

And, while there may be a few good people scatted throughout the structure of the “Illinois Republican Party,” the Illinois Republican State Central Committee has been a force for cronyism and corruption over the past several decades. Individual Republican “leaders” may have profited personally. But they have impoverished the party and devastated the conservative movement.

With these prefatory remarks let me see if I get this straight: Jack Roeser has given the Illinois Republican Party leadership $125,000 in cash during the past 18 months. Roeser’s cash and Roeser’s crass betrayal of the Tea Party did as much to elect Mark Kirk as anyone else’s activity. Now Roeser claims he is organizing a “TeaCon event” in which he is allied with the Tea Party and against the Republican Party establishment.

The Republican establishment in Illinois wants to tamp down Tea Party competition, ahead of the 2014 gubernatorial election. How can Roeser be for and against the same people all at the same time? What am I missing?

Or is it possible a somewhat senile wealthy old man is being used by Republican Party regulars to disrupt and eventually destroy the Tea Party in Illinois? You be the judge.

Roeser’s bogus TeaCon event drove “Right Nation’s” event off the road. Right Nation has been cancelled. So Roeser’s event goes forward and Right Nation’s is kaput. Who wins and who loses? I’d like to hear your thoughts on what Roeser is really accomplishing, and for whom.

How can Roeser essentially fund Mark Kirk with hundreds of thousands of dollars funneled indirectly through the Illinois Republican Party, and then claim to be against everything Kirk stands for? Kirk’s posse works overtime to "neuter" conservatives in Illinois. Roeser gave the IRP $125,000; Kirk gave the IRP $50,000. Same team? As they say on TV, deal, or no deal?

Beats me whose side Roeser is on.

I will shortly be sending a letter to WIND-AM asking a few questions about whether a federal broadcast licensee should be associated with all of these manipulations and shenanigans. Does WIND-AM really know what Roeser is up to? Or is cash “king” and common sense abandoned where business is concerned?

It looks as though Roeser is trying to hold a fundraiser for Rick Perry in a few days, and supporting a bogus straw poll for Herman Cain this weekend. So who does Roeser really endorse? That is, who does Roeser support besides Kirk’s operatives within the state Republican Party leadership?

All of the presidential candidates have not been invited to participate in the so called TeaCon “poll,” so the poll is obviously being rigged in advance with less than a full slate of candidates. What names are included on the so-called straw ballot? Does WIND-AM know? Do you?

Is it really sound policy for Tea Party leaders to abdicate leadership of their movement to a senile 89 year-old man whose positions change radically from day to day?

Questions, questions.

In forty-five years of fighting corruption in Illinois and being in the national political arena, I have been guided by two principles: stand by your word, and stand by your principles.

In the past two years Roeser has abandoned both his word and his principles. Who is Jack Roeser?

Rick Perry maybe in for a big surprise in Illinois. Ricko may be in bed with the wrong crowd. First it was Perry’s stand on immigration; now it is being butt-to-butt with Mark Kirk’s people and Kirk's band of liberal IRP anti-conservatives financed by Jack Roeser. When I get back to the mainland I’ll have questions for Perry. You betcha.


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