Monday, October 17, 2011

Andy Martin says homosexual presidential candidate Fred Karger should stop lying

New Hampshire’s Favorite Son/Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin said Monday that self-described “homosexual candidate” Fred Karger should stop lying abut the presidential race. “Fred Karger seems to have an addiction to self-aggrandizement and misinformation,” Andy said. “Karger has falsely claimed he announced first and ran the first commercial. I announced on December 29, 2010, and ran the first TV ad in February, 2011 and radio ad in May, 2011. Mr. Karger claims he filed first with the FEC; that is also incorrect. Mr. Karger’s claims are thus demonstrably false. What’s wrong with Fred? Presidential politics is serious business, not a game of liar’s poker.

“I would welcome the opportunity to debate Mr. Karger, and to find out what he offers in the way of a program besides his sexual orientation. Mr. Karger recently claimed he was more of a candidate than other similarly situated candidates by way of disparaging my own campaign; I think Mr. Karger has a problem with reality.”

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